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What To Expect at is all about helping you transform your health & body to not only look amazing, but to feel amazing as well!

On this site you will find all the tools and resources you need to boost testosterone, lower body fat, improve your sleep, regain health and increase performance. 

Through my blog articles, resource zones, podcasts, ebooks, ecourses and my coaching program I will help you look and feel amazing!

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What People Say

"Alex is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health, diet and training. is my port of call when I need advice on all things health & fitness. "

Russel Queay

"After following Alex’s Program I have dropped from an XL shirt to a medium. And a 36 to a very skinny 32 and still dropping! True it is that My wife tells me I’ve hit new levels of skinniness!!

Not only that, everyone is telling me I look 10 years younger. Alex is not your normal ‘don’t eat this’ coach. He is unique but most importantly he has delivered some incredible results by increasing my ability to concentrate, by increasing my immunity, by detoxing over a period of time and becoming a lot calmer.

Most importantly I think Alex helps you understand the why behind issues you might have pre conceived ideas about.If you are looking for a health and body overhaul, I really recommend you speak with Alex."

Fraser Short

"Alex isn’t you're normal meat head coach. Health & Fitness is not simply lifting heavier weights for him (although he has won an Australian title for body building), he will completely change your understanding of being healthy and what the real meaning of it is. "

Chad Walker
Property Developer

"Over the last couple of years I have done all of the specialized pathology testing for Alex’s clients and have seen first hand the transformations that Alex’s clients have achieved.

While the clients are feeling fitter and healthier than they ever have, the part that I like to see is the great improvements in their lab test results, it is the positive changes to inflammation markers, hormones and cardiovascular health that are going to last for years to come if you keep up the knowledge that you have learnt.

When I review the lab test results with Alex’s clients and see that they have to make big changes to avoid or reverse chronic health problems, I know that they are in good hands with proven protocols that work.""

Michael Smith
Planet Naturoapth

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My Story

I have a passion for improving health and fitness. I grew up in New Zealand participated in a lot of sports.
I represented my country in Rowing, won national bodybuilding titles and broke powerlifting records.

I always wanted to be healthier, faster and fitter.

This thirst to improve lead me into the world of health coaching. Others came to me to learn what I was doing.

I continue to read, study, experiment, listen and learn.

I have suffered my own health woes - from being a horrible sleeper, embarrassingly low levels of testosterone and gut issues. Through these setbacks I have learnt even more about the body - not only how to heal from these issues, but how to avoid them altogether.

This is why my clients continue to have such amazing results. The more people I work with, the more I learn, the more I do, the better I become. Just as Nicholas Taleb explains in the book Antifragile.

Today I continue to learn ways to optimise my own and my clients health and fitness, but also the people around me, family, friends and society as a whole.
I continue to research write and share, while I grow an organic vege garden, live by the beach, fish, farm, train and walk around barefoot in New Zealand.


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