$800 Prize Pack Giveaway - Win a Joovv Go + More Health Premium Health Products!


This is the first giveaway competition I've ran on my site, and it's a good one!

One lucky person is going win a a prize pack valued at $800!

Read on to find out what is up for grabs and how to enter:

The Prize Pack

Here's what you can win:

  • A Joovv Go  - the $300 battery powered red light device by Joovv (Read my review HERE)
  • A bottle of Eternus - the $160 a bottle anti-aging formula by NeuroHacker
  • A bottle of Seeds Daily Synbiotic - The revolutionary pro and prebiotic blend by Seed.com (valued at $50)
  • A AuthenticAF Merch tee - from my new AlexFergus.com merchandise store (valued at $50)
  • And a 1 on 1 consultation call with Alex - Valued at $250

Pretty cool huh?!

So how can you win this?

How To Enter The AlexFergus.com August Giveaway

To enter, all you need to do is to order one of the worlds best cognitive enhancers! Qualia.

Here's what you need to know.

Every time you purchase a bottle of Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus from August 7th 2019 to August 31st 2019 and you use Qualia Discount Code FERGUS you get an entry into the draw (you just have to send me proof your purchase, but more on this soon).

Buy a Qualia Product with discount code FERGUS and be in the draw!

Let's break it down:

  1. Head over to NeuroHacker.com
  2. Purchase either the premium Qualia Mind, or the less expensive Qualia Focus
  3. Use discount code FERGUS to save 15% on your order
  4. Submit order
  5. Forward your order confirmation (or take a screenshot) to me
  6. You get one entry for each bottle of Qualia you order (i.e. Order 2x Qualia Mind and 1x Qualia Focus and you will get 3 entries).

Pretty simple right?

Just remember two things:

  • All orders must be placed between August 7th 2019 and midnight August 31 2019
  • All orders must use discount code FERGUS to be eligible for the prize draw


But Wait - There's More!

To sweeten the deal even further - every entry will receive some free bonuses including:

  1. A soon to be released updated Supplement Guide (this will be sent out at the end of the month)
  2. An invite to an exclusive group Q&A call with yours truly. Where you can ask me anything - whether it's a diet question, a sleep hack, a product recommendation or anything else. This call will only be for those who have purchased a bottle of Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus during the competition period and used discount code FERGUS.


So what are you waiting for?! Head over to NeuroHacker.com grab some Qualia, use discount code FERGUS to save and sit back and cross your fingers!


What Is Qualia?

Qualia is a nootropic formula designed by a company called Neurohacker Collective. Their supplements are designed to help with focus, mental clarify, memory, mood and brain health.

I experimented with Qualia for 30 days and saw my cognitive function and deep sleep scores improve (you can read about that experiment HERE).

You take the recommended serving (a couple of pills) in the morning 5 days a week, with 2 rest days. You will start noticing the benefits from day one.

You can read my review of Qualia here


Qualia Mind vs Qualia Focus - which one should you get?

If you have the cash, go with the premium Qualia Mind (I use and recommend the caffeine free version).

It has a few more ingredients and is the more potent formula.

If you're a little tight on funds, no worries, pickup the cheaper Qualia Focus - you will still get the core Qualia ingredients and there's less pills to swallow!

If you want an excellent overview of the difference between Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus, have a look at THIS page (scroll down a little to see the breakdown)


Not Interested In Qualia, But Still Want To Enter?

The only way to get an entry into this competition is to place an order for Qualia and use discount code FERGUS.

Even if you're not interested in Qualia, the brain boosting advantage this product brings is going to help someone - so maybe you could purchase it as a gift? Or just give it a go anyway?

Otherwise - here's my tip - purchase the cheaper Qualia Focus - it's half the price of Qualia Mind. Only $34.50 for the subscription rate.

And then when you use discount code FERGUS - you will save 15% on the Qualia product.  So now you're down to $29!


Even if you the product sits in your pantry and you never use it (though you'd be silly not too, it is really good!) for less than $30 you're still going to get a free copy of my updated supplement ebook AND a spot on my invite only Q&A Call...

Not to mention the entry in my $800 giveaway!

Not to shabby for a $29 outlay.

You get:

  • A bottle of Qualia Focus
  • A copy of my new Supplement guide
  • A chance to ask any health/fitness questions on my Q&A call
  • A entry in my $800 giveaway!



  1. One entry for every one bottle of Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus. I.e. if you order 1x Qualia Mind and 1x Qualia Focus, you will get two entries. If you order 5x Qualia Mind, you get 5 entries
  2. Orders must be placed between August 7th 2019 to August 31st 2019
  3. Orders must use discount code FERGUS to be eligible for the prize draw. Any orders placed that don't use discount code FERGUS will not be included in the prize drawer
  4. Proof of purchase must be sent to me via email by 2nd September 2019 to be counted in the draw.
  5. No proof of purchase (i.e. a screenshot of the order confirmation, or a forwarded email with the order receipt) means no entry. 
  6. The draw will take place the first week of September
  7. You can enter as many times as you like (i.e. place an order for 1 bottle now, and then place another order for another bottle later in the month and you will get 2 entries). Just ensure you use discount code FERGUS on all orders and send me the proof of purchase.



Any Questions?

Any questions? Leave them below!


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