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"After following the Health Reset Program I have dropped from an XL shirt to a medium. And a 36 to a very skinny 32 and still dropping!
True it is that My wife tells me I’ve hit new levels of skinniness!!

Not only that, everyone is telling me I look 10 years younger. The program is not your normal ‘don’t eat diet’, it is unique but most importantly it has delivered some incredible results by increasing my ability to concentrate, by increasing my immunity, by detoxing over a period of time and becoming a lot calmer.

Most importantly ithelps you understand the why behind issues you might have pre conceived ideas about.If you are looking for a health and body overhaul, I really recommend The Health Reset Program"

Fraser Short

"I engaged with Alex in early 2015. Since working with Alex, I have more energy and I have physical and mental stamina and resilience that has propelled me forward and enables me to take on more and deal with more, and be more effective.
Not only do I feel great, but I look better as well! Highly recommended. "

Craig Manson

"The last four months have been AMAZING… I am truly feeling the benefits of our new and improved healthy lifestyle.
I can’t thank you enough! Here's a few highlights

- I more aware of negativity in my life and working towards avoiding or removing it

- I am sleeping so much better and waking up feeling fresh and full of energy

- My clothes feel loose and I need to go shopping!

- My skin and hair feel great. - I am feeling happier!!!

- And finally ….I have not had any major health symptoms since starting the program. Seriously…. This is huge!

What can I say… you have changed my life for the better!"

Alanna Khodeir

Who's This For?

By fixing underlying health issues, The Health Reset Program helps you reach your goal - whether it's fat loss, sports performance, increasing fertility, boosting testosterone, improving health markers or simply kicking more butt in life!

Fat Loss

Obesity is a hormone issue. Carrying excess body fat is not a sign of optimal health. But fixing the root hormonal problems and correcting lifestyle and diet problems we can reduce body fat levels for good!


Having competed at high levels in various sports, I have found that the healthier I become, the better I perform and recover. The same is true for my clients. By improving underlying health and incorporating bleeding edge sports performance tricks, expect to see great improvement in your sporting arena.

Optimal Health

There is no reason why you can't be healthy and active at any stage of life. Don't let health stop you from doing the things you love. By improving your underlying health you will feel (and look) better than you have in years!


Overtrained? Adrenal Fatigue? Burnt out? Simply lacking in energy and you can't figure out why? This is not a normal, healthy state. But don't worry, The Health Reset Program has helped many people in this situation (I was there myself). It'll help you reset, recover and eventually return to where you were at your peak (and exceed these levels!)

Improve Hormones

Calories matter but hormones matter more. This is a quote I often share with my fat loss clients. Why, because hormones really are that important. If low te is a problem, or you would simply like to address your current testosterone/estrogen levels, then know that this program correct hormonal imbalances!

Live Life To The Full!

Not worried about sports performance, or what your health labs say. Perhaps you just want to get more done in a day, be more productive at work and still have the time and energy to play with the kids. I'll help you boost your energy levels, be more resilient to lives stresses and be able to function at higher levels for longer!

Whats Included

The Health Reset Program is more than your typical diet and training protocol!

Health Reset Program


One Time Payment

5 Stage Diet & Supplement Program:

Gut Reset

Leptin Reset

General Health

Optimal Health

Ongoing Health

4 Comprehensive Training Programs:

Time Poor

Rapid Fat Loss

Size & Strength


Knowledge Base Program Support

Upgrade Yourself Empowerment Course

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


How The Health Reset Program Works

5 Stage Diet System

You will go through a 5 stage, proven and effective diet program.

We start with the gut, then move into the leptin reset before building upon the foundations we built. Backed by solid research. Tested and refined over a decade of use! These protocols work!

Less Is More

We work on the power of subtraction, rather than adding more to an already overwhelmed body.

Though the unique Gut Reset Protocol at the beginning of the Health Reset Program, we remove gut irritants, gut stressors while healing and nourishing the body.

The power of subtraction is profound

Empowerment & Education

The Health Reset Program emphasises the WHY behind the what. Instead of simply telling you what to do, you will learn the reasons behind the protocols that you are following. I believe this education element to be a huge reason behind my clients ongoing health success.

A Tailored Approach

Through using inexpensive and simple to use technologies, the Health Reset Protocols adapt to your body, your health, your progress.

Every diet protocol, supplement & training plan adjusts based on your body!

A Focus On Hormonal Health

Hormone imbalances form the root course behind weight gain, low testosterone, poor sleep, poor energy and poor health.
Fix hormone imbalances to look and feel amazing!

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"I am extremely happy with the program. I feel like I have adapted in a short time. Overall I am down 7 pounds since my last weigh in!"

Carrie. W

"I am loving the program it is really showing good results so far! i started out at 220 lbs and weighed my self this morning and was 206 lbs!!

The weight loss is great, some things I have noticed are more energy, stable energy no up and down like before.
Finger nails growing faster, skin looks better. Mostly way more energy. It's great!"

Frankie G

"I'm feeling really great. I thought on this diet I'd feel like crap! But I really enjoying eating like this and the diets not hard."

Victoria S

Nothing To Lose...

Everything to gain! Full Money Back Guarantee

Worried that it might not be for you? Or maybe you believe The Health Reset Program won't help you reach your goals.

Don't be worried!

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with The Program in the first 30 days, I’ll issue a prompt and full refund.

Whats Included

The Health Reset Program is more than your typical diet and training protocol!

Health Reset Program


One Time Payment

5 Stage Diet & Supplement Program:

Gut Reset

Leptin Reset

General Health

Optimal Health

Ongoing Health

4 Comprehensive Training Programs:

Time Poor

Rapid Fat Loss

Size & Strength


Knowledge Base Program Support

Upgrade Yourself Empowerment Course

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Are You Ready For New Found Health and Energy?

This isn't for everyone, it does require a lot of effort, some financial outlay, and most importantly - a desire to change. If you don't possess that desire to make change then this program will not work (and no other program will) until you seek change. I believe you do possess this desire, as you have read this far!

Before I leave you to contemplate joining my program, I'd like to leave you with a closing thought:

 Albert Einstein once said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results".

If doing the same training, with the same trainer, eating the same foods on the same diet and living the same lifestyle isn't producing the changes you desire - despite you thinking it's the best way to bring about said change - then maybe it's time to stop and try something else... as uncomfortable as it may be.



Common Questions:

If I purchase this now, can I start the program later?

You sure can! 

Here's how it works. You take advantage of this exclusive offer today, and you get instant lifetime access to my entire 52 week course.

Then, whenever suits you - whether it's this coming monday or next year, you simply login to your account and start working through the program.

If you're about to go on holiday for 2 weeks, why not lock in this special rate today and when you are back and things have settled down, get started on your life changing journey :)


Can I skip ahead? Or am I restricted to what I can access?

As soon as you make the payment, you will get access to the entire 52 week course - this means you can access all my diet plans, supplement cheat sheets, training programs and lifestyle protocols.

If the gut reset (the first diet on the program) is not for you, then skip ahead to the next one.

If you've already learnt about sleep, then skip that content and move on to the next one.


Does it work for vegetarians?

Vegetarians yes. Vegans no. If you can eat seafood that is good. Eggs would be good as well but not necessary. 

Also note, The Health Reset Program is more than a diet plan. In fact I would say the diet changes are only 25% of the program. It's really a lifestyle program - helping you fix sleep, work in stress, work on gut health, movement, sun exposure etc.

So sure your diet would be a little different, but everything else would be the same.


How disciplined / organised do you need to be with the program?

As disciplined and organised as you want. But the more you put in the more you will get out.

It's built for stay at home mums, for busy executives, and for retired people. I have clients from all walks of life.

Change does require change however. And change may require building new habits or new routines.

Regarding the diet - it starts off relatively strict, but this is also at a time when motivation is high. Then every few weeks we relax the rules. Eventually there really isn't a diet plan to follow - instead I aim to educate and empower you to make better food choices. 

At the end of the day, its up to you. The more you put in, the better the result. But I can't force you into anything!

As I tell my clients 'I'm just a guide, I provide the map, the direction, I help you over hurdles, and I teach a long the way, but I can't take the steps for you'.


How long does the program run for?

As long as you want it to run. As long as you need it. As long as it takes to get the results you desire.

You pay for the entire course upfront. And have access to the entire program for life.

So you may do a 12 week block and then leave it for a while then resume after a holiday for instance (or you may find 12 weeks is all you need!)

Though it can run for 52 weeks if someone wants to continue for that long. Also, you can stop at any time. You'e not committed to anything. 


Can my partner do it with me?

Of course!

In fact, partners who sign on together get much better results. You're going through a change together, you can support each other, you can relate to what your partner is going through, you learn together.

Oh and this Program works amazing with both men and woman - just read through the testimonials above!


Does it with help with Adrenal Fatigue?

Yes! I suffered from serious adrenal fatigue (I couldn't even walk in the park without needing a rest every few minutes), low thyroid function (sensitive to the cold, sluggish digestion etc), and I started putting on fat ... despite eating a good diet and doing all the right things (avoiding sun, training, taking supplements etc).

My recovery process was what lead me to create this program. It's built for people who suffer from adrenal fatigue and or thyroid issues and need a recovery strategy.

Also - it too me a long time to realise this, but even the best diet isn't going to solve your adrenal issues.

You need rest, you need proper supplements, you need support and you need to fix the gut and reset leptin signalling. You also need the right things at the right time.

All of these things are covered in the first few weeks of my program. My program is perfect for suffers of adrenal fatigue.

I promise you that in 30 days you will feel like a new person! Just stick to the program and it will work. It has helped dozens of people in a similar position to you. It's built for people like you.


Does it work with people with thyroid issues?

It sure does! In fact The Health Reset Program is perfect to resolve underlying thyroid issues. See the answer on adrenal fatigue above.


How is the programme delivered? Are you given instant access to all the content? Or is it rolled out over a period of time?

It's delivered through videos, emails, and an app I have built for the program.

The Health Reset Program has users across the world - Hong Kong, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, USA etc - and it works really well. It is a simply system to use. As for content - You you get access to the entire 52 week program as soon as you pay!


I already have a good understanding of alternative health. I read your blogs for example. But I do have some health issues I need resolving. Is The Program going to help or is it too basic for me?

Great question!

I built this program for one purpose - to help people from all walks of life improve how they look and feel. I didn't want it to be a simple 4 week follow these steps type of program, and at the same time I didn't want it to get super advanced into genetic testing and biohacking (though I should mention that is possible in the program, it's just not needed).

Maybe this will help answer your question - I have been testing and refining this program with a few clients over the past few years. These clients have ranged from stay at home mums whose health knowledge was limited to womans health magazines, up to 'advanced' biohackers spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on lab tests and supplements.

And everyone has had amazing results (as you can see from the testimonials on above) and everyone - yes everyone - has learnt something.

What do I mean by 'advanced biohackers' - I mean clients who have came to me with stacks of of lab testing reports. Clients who have subscribed to journal articles. I had one client who taught me so much about health that at one point I felt like I should pay him! I told him this, he laughed and said to me 'Alex you have no idea how much I have learnt from you and how great this program has been to give me a clear path to follow in such a noisy world'.

And it's true, I have broken everything down so it's easy to follow. Better yet, for those of us who are overwhelmed by health information, sometimes it's better to switch off and have a road map drawn out for us to follow.

I can also assure you that the content in my program is not the same as my blog. My program goes into subjects I haven't talked about on my blog. And for those who want to take a deeper dive into a particular topic, I link to so many resources - documentaries, books, podcasts, articles etc. So it almost becomes an education course for those who want to learn.

But of course the key 'value add' is having all the protocols mapped out for you in an easy to follow manner. There is a reason why top businessman and sportsmen have coaches - the individual can focus on their core priority, and they build a support team around you.

I'm pretty sure Michael Phelps wasn't designing his training plan, developing his supplement protocol and determining his race strategy all on his own.

I should also mention that I have had a few past clients on my program tell me that that I should market it as an education course - that I should remove all the protocols and just sell it as a 52 week education course for PT's or coaches who want to upskill. There really is that much content in there! 

Actually I have just signed up someone on the silver tier whose main reason for signing on was the content. He's not fat, he's not sick, he know's a bit about health, but he works with clients as a phsyio, and rather than reading all the books himself, he'd rather work through my course.

So there are numerous ways you will benefit from it:
- Education - learning more from me. As you know I put a lot of energy into the content I put out, and most of the content in the program is not on my blog.
- Having a simple roadmap to follow - no need to build your own plan etc

If you do sign up, and it's not what you wanted, then I'll happily five you your money back after 30 days. So there's no risk. 

I am confident when I say you will get something from it. Sure it may not be as much as a the mum reading womans health magazine, but you may find that missing piece in the puzzle that completes your health picture. 

I hope this doesn't come across as too salesy - I'm not a sales man (though I wish I was sometimes, it would make paying the bills a lot easier!) I just know that this program helps everyone that has been on it, and I know it will help you. And if you're still skeptical - remember the money back offer.


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