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Health Reset Program - $497 One Payment

  • All content (including 52 weeks of diet plans, supplement plans, training plans and education course) available upon purchase.

  • No drip feeds, or restricted access.

  • Pay once - and get access to the entire program!

  • No ongoing fees, one off charge

  • Full program access including ALL my diet, supplement and training protocols
  • Learn the secret to optimal health
  • Discover what really causes fat gain, and lose fat and keep it off forever
  • Boost libido, improve gut health, sleep better, look better and feel amazing!


  • Meal plans included
  • Diet protocols included
  • Supplement protocols included
  • Training programs included
  • PLUS - Full access to my revolutionary life changing 'Upgrade Yourself' Education Course! 

One upfront payment - no recurring charges, full access to 52 weeks worth of content and material to change your life for the better!

What People Are Saying:

“Since working with Alex, I have more energy, physical and mental stamina and resilience that has propelled me forward in life and at work. Not only do I feel great, but I look better as well! Highly recommended! ”

Craig Manson

“After working with Alex and implementing his protocols I have been able to finally sleep deeper and improve my performance and cognitive function in all aspects of work and life. ”

Kat Dunn

“After following Alex’s Program I have dropped from an XL shirt to a medium. And a 36 to a very skinny 32 and still dropping! True it is that My wife tells me I’ve hit new levels of skinniness!! Not only that, everyone is telling me I look 10 years younger. Alex’s program is not your normal ‘don’t eat diet’, it is unique but most importantly it has delivered some incredible results by increasing my ability to concentrate, by increasing my immunity, by detoxing over a period of time and becoming a lot calmer. Most importantly I think Alex helps you understand the why behind issues you might have pre conceived ideas about.If you are looking for a health and body overhaul, I really recommend you use Alex and his programme.”

Fraser Short

“The last four months have been AMAZING… I am truly feeling the benefits of our new and improved healthy lifestyle. We can’t thank you enough… And I am so excited with what can be achieved over the next 8 months! Just a few highlights I more aware of negativity in my life and working towards avoiding or removing it. I am sleeping so much better and waking up feeling fresh and full of energy. My clothes feel loose and I need to go shopping! My skin and hair feel great. My partner and I are loving broth and have it everyday. I am feeling happier!!! And finally ….I have not had any major health symptoms since starting the program. Seriously…. This is huge! What can I say… you have changed our lives for the better. Thank you Alex! ”

Alanna Khodeir

“I signed up to Alex's lifestyle program in July. Since then I've lost 10kgs, dropped 9% body fat, sleeping better, feeling stronger and I'm truck loads healthier (haven't been sick once since starting). I've learnt more about health in 6 months than I have in 37yrs. Since beginning on Alex’s program I’ve had three mates join Alex's program purely based off my results. One mate has already dropped 20kgs, 13% body fat and looking incredible - all this in 7 months. My other two mates have all lost > 10kgs and all feel great (they only started 4 months ago). Alex will completely change your understanding of being healthy and what the real meaning of it is. I GUARANTEE if you do what he says you will lose a ton of weight and greatly improve your health! ”

Chad Walker

“If you are motivated to make changes to your health and fitness I highly recommend Alex’s program where not only will you learn more about diet, health and fitness than you thought possible but it will set you up for a lifetime of good health. Over the last couple of years I have done all of the specialized pathology testing for Alex’s clients and have seen first hand the transformations that Alex’s clients have achieved. While the clients are feeling fitter and healthier than they ever have, the part that I like to see is the great improvements in their lab test results, it is the positive changes to inflammation markers, hormones and cardiovascular health that are going to last for years to come if you keep up the knowledge that you have learnt. When I review the lab test results with Alex’s clients and see that they have to make big changes to avoid or reverse chronic health problems, I know that they are in good hands with proven protocols that work. ”

Michael Smith (Naturopath)

“Life changing! This is more than a fat loss program, this is a lifestyle, health, performance, sleep, and nutrition program. Alex has done an amazing job of condensing his vast range of experience and knowledge into easy to understand and concise takeaway points.”

Sam Moles