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6 Must Read Articles On Healthy Homes

How Blue Light In Your Home Is Your Ruining Sleep (And How to Fix It)

Changing your lightbulbs can have a massive impact on your families health and sleep.

How To Choose A Toxin Free Healthy Mattress

We spend a third of our lives in our bed. So it's important it's a healthy bed!

The Best Monitor For Biohackers: Less Eyestrain And Better Cognition

Flickering screens with tons of blue light? No bueno. Here's the better option.

EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier System Review: How Does It Compare?

Living in the city? Then you might need the best air purifier on the planet...

Why You Must Wear Computer Screen Glasses When Using Monitors (+9 Other Solutions)

Working in an office? No ability to use a healthy monitor? Lots of fluorescent lights over your head? Then get some computer screen glasses!

Alex's Quick Healthy Home Tips:

  • Be wary of chemicals and flame retardants in your furniture. Read more HERE.

  • Get rid of bright white light bulbs. Read why HERE.

  • Upgrade your mattress. Learn more HERE.

  • Filter your drinking water. Learn why HERE.

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Products For A Healthy Home:

Samina Bed & Mattress

This is the mattress my wife and I sleep on, and it's also the mattress my children will be sleeping on when they need a bed. It's simply the best bed money can by. I found it when I was searching for healthy mattresses (read about that HERE). My wife and I love it. 

I've reviewed the mattress in full here - The Healthiest Bed In The World? Reviewing The Exceptional Samina Mattress System.

Head to to learn more. Ask for Claus or Denise, and tell them I sent you and they'll look after you (they're amazing people!)

Note: Samina produce the best beds money can buy, but because of this, their premium product is out of the budget for many. If finances are tight, then consider the Botanical Bliss Organic Natural Latex mattress from

Learn More HERE

Quality Water Filters (Berky & Full House)

What good is eating a healthy diet if you're drinking horrible water! At my home in New Zealand I have a full whole house multi-stage water system that uses UV light, carbon and other forms of water filtration technologies.

This did require a big investment - but I think it's totally worth it. If you can't afford a whole house system, then go for a Berky Water Filter.

We used a Berky filter for our drinking water while we were saving for the whole house unit. I kept my Berky as it is a great water filtration option for when the power is out or when travelling.

You can learn more about the Berky and house water systems HERE.

Learn More HERE

Somni Light - Reading Lights

Knowing how blue light impacts sleep and melatonin, my wife and I have kitted out our home and bedroom with Somni lights. These are warm glowing lights that allow you to read books, get around the house or change babies nappies without the stimulating bright lights!

We have the bed side lamps, the clip on reading lights and also the red LED night lights installed in our home.

You can see the Somni product range at

Learn More HERE

Squatty Potty

The squatty potty is one of the simplest, and cheapest ways to improve digestion and bowel movements. I know, it's a funny topic - pooping - but spend a minute or two on the squattypotty website to learn the science behind 'optimal pooping positions' and you'll be converted!

My family has been been using a squatty potting for nearly 10 years now. I even brought my squatty back to New Zealand with me when I left Australia! It's that good.

You can buy Squatty Pottys at

Learn More HERE

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