Affiliate Disclosure

This website and blog is owned and operated by me - Alex Fergus. I own all the content and the content within is simply my view on a particular topic at the time of writing.

The website does contain some affiliate links - meaning if you click these links and buy the product (or use my discount codes) I receive some kickback of the sale.

Please note that I only use affiliate links for products and services that I personally vouch for - whether I use it myself, use it with my clients, or would be happy to use it.

Remember, if you purchase something using my affiliate link or code, there is not additional cost for you (in fact you may be able to save money). The only consequence is that I receive a small slice of the sale. These funds help me continue to operate this website, test products, research ideas and share value adding content with you.

The proceeds I earn through affiliate sales help fund my continued research and experimentation and allow me to share my findings with you.



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