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"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
M. Gandhi

6 Must Read Articles On Health & Wellness

Glyphosate: Why You Need To Eat Organic

I have a 3 part series on the dangers of eating non-organic food.

PUFA's: The Worst Thing For Your Health That You Eat Everyday

This article may be the most important read of your health improvement journey.

The Secret To Looking AND Feeling Amazing

Despite all the confusion and noise, health is actually quite simple. Let me explain.

The Ultimate Blue Blocking Glasses Guide

If you're exposing yourself to blue light from screens and light bulbs at night you're impairing your sleep. Solution? Blue blocking glasses!

Are Tanning Beds Safe For Health? The Surprising Verdict

It turns out tanning beds can help you overcome that dark winter while adding to your health!

Alex's Quick Tips To Improve Health:

  • Avoid consuming poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Learn more HERE.

  • Eat organic food. Learn why HERE.

  • Get more sleep! Learn how HERE

  • Stress less. Learn why HERE.

  • Test, don't guess! Find out how HERE.

  • Avoid Soy and soy products. Learn why HERE.

  • Utilise red light therapy. Learn more HERE.

  • Accept that you have to be a little weird! Learn more HERE.

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Products To Help With Health & Wellness

Red Light Panels

Red light therapy is amazing stuff for improving hormonal health. There is a ton of evidence showing how it helps improve testosterone and other health markers. Read more HERE.

You can purchase Red Light Panels & Handheld devices at and be sure to use my link HERE to save on the already great prices.

Learn More HERE

LetsGetChecked Health Test

If you want to optimise your performance you need to optimise your health. To optimise your health you need to know what you are working with - what is out of balance, what deficiencies you may have, how your thyroid is operating, hormonal profiles etc.

To help gather all this information, you can waste hours waiting in a doctors waiting room or you can do all your health tests from the comfort of your home with the LetsGetChecked kits.

Head over to to order your accurate in home health testing kits. Be sure to use discount code ALEXFERGUS to save on your tests. You can read my review about these tests HERE.

Learn More HERE

Seed Daily Synbiotic

My go to pro and prebiotic is Seeds 'Daily Synbiotic'.

They offer a male and female version of their highly researched gut health formula.

Learn more about Seed at or purchase their Daily Synbiotic HERE. And use discount code ALEX15 to save on your seed order.

Learn More HERE

Viome Gut Testing

Viome is the revolutionary new way to test gut health from your home. You may or may not know, but your gut health has a strong link to your hormonal health.

If your gut is broken, it doesn't matter what pills or potions you take, you're going to have hormonal (and other health) problems.

I suggest you take a Viome Gut test to see if there are any underlying gut issues. I recommend it to all my new clients.

Learn More HERE

Sun Stream Infrared Sauna

I love my ClearLight sauna! Seriously it's awesome, it's a great way to wind down after a hards day work.

I use it more for it's detoxification benefits as fat loss isn't an issue for me, but the infrared sauna is a good idea for anyone wanting to lose weight and boost health. I talk about the benefits of saunas HERE.

My sauna choice is the Sun Stream Evolve rage, as they use quality materials and shield their panels from dangerous EMF.

At home I have the Sun Stream Evolve 20

You can learn more at and when ordering mention my name for a discount

Learn More HERE

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