LetsGetChecked Review: Health Testing From The Comfort Of Your Home


In this article, I review the new LetsGetChecked in-home health kits. These blood tests empower consumers to gain valuable information about their health from the comfort of their home, without needing a doctor's referral or having to go into a clinic.

This LetsGetChecked review covers the tests available to the customer and the processes involved.


  • In-home health testing means no more making appointments and sitting in waiting rooms to get a lab test
  • Available to consumers in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe
  • Accurate testing and rapid turnaround times
  • Test costs start at $69 (though LetsGetChecked Coupon Code ALEXFERGUS saves 20%)
  • A wide range of tests available including vitamins, hormones, sexual health, thyroid, fatty acids and even cancer testing.



  • Not available in Australia & New Zealand
  • Not quite the one-stop-shop for all your health testing needs. For example, they don't offer a full range of vitamin status tests, so you may have to shop elsewhere to get all the information you desire.


Skip The Visit To The Doctor. In-Home Health Tests Are Finally Here!

When I first got serious about my health, I knew I was flying blind until I had some lab tests done. As the saying goes, 'If you can't measure it, you can't manage it'.

How could I start optimizing my diet and hormonal health if I didn't know my current health status?

Were my low energy, hormonal and gut problems a result of a vitamin deficiency? Should I take more vitamins? Or should I take less?

Was my testosterone level low as I expected? Or perhaps it was fine and there was something else causing my health woes.

As Chris Kresser always says, 'Test, don't guess'.

I was already in a mess, there was no point doing potential damage without a clear picture of what was wrong.

So, I set out to have my blood work done. What a nightmare this was!

To start with, my doctor didn't give me any tests because she said I was simply 'run down'.

At the next visit, she told me it was all the 'gym supplements' I was taking that caused my illness. (I still don't know what she meant by that).

Finally, I went back and insisted that I have some tests done.  I wanted to check my Vitamin D and B12 levels, my iron count, my testosterone and also a full thyroid panel.

The doctor eventually listened, but only prescribed two out of these five tests. Her logic went something like, 'We'll see what they reveal before we do any more testing.'

By the time I had the results (which revealed I was in a state of mess and needed even more testing), I had already suffered for six weeks and paid for numerous doctor visits.

It's fair to say I was sick of the healthcare system, especially when the doctor I was dealing with was miserable and obese.

During my third visit I told my doctor, 'Look, I'll happily pay for these tests'.

Her response, 'It doesn't work that way'.

If only it did. I could bypass the whole appointment process with the doctor, get the tests I wanted and not worry about tests that I didn't need. And best of all, get the results without having to go back into the clinic and sit in a waiting room with other sick patients.

Fast forward seven years and my dream is finally a reality!

This is due to a new company called LetsGetChecked.

LetsGetChecked is a direct-to-the-customer, do-it-at-home, no-doctor-visits-needed health testing company.

They have removed the middle man which allows you and me to get the tests we want by simply ordering a kit through their website.

The company offers a variety of tests—ranging from the essentials such as testosterone, thyroid and vitamin levels—to more specific tests such as Lyme testing, celiac screening, sexual health, fertility tests and even tests for cancer.

You simply order the test from their site. A kit is then sent to your door. You take the samples in the privacy of your home before sending them back to the LetsGetChecked laboratory.

They use heavily certified labs to analyze your samples before the results are made available to you through your personal LetsGetChecked platform.

Neat, right?

I thought so too. So I reached out to the team at LetsGetChecked to find out more about this process and their product range. I also arranged for some tests of my own. 

I'll cover the experience with the LetsGetChecked testing process and show you the results from their tests later in this review. (Click HERE if you want to skip straight to that review section).

But first, here is my interview with the LetsGetChecked team:

 Everything You Need To Know About LetsGetChecked

Tell me, how does LetsGetChecked work? Is it correct that you don't have to go to the doctor to get the kits or the results? And that the whole process—from ordering to taking the test and receiving the results—can be done from the comfort of your own home?

This is correct. 

LetsGetChecked personal tests are available to buy online from our website at https://www.letsgetchecked.com/. Alternatively, we have partnered with numerous pharmacies in Ireland, the UK and the US; customers can purchase tests in their local pharmacy if they prefer.

For example, LetsGetChecked has launched a partnership with CVS Pharmacy in the US. CVS customers can now conveniently access at-home cancer screening, fertility and hormone screening, general health and sexual health tests from one of 200 CVS pharmacies across North America.

The majority of the LetsGetChecked tests are carried out with simple yet accurate blood samples. Blood testing remains the most accurate and hands-on approach for monitoring, tracking and improving health.

Blood testing provides short-term or even instantaneous readings when tested, allowing users to get a comprehensive picture of their health at that time. Users can observe fluctuations over time that may be causing issues to their health.

At LetsGetChecked we have integrated our technology platform into world-class laboratories and hospital groups globally. We manufacture our anonymized kits within our facility and handle the dispatch of kits directly to you. You can track this from your health dashboard.

When you get the kit, there are no paper forms or information relating to you. There is an anonymized patient ID and barcode within. When you receive the kit, there is an activation step where you will complete your wellness dashboard.


What's included with a typical LetsGetChecked kit

You then answer questions which are reviewed in real-time by our clinical team. This team will contact you if they see any red flags and provide assistance if needed.

When you have finished collecting your sample, you simply return it back to the lab within 24 hours, and you will have results shortly after that.

The blood sample is a small finger prick from a lancet, so you don't have to draw venous blood. Our finger prick is a capillary test though, so it is just as accurate as a venous blood sample!

When the results become available, we won't just send them to your online dashboard. Our expert nursing support team will be there to answer any questions you have about the service as well to guide you through your personalized treatment program.


All of our tests are reviewed by certified medical professionals, including genetic counselors, specialist doctors and registered nurses.

Should you test positive, our nursing support team will contact you and walk you through treatment options. If you require it, they will arrange a timely consultation with a private clinic. You will be seen by a specialist doctor and treatment prescribed.

You can see the full process on our website here.


How accurate is this technology you use? Can medical decisions be made using this data? 

Our tests are 100% accurate and reliable. Your samples are processed in the same labs used by primary care providers and hospitals.

LetsGetChecked laboratories are CLIA approved and CAP-accredited, which are the highest levels of accreditation. Tests kits are manufactured within our ISO 13485 accredited facility, the highest level of accreditation for medical devices.

We don’t share any of your data, it is completely anonymized and not shared with any third parties. All samples are also disposed of following the analysis.

Does the client get a full 'analysis' with their results or just the hard numbers? Does this vary by country?

When the results become available, as well as sending them to your online dashboard, our expert nursing support team will be there to answer any questions you have about the service, as well to guide you through your personalized treatment program.


Our team of nurses will then call you with your results, and provide you with a personalized treatment program. This may include lifestyle or dietary suggestions, or they may advise additional medical assistance and refer you to a doctor with a copy of your lab results.

If required, they will arrange a timely consultation with a private clinic. You will be seen by a specialist doctor and treatment prescribed.

 What are all the tests you currently offer?

We offer four main categories of tests: men’s health, women’s health, sexual health and general wellness. I have outlined all of the tests within each category below:

Wellness tests:

  • Cortisol
  • Cholesterol
  • Kidney
  • Celiac
  • Vitamins D & B
  • Iron
  • Omega
  • Thyroid or Thyroid plus
  • Liver
  • Colon
  • Lyme
  • C-Reactive protein
  • Diabetes
  • Folate

Men’s health tests:

  • Testosterone
  • Male hormone
  • Male hormone plus
  • Male hormone advanced
  • Colon
  • Prostate PSA


Women’s health tests:

  • Female hormone
  • Progesterone
  • Ovarian reserve
  • HPV test
  • Colon

Sexual health tests:

  • Herpes test
  • Simple 2
  • Basic 3
  • Standard 5
  • Complete 10



What are the prices of the LetsGetChecked tests?

Our prices range from anywhere from $69 (testosterone test) up to $299 for our complete 10 sexual health test that tests for ten different infections.

The prices are based upon the number of biomarkers that are tested within the one test. There are no hidden costs associated with any of our tests. The price includes shipping. Although, you can choose express shipping at an additional cost of $35. There are no hidden lab fees or additional nursing support fees.

What countries is LetsGetChecked available in?

At this stage we work with customers in the following regions:

  • Europe
  • UK
  • Canada
  • North America 

Do you plan on rolling this out to other countries in the near future, such as Australia and New Zealand?

I can't say anything specifically about the Australia and New Zealand market at this time other than our company is growing at a very fast pace and we are constantly looking at new markets. Stay tuned to our newsletter at LetsGetChecked.com to hear about new regions we will ship to.

Do you offer any other services? (i.e., one-on-one consultations, selling supplements, etc.)

No, we don’t partner with any other supplementation company, consultants, etc. Our service comes with a dedicated nursing team who will provide you with personalized treatment options, lifestyle advice, etc. and it doesn’t come with any additional cost.

Although, we have partnered up with Garmin watch and Fitbit—with Apple Health integration imminent—so you can connect your device to your LetsGetChecked account profile when you have registered a LetsGetChecked health test.

 Do you have any concerns with regulators shutting you down?

No, LetsGetChecked manufactures all of our test-kits at our ISO-accredited facility and uses world-class accredited labs.

Our laboratory partners are best-in-class and carry the highest levels of CLIA approval and CAP accreditation.

We use an automated process, anonymized patient IDs and revolutionary technology to ensure quick analysis of your samples. All of our tests are FDA approved. Our services are: 

1.  100% Accurate and Reliable 

  • Your samples are processed in the same labs used by primary care providers and hospitals.
  • LetsGetChecked laboratories are CLIA approved and CAP-accredited, which are the highest levels of accreditation.
  • Tests kits are manufactured within our ISO 13485 accredited facility, the highest level of accreditation for medical devices.

2.  Private and Confidential 

  • Your data is completely anonymized and not shared with third parties.
  • All samples are disposed of the following analysis.

3.  Mailed in Discreet Packaging: 

  • Our tests are delivered in a plain envelope.
  • There is no reference to LetsGetChecked.

Can I use LetsGetChecked to do tests my doctor won't approve or doesn't have access too, but still have these results sent through to my doctor?

Yes. All your results will be released onto your personal online dashboard.

It's up to you if you want these results forwarded to your doctor. We only send your results to your doctor if you request this, all tests that you do with us will appear on your dashboard and can be viewed by you there.

Our own nurses will call you with your results and then release them onto your password-protected dashboard so you can view them. If you require additional medical attention or a prescription, then our nurses can send your results to your doctor for further care. We won’t send them to your doctor without you seeing them first.

Is there anything else a potential LetsGetChecked customer should know?

We also provide our audience with extensive educational content either through our blog or through our live chat. And we have integrated with Garmin watch and Fitbit with plans to integrate with Apple Health (Alex here—no plans to integrate with Oura ring, bummer). I believe we are the only testing company to partner with Garmin at the moment.

Finally, I know there are a few other players in this space. What separates LetsGetChecked from your competitors? 

We integrate with the leading health-tech wearables on the market, have a wide range of accurate tests available to our customers, have fast turn-around times and cover not only the USA but all of Europe and Canada as well.

We own and control the whole process from kit production to medical result delivery, so our product and service offerings are second-to-none and our customer support and medical teams have earned us a top rating on Trustpilot.

Plus we have very competitive prices. (Alex here—use LetsGetChecked discount code ALEXFERGUS to save another 20% on these low prices!) And these prices include a phone call with our nursing team.

The below chart shows how our sexual health tests compare with our competitors:


If someone wants to do some test through you, or simply find out more information about LetsGetChecked, where should they go?

Head to LetsGetChecked.com and you can order any of our tests directly through that website or contact us if you have a question.



LetsGetChecked Product Review


Hopefully, those answers above bring you up-to-speed with the LetsGetChecked process and product range.

After learning all this, I was super keen to do some tests myself. Finally, I thought, no more doctor visits and having to make a follow-up appointment to get the results.

And then I discovered that they don't cover New Zealand or Australia.


I thought about using a freight forwarder (i.e., getting the kits sent to a US address and then having it forwarded on to my address in New Zealand). But the risk was whether the sample would get back to the LetsGetChecked lab in time. If it was late, I could get no result or an inaccurate result—and still be out of pocket.

The alternative is to arrange these tests for the next time I'm in the US or Europe. 

Nevertheless, I have a reader who has done some LetsGetChecked tests, so I asked him to share his experiences and feedback about the process.

What LetsGetChecked tests did you do and where are you based?

I'm in Germany. Being a guy, I went with the Prostate test, male hormone test and cortisol test.

How was the process of working with LetsGetChecked?

After the tests were ordered online, they arrived in a small box. Each test came in its own box.
There were instructions that were clear for each test, such that it wasn’t hard at all to know what I was supposed to do.
I found it fairly easy to take the blood and send the samples. And there was not much paperwork or anything to fill out, other than to write my name and date here and there. I had to answer some questions online, but that was okay as well.  

Tell me more about collecting the samples, was it difficult? 

I did the tests at home. There was no need to go to the doctor's office or anything like that.
Basically, the process is to prick your finger with the supplied prick, let the blood flow into the tube, put the tube back into the box that has been labeled and drop that box into the mail envelope that was sent with the box.  
I didn’t need to pay for shipping at all nor wait in line at the post office. Before starting the test, however, I needed to set up the test online.

Did you need any assistance?

The process was fairly easy, but I did get a little email support. 
They responded promptly though. I had a question about what time of the day should I take the samples.

How long did it take from the day you 'signed up' to the day you got your LetsGetChecked results? 

From signup to results it took 12 days.
It took two days to receive the kits at my home address, and then it took ten days before I had the results online.
I believe it would be faster for those in the UK or US.
Alex here—I'm told by LetsGetChecked that it should only take 2–5 days for the results to be available. They are looking into why there was such a delay with these results.
*Update—this is what they said about the ten-day turnaround time. (It should have been 2–5 days).
"There was one test in Germany which took longer than usual to result due to specific borderline results being rechecked. This can sometimes happen when there may not be enough blood in the sample".

What happened when you got the results?

I received a call with the results from the nurse at LetsGetChecked. She explained my results and shared any insights from the LetsGetChecked medical team.
She told me which things I needed to watch out for in the future, and what I might need to get checked further from my own doctor.
At that point, the results were available for me to view on my LetsGetChecked online dashboard. 

Were your results easy to interpret on your own?

My results were easy to understand and the nurse went through the recommendations with me. I was able to ask her any questions and received clarification on a few things. I guess it all depends on how well you are versed in health topics, as to how easy things are to understand. But they seem to be laid out very well, and there are ranges to be able to see where one’s results fit in.

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding LetsGetChecked? Would you use their services again?

Yes, I would do this again, as it was an easy way to get some testing done. It was fast and uncomplicated. And as long as the methods they use are reliable, this is a nice way to avoid testing through a doctor. I also think the nurses there at the company were very professional, which is good to see.


A Health Coach Reviews LetsGetChecked

By now you should have a pretty good understanding of the LetsGetChecked product range and process.

You're probably wondering what the professionals think of it all?

Well, as a health coach who has worked with hundreds of clients across the world, and as someone who is personally very passionate about improving my own health, here is my takeaway: 

1. Excellent range of tests available to the customer and still expanding, though far from being complete.

I hope they do add some new tests to their product range. I would love to get a full vitamin test, showing potential deficiencies across a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Also, if they offered gut tests similar to the in-home Viome test, that would be a great benefit. 

*Update—Great news! I have just been told that gut testing will soon be available through LetsGetChecked. 

2. Quality testing processes with accredited labs

LetsGetChecked has tapped into established laboratories to do all their data analysis. This means the customer is getting access to the same reporting accuracies as they would if they worked through their doctor.

3. A great way to get the tests you want, without going through the medical channels

This is the biggest benefit in my opinion. If you want to know your iron status you can find out using LetsGetChecked. And you don't have to hassle with going to your doctor: making appointments, traveling to the clinic, sitting in waiting rooms and paying doctor's fees.

This will be great for the biohacking community and those who want to track key metrics over time that is not a medically-necessary issue. (For instance, good luck getting your doctor to arrange four vitamin D tests for you in one year as you experiment with your vitamin D supplementation.)

My wife wanted to check her vitamin D levels in the middle of winter when she was pregnant. She didn't want to take a supplement if she didn't need to. When she asked for a test from her doctor, they said they wouldn't do it.

With LetsGetChecked, she could order the test directly and have the results a week or two later.

4. Great worldwide coverage, just not available in my country!

LetsGetChecked works with customers in North America, the UK and Europe. That is a huge customer base.

Unfortunately, though, they don't cater to New Zealand and Australia, at least not yet!

5. A streamlined process

Depending on where you live in the world, if you want to get a blood test drawn, you have a couple of options.

• Go to the doctor. You may or may not pay a fee for the visit, and you may have to pay for the test. That is if the doctor prescribes the test. You then have to go to a clinic to get the blood drawn and have to return to the doctor's office to get the results.

• Go directly to the lab. Though most labs don't do this without a doctor's referral. You still have to go to a clinic to get the blood drawn. And the results get sent to a doctor, so you have to pay to see them. Plus, you pay a lot for the tests.

• Go through another medical practitioner if necessary. Again, there will be more consultation fees, testing fees, follow up appointments, etc.

• Use a product like LetsGetChecked and have everything done from the comfort of your home in a streamlined process.

6. Good prices

Sure LetsGetChecked isn't going to replace all the blood tests done through a doctor. Many countries subsidize doctor visits and blood tests.

But some people are happy to spend some money to bypass this process. I am one of these people.

And for a few hundred dollars, you can get a wide range of tests done. As this is a relatively new market, it's hard to do a comprehensive analysis of the price points. 

Instead, I'll just go with my first impressions. I think the prices are very reasonable. If it was available to me, I would be happy spending $300 to get my vitamin levels checked along with a few other tests.

Note, for a limited time, discount code ALEXFERGUS will save you 20% on the entire LetsGetChecked product range.

7. It's private, which is great for those wanting to do STD tests.

This is a big plus for those wanting to get a sexual health check-up. You can literally do these tests from the privacy of your home. No one will know what you're testing, not even the mailman since the boxes are sent without any branding on them.

8. Fast turn around times

In less than two weeks, you can go from ordering a test kit to having the results. If you live in a major city nearby, I wouldn't be surprised if this was even quicker.

9. Simple to follow, no assistance needed.

From my reader's experience, and the information I have about the entire process, getting these kits, taking the sample and sending them back is a very simple process. Which is great!

10. Professional advice

One of the best benefits of the LetsGetChecked process is the fact you get a phone call from a nurse. An expert looks at your data and will provide advice and recommendations.

Plus, if your results show something serious or of concern, it will then be reviewed by a medical team.

These extra benefits are all included standard. You don't have to pay extra for these. Which is also great!

It means you're not going to have to Google your results or try to determine what they mean and what the next steps are to improve your health.

Overall—My Take On LetsGetChecked

Five words—bring it to New Zealand!

I am excited to see this product out in the marketplace. It is something I wished was available many years ago. 

If they serviced New Zealand customers, I would be ordering a heap of tests for myself and my wife.

Unfortunately, they don't yet have service in New Zealand. But they do serve most major countries.

I honestly think it's a revolutionary product that is going to empower so many people to take their health into their own hands.

Sure, there are risks involved with an innovative product like this. The main one being the customer not understanding the results and doing something silly.

But as seen in this review, the data is simple to read and it is very clear where you sit in the normal ranges. Plus, before you can view your results a medical professional reaches out to discuss everything with you.

I'm truly excited to see LetsGetChecked grow! I hope they bring more tests to their product range and expand their worldwide coverage.

What about you?

What do you think of LetsGetChecked?

Would you bypass your doctor and get a test done directly with them? Or maybe you have already used their services? If so, please share your feedback below. I'd love to hear it.

If you are keen to get a test done with LetsGetChecked, be sure to use the discount code ALEXFERGUS which will save you 20% off your purchase price.



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This blog post was written by Alex Fergus. Alex is a ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Professional and certified Superhuman Coach who continues to expand his knowledge base and help people across the world with their health and wellness. Alex is recognized as the National Record Holder in Powerlifting and Indoor Rowing and has earned the title of the Australian National Natural Bodybuilding Champion. Having worked as a health coach and personal trainer for over a decade, Alex now researches all things health and wellness and shares his findings on this blog. Learn more about Alex's Credentials HERE.

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