6 Must Read Articles On Supplements

Why Multi Mineral Supplements Are Terribly Overrated - And What To Use Instead

Before you pop another multi mineral, have a read of this.

What You Need To Know About Supplements

My super comprehensive article on supplements. Read this first!

Everything You Need to Know About Creatine

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements in the world. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Health Effects of CBD Oil & THC (Plus The Best CBD)

Cannabis, specifically CBD and THC can be life-changing for your health. Here's why

Eternus Science Review: How Do These Anti-Aging Ingredients Stack Up?

Eternus is the best-regarded anti-aging stack out there right now. But does this supplement really slow down aging?

Qualia Mind Review - Extraordinary Deep Sleep & Cognitive Benefits

Qualia Mind is perhaps the best nootropic stack out there. Alex has huge cognitive performance and deep sleep improvements on this stack.

Alex's Quick Supplement Tips:

  • Be wary of cheap, low quality supplements. Stick with quality brands like Thorne.

  • Magnesium and a quality multivitamin are two essential supplements.

  • Consider taking a nootropic like Qualia Mind for brain health. Read more HERE.

  • Get your supplements from and use discount code BHS654 to save

  • Pop Seeds Daily Synbiotic pre and probiotic to nourish your microbiome.

Want My Supplement Cheatsheet? Click HERE

My Top Supplement Products:

Iherb is my go to supplement store. I've been buying all my supplements from iherb for over 7 years now as they continue to have the best prices and range anywhere on the net.

You can learn more at and use iHerb discount code BHS654 to save

Learn More HERE

Performance Lab For Men

Right now, Performance Lab is my top choice for supplement manufacturers and this is my go-to all round general purpose multi-vitamin.

One dose is 2 capsules a day. I personally take 1 cap a day as part of my nutrient insurance policy (as my diet is already rather nutrient dense).

What makes these multivitamins different from all the competition is that all the nutrients are directly derived from food, making the absorbability and the health benefits much greater.

A women's version is offered on the same website too. You can buy them from

Learn More HERE

Seed Daily Synbiotic

My go to pro and prebiotic is Seeds 'Daily Synbiotic'.

They offer a male and female version of their highly researched gut health formula.

Learn more about Seed at or purchase their Daily Synbiotic HERE. And use discount code ALEX15 to save on your seed order.

Learn More HERE

Thorne Glutathione

Thorne's glutathtione is one of the few supplements I take on a regular basis. This is a great anti-oxidant and detoxifaction supplements.

I buy my glutathione from and use discount code BHS654 to save.

Learn More HERE

CBD Pure CBD Oil

CBD oil - or Cabbabidiol oil - is the medicinal, non-psychoactive part of hemp oil.

There is a growing volume of evidence showing how CBD oil is effective for reducing inflammation and pain and helping to de-stress, relax after a hard event.

There are many CBD oils on the market. I like CBD Pure for their tested purity and effective product.

You can buy it use discount code ALEX to save 10%

Learn More HERE

Qualia Mind & Qualia Focus

The Qualia products are my go to brain and cognitive enhancing nootropics If you are looking for a simple 'pill' solution to improving brain performance, this is my recommendation.

I take Qualia Mind (caffeine free) when I'm working on brain demanding projects (like researching articles or website strategy work).

You can read my review here - My Intense Experience Taking Qualia - Qualia Nootropic Review

Note - Qualia is pretty potent stuff, so be sure to cycle it on and off as per the guidelines.

You can buy Qualia from the Neurohacker website HERE. And use Qualia discount code FERGUS to save.

Learn More HERE

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