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Qualia Mind Review - Extraordinary Deep Sleep & Cognitive Benefits


Qualia Mind is the new nootropic formulated by the Neurohacker collective.

Touted as a 'Premium Nootropic for Mental Performance' the companies second generation product sure has a lot of hype around it. 

But hype is meaningless if the product doesn't follow through with the goods.

So how does the new Qualia Mind performance supplement stack up?

In this Qualia Mind Review I take a look at the active ingredients, the benefits of using Qualia and of course - my own feedback and the experiment I did with Qualia (the results are going to blow your mind! Make sure you read to the end of this article for all those results).

Let's begin.

Qualia Mind Review : What Is Qualia Mind?

The team at Neuro Hacker Collective are passionate about optimising human cognitive performance and longevity.

With their first generation Qualia supplement (read my review on that HERE) they formulated a supplement that with a clear goal in mind - to be the best nootropic on the market, even if it had a premium price point.

They achieved great success with this generation 1 product. And many people swore by it's use.

I personally couldn't handle a full dosage of their first product, but continued to take it in a lower dosage for all the brain boosting supplements that were in the Qualia pill (or pills, as a typical serving was 9 pills split between two dosages!)

Fast forward a few years and the R&D team at Neurohacker released their 'new and improved' Qualia Mind formulation.

This new formula took what worked well in the original formula, and removed what didn't (i.e. the split dosing and 9 capsules per serve)

The company behind Qualia Mind


What are the major differences between the new and old Qualia formula?

The major noticeable difference is there is now only one bottle. All the ingredients are packed into one pill. So you don't have to take some pills on an empty stomach and again later in the day like you did with the original formula (many people would take the first and forget about the second!)

Another change is the new caffeine-free variant. Caffeine is a proven performance enhancer, so it makes sense to include it in a performance focuses supplement, but not everyone wants or needs extra caffeine (myself included).  

New Qualia Mind - The caffeine free version I use

So now it's possible to get all the goodness of Qualia without the caffeine in the caffeine free version of Qualia Mind, as well as the caffeinated formula.

The serving dosage is now slightly smaller - down to 7 pills (from 9). That's still a lot of pill popping though!

The new formula also has lost a few ingredients that were in the old formula.

DHEA has been cut out (which is a good thing, as DHEA is a banned substance for professional athletes) and the synthetic ingredient Noopept has also been cut. 

I believe it was the noopept in the first formulation that 'buzzed me out' as it is a synthetic racetam like compound, so I was eager to see how I responded to the new Qualia Mind (more on this below).

There have also been a few other minor ingredient changes. The only new addition to the Qualia Mind formula over the old is the introduction of Celastrus Paniculatus which is a herb used in Ayurvedic medicine with nootropic and neuroprotective effects.

I'll do a full ingredient breakdown below.

The other change is the price, the new Qualia Mind is $10 cheaper than the original formula.


Great Alex, But What Exactly Is Qualia Mind?

Oh right, that.

Qualia mind is a supplement stack consisting of herbs, neuro vitamins, nootropic compounds, antioxidants and adaptogenic extracts designed to help with memory, cognitive function and contribute to a creative productive flow state.

It is a highly researched, premium nootropic (and if you don't know what a Nootropic is read THIS) that is designed to help you perform better in cognitive tasks.

For an even better description of what Qualia is, have a read of THIS website. 


What Are The Claimed Benefits Of Qualia Mind?

The following is from the Qualia Mind product page:

More Focus, More Drive

Qualia Mind is one of the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance products available. Its fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition while supporting long-term brain health. Qualia Mind was made to help you focus better, decrease procrastination, and have more energy. For most, benefits can be felt in as soon as 40 minutes, delivering calm energized focus all day. Discover what you can achieve with this premium, scientifically-researched, high-purity, and safe formula.

The claimed benefits of regular Qualia Mind use include:

  • Lift Brain Fog
  • Amplify Willpower
  • Upgrade Energy
  • Heighten Creativity
  • Fuel Focus and Concentration
  • Boost Brain Nutrition
  • Promote Mental Clarity
  • Decrease Procrastination

Pretty neat huh?! I'll share the benefits I had from taking Qualia Mind for a month at the end of this article

The Active Ingredients In Qualia Mind

 Qualia don't hide their ingredient behind any 'propriety blends' -  a ploy many supplement companies use to protect their blends.

The good thing for Qualia consumers is you know exactly what is in each Qualia serving. The below is the full ingredient list of the new Qualia Mind:

Please note, the caffeine free version does not have the coffeeberry ingredient.

For those familiar with my work on Nootropics or who have read my previous review of Qualia many of these ingredients will be familiar.

For those who are new to the would of cognitive enhancers, here is a quick rundown of the key ingredients. Click on each ingredient name to learn more about the benefits of each item.


  • Huperzine A - a potent natural synaptic enzyme modulator. Studies indicate its ability to support learning, memory, neuroplasticity, and executive function.
  • Celastrus Paniculatus Seed Extract - Celastrus paniculatus has been shown to enhance cognitive function by improving memory and learning, and to protect the brain from oxidative damage and neurotoxicity
  • Phosphatidylserinea naturally occurring aminophospholipid found in high concentrations in the brain. Studies indicate its ability to reduce stress, fatigue, attention deficit and forgetfulness, and to increase mental processing speed and accuracy, attention and working memory.
  • Theobromine - a methylxanthine related to caffeine extracted from cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) beans. Studies show that theobromine increases alertness, attention, and executive function.
  • Uridine Monophosphate - a naturally occurring nucleic acid that plays a key role in many different neuroregulatory processes. It is believed to support short and long term memory, learning, attention, and executive function.
  • Coffeeberry® (caffeine)from organic coffee. Not present in the caffeine free version.


  • Rhodiola rosea Root - a flowering plant with nootropic and adaptogenic effects. Its biologically active compounds can improve memory and focus.
  • Artichoke Stem and Leaf Extract - a plant that contains cynarin, having nootropic effects. Cynarin can significantly improve memory and executive function.
  • Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract - a plant with neuroprotective, nootropic and adaptogenic effects. Ginkgo bilobacan delay aging, improving memory and attention.
  • Bacopa monnieri Leaf Extract - has neuroprotective, nootropic and adaptogenic effects. Research shows that it can improve memory formation and recall.
  • Mucuna pruriens Seed - a bean with neuroprotective and adaptogenic effects. Mucuna pruriens is a mood enhancer and increases focus and motivation.
  • Coleus forskohlii Root a labdane diterpene and the main bioactive compound in Coleus forskohlii, having nootropic and adaptogenic effects. Forskolin improves learning, memory and mental stamina


  • Pyrroloquinoline quinone - a quinone molecule with a potent anti-oxidant and neuroprotective effect. Studies indicate that PQQ can help prevent cognitive decline.
  • DHA (as Docosahexenoic Acid from Algae) - a structural omega-3 fatty acid with neuroprotective and nootropic effects. DHA has been shown to improve executive function, memory and learning.


  • Vit B12 (as Methylcobalamin) - a methylated and active form of vitamin b12 (cobalamin) with strong neuroprotective and anti-ageing effects
  • Niacin (as Niacinamide) - the amide form of vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid/niacin) that is naturally synthesized in the body with neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. Experimental evidence indicates that nicotinamide can decrease age-associated cognitive impairment.
  • Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) - a synthetic form and a source of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) with nootropic actions. Vitamin B5 can improve concentration and benefits memory and learning.
  • Vit B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) - the most active form of vitamin B6, having significant nootropic effects. P-5-P plays an essential part in mood, memory formation, and executive functions.
  • Vit D3 (as Cholecalciferol) -a form of vitamin D (vitamin D3) with antioxidant and neuroprotective effects. Research indicates that it may contribute to delaying neurodegenerative and age-associated cognitive decline.
  • Benfotiamine - a synthetic S-acyl derivative of vitamin B1 (thiamine) with neuroprotective effects. By increasing vitamin B1 levels, benfotiamine can increase energy, mood and alertness
  • Vit C (as Ascorbic Acid) - a naturally occurring essential vitamin with strong neuroprotective and antioxidant effects. Ascorbic acid is able to decrease fatigue and improve mood.



  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- an acetylated form of the amino acid L-Tyrosine with nootropic effects. It increases attention, motivation and concentration, and improves memory and learning.
  • Taurine - an organic amino sulfonic acid with nootropic and neuroprotective actions. It can improve memory and has anxiolytic effects.
  • L-Theanine - an amino acid analog of glutamate and glutamine found in green tea from Camellia sinensis with neuroprotective effects. L-Theanine has anxiolytic activity and studies suggest that it may improve memory.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine - an acetylated form of L-carnitine with anti-ageing, neuroprotective and nootropic effects. It decreases fatigue and improves attention, memory, learning and executive function.
  • DL-Phenylalanine -  a mixture of two forms of the essential amino acid phenylalanine, the naturally occurring L-phenylalanine and the synthetic D-phenylalanine with nootropic effects. DLPA enhances mood and can increase alertness and improve memory and learning.


  • Alpha GPC - a compound made up of choline and glycerophosphate with neuroprotective activity. Alpha-GPC prevents cognitive decline and increases attention and memory.
  • Cognizin Citicoline  - a compound made up of choline and cytidine with neuroprotective and nootropic activity. CDP Choline decreases age-related memory impairment and cognitive decline and enhances attention, learning and memory.

And for an exceptionally comprehensive overview of the ingredients that have been used in developing Qualia mind, I highly recommend reading the article Qualia Mind - The Building Of A Nootropic Stack


Feedback After A Month Using Qualia Mind

Ok, so now for the fun part of the review - my feedback!

For 4 weeks I took the full dosage of Qualia Mind Caffeine Free.

This meant 7 capsules a day - taken first thing in the morning - 5 days a week with two days off (I simply took Qualia during the week and had the weekends off).

What happened? Did I notice anything?

The Fishy Taste False Start

I actually recorded my first time taking Qualia Mind and uploaded it to youtube. You can watch that clip here - Qualia Mind Does It Work? - First Time Day Taking It

If you watched that you would have seen me talk about the icky fish taste that the capsules had. I emailed NeuroHacker Collective about this and it turned out I had a bottle from a bad batch run. Whoops!

Anyway, they told me to bin it and they sent a new bottle out.

This meant another week before I started with Qualia, but at least I wasn't ingesting rotten fish oil!

Oh - and the replacement bottle didn't have this effect, even after 4 weeks with an open lid.

No Buzzy, Antsy' Effect

If you have read my review of the first Qualia product My Intense Experience Taking Qualia - 2018 Qualia Nootropic Review you would have read about my 'off feeling' that I experienced a few hours after taking Qualia.

I believe this was a result of the Noopept that was in the original formula but not in the new Qualia Mind.

I was anxious to see if I would experience the same effect with Qualia Mind. Well after 4 weeks of taking the full serving amount, I can say no - there was no weird 'spaced out' sensation with Qualia Mind. Good!


No Afternoon Energy Crash

Despite that weird sensation I had with the original Qualia, the main drawback was the afternoon slump in energy I had taking it. I ended up only taking a 1/3 dosage otherwise every afternoon I needed a nap.

I can say that this did not happen with Qualia Mind. The first day or two there was a minor energy slump, but this did not continue. Even the first few days when I did experience it, it was nothing in comparison to the slump that I felt with the original formula.

To be honest, if I did have that slump, I wouldn't have kept taking Qualia Mind - any potential upsides simply wouldn't be worth the crash every afternoon.

Fortunately, this didn't happen.

Productivity and Procrastination

One of the main benefits of Qualia Mind is improved productivity and less procrastination. 

As someone who spends most of my working time writing articles, procrastination can be a big issue for me. So I was eager to see if Qualia Mind would help.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice any changes on this front.

I still had periods where I would struggle to get my writing flow going. Though I would be silly to think that a pill could fix this - I know sometimes I just have to take the bull by the horns and get on with the job.

But hey I thought I'd share this little insight. 

Anyway, don't let that negative put you off Qualia.

I haven't touched on the real benefits I noticed from my Qualia Experiment. Let's do that now

My Experiment With Qualia Mind - And The Incredible Results!

Before I started taking Qualia Mind I did two things.

  1. I tracked my deep sleep scores using my Oura Ring
  2. I did some baseline cognitive testing through the independent company Cognifit Research

My goal here was simply to get some data around my sleep and cognition before I used Qualia, and then to retest during and after my 4 week experiment.

Exciting huh?! I thought so.

Qualia Mind & It's Profound Impact On Deep Sleep

Before I started popping 35 Qualia Mind capsules a week, I had the following Oura Ring deep sleep average:

This was an average of 1 hour 36 minutes of deep sleep a night.

And with an average total sleep time of 8 hours 9 minutes, my deep sleep percentage prior to taking Qualia Mind was 19.6%

  Before Qualia
Deep Sleep Time 1 hour 36min
Deep Sleep % 19.60%


To be honest, those numbers are pretty decent (if you are struggling with your deep sleep, be sure to read my article How To Increase Deep Sleep)

So what happened to my deep sleep when I started taking Qualia Mind?

Turns out A LOT happened. My deep sleep skyrocketed!

The first night I tracked my sleep after tracking Qualia for a few days I hit a 38% deep sleep score!!!

Unreal. Especially because this was over an 8 hour sleep - meaning I had over 3 hours in deep sleep!

You can see that particular nights data from my Oura Ring below: 


A perfect nights sleep with Qualia Mind & Oura Ring

Impressive huh. 

In fact, not only is the deep sleep score amazing, but the whole night's sleep is textbook perfect. No wakings during the night, deep sleep focused in the first half of the night, REM sleep in the second and waking with the sunrise.


I continued to monitor my deep sleep to see if this was a one-off, but no, my deep sleep remained incredibly high.

In fact, the highest deep sleep percentage I got was 40%. Remember, this was over a full 7+ hour sleep.

In all my years working with clients I've never seen scores this high. It was very cool.


40% deep sleep score!!

So how did my deep sleep averages look after finishing my Qualia Mind experiment?

Let's look at the Oura Data:

It may be hard to see, but the average deep sleep for the time I was taking Qualia Mind was 2 hours 26 minutes!

Nearly a full hour more than prior to Qualia.


Note - I'm missing a few days data at the start of my experiment as I hadn't charged my Oura Ring! Frustrating I know, but I still have nearly a months worth of data to work with.

And what about deep sleep percentage? I worked that out and it was 32.5%

Impressive right?! An average deep sleep percentage of nearly 33%. I have readers who haven't even seen a 15% deep sleep score peak - let alone a rolling average in the 30's!

I don't mean to gloat, but damn, those numbers are awesome!

So to summarise the data, let's look at the table below:

  Before Qualia After Qualia
Deep Sleep Time 1 hour 36min 2 hours 26min
Deep Sleep % 19.60% 32.50%

After taking Qualia Mind (caffeine free) I added nearly an hour to my deep sleep time, and my percentage increased from under 20% to over 30%.

Not only that, but my sleep was very restorative during this time. I was rarely waking during the night (the odd time I was waking was due to a noise outside like a wild possum screeching, or my wife waking to care for our newborn baby).

And I was feeling super energized every morning I got up.

In fact, I felt so good during this ~4 week period that I started thinking Qualia Mind truly is the best thing on the market. But then I had to wonder - was my extra energy and high spirits a result of Qualia's nootropic blend, or was it from the amazing sleep I was getting?

And if it was the latter, then was the amazing sleep a direct result of me taking Qualia? It sure looked to be the case.

I want to see how my deep sleep score looks in another 4 weeks time - 4 weeks without taking Qualia. The objective here is simple - to see if coming off Qualia Mind drops my deep sleep score.

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to hear about those findings. I'll send an email out next month when I have this data.

Either way, I didn't really care - I was sleeping great and feeling amazing. What more could I want?

Well, there was more actually!

Bring on the results from my second part of my experiment.

Qualia Mind & It's Brain Boosting Ability

The second part of my experiment was testing my cognitive function.

Before taking Qualia Mind, I took a specially designed test used for cognitive research. This test was done through Cognifit Research.

The test takes about 45minutes and uses various forms of challenges to test the following 5 key areas:

  • Reasoning,
  • memory,
  • perception,
  • attention and
  • coordination. 

I took this test twice (spaced a week apart) to get an accurate baseline.

My first score was 590, the second score 585. 

My baseline - pre Qualia - the average was then 587.5

After finishing my bottle of Qualia Mind I did two more tests over a two day period (note the tests change every time, and they are designed and used by leading researchers to track cognitive function).

My results are below (higher is better)

Yes, my score improved after taking Qualia!

From my baseline average of 587, my first follow up test result jumped to 625, the next day my score was 637!

This is an average score of 631.

Which means my cognitive function improved by 7.5% in a space of 4 weeks while taking Qualia Mind!

  Before Qualia After Qualia

Cognifit Average Score

587.5 631
% Increase - 7.50%

What will be interesting will be to see what my scores look like after I stop taking Qualia for 4 weeks. Will my scores return to baseline?

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to find out, as I'll be sending out an email with these findings in a few weeks time:


Not Just Me - Qualia Works For All

My cognitive boost from Qualia shouldn't come as a surprise.

The team behind Qualia have been doing extensive testing with users of Qualia through the independent testing company Cambridge Brain Sciences.

The results of this research can be seen here https://neurohacker.com/qualia-mind-pilot-study

Some of the key findings from users taking Qualia Mind include:

  • 85.4% increase in scores to measure ability to concentrate/avoid distraction
  • 37.2% increase in scores for planning skills
  • 31.1% increase in scores for visual representation
  • 16.9% increase in scores for verbal reasoning
  • 13.3% increase in scores for verbal short-term memory

Impressive right!

These lines up well with my own findings.

Quick Note: If you too would like to try Qualia Mind and see how your cognitive ability performs before and after taking Qualia, order a bottle of Qualia HERE (use discount code FERGUS to save) and you will be sent access to your own Cambridge Brain Sciences test.


Qualia Mind Price & Options

After reading these findings no doubt you're keen to give Qualia a try for yourself.

I mean why wouldn't you want to take Qualia - it's proven to boost cognitive function. It had a profound impact on my sleep and energy, and it's packed full of ingredients that have been shown to be safe and effective.

Though one reason why you wouldn't rush off to add Qualia to your supplement stack is because of the price...

Qualia is a premium product. A huge amount of resources have gone into developing this product, and only the best ingredients are used in the formulation.

This means a high cost.

A price for one bottle of Qualia Mind (lasting you one month) costs $139. But if you sign up on a subscription plan you can get your first bottle for $69. So that is a lot more appealing.

Also, I do have a Qualia Mind discount code - it's FERGUS. Simply enter that at the checkout screen to save 15% on your Qualia.

As you go to buy your Qualia, you will notice two options - regular Qualia Mind, and the Caffeine free version.

I personally used the caffeine version, but if you're OK with caffeine then go with the regular version for extra performance benefits.

The price is the same.


Can't Afford Qualia Mind?

If $69 is too much, even with my 15% discount code FERGUS, but you still want some of the benefits I had with Qualia then there is a cheaper alternative.

It's called Qualia Focus.


This sells for $35 on a subscription or $59 as a one-off (note, discount code FERGUS will work with Qualia Focus as well). 

I'm yet to try Qualia focus, but the reports I've heard are promising - just not quite as good as the flagship Mind formulation.

As for the differences between Qualia Mind and Qualia Foucs, I pulled this from the NHC website:

What is the difference between Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus?

Qualia Focus & Qualia Mind are both premier, research-based nootropics designed to support and maximize brain health.

With increased ingredients, dosages and additional nutrient synergies, Mind provides more robust support for attention, accuracy, and focus in stressful environments and demanding situations.

Notably, we added ingredients PQQ, Phosphatidylserine, DHA, and CDP-Choline to the Qualia Mind formulation to support cellular energy production and cell membrane (lipid bilayer) health. These additions support cell fluidity and responsiveness to neurotransmitters, and the formation of synaptic connections between neurons in the nervous system (synaptogenesis) used for memory and learning. These ingredients are especially important for persons wanting to optimize memory and brain health through the aging process.

Qualia Mind has CDP-Choline, Sunflower Lecithin (supplying Phosphatidylserine) and an increased dosage of Uridine. These provide extra support for the critical choline pathway involved in memory and attentional focus.

Of note: Mind and Focus are not intended to stack together.

Which one should I buy?

Determine which product is right for you and your goals by viewing the differences here:

Mind vs. Focus

As everyone has differences in biochemistry, if Qualia Mind does not work for you or your chemistry, you may then want to try Qualia Focus. 


For the full list of the ingredients in Focus, why they were chosen, and the research behind them, please review the formulation section:


For the full list of the ingredients in Mind, why they were chosen, and the research behind them, please review the formulation section:


For additional insight into how Neurohacker Collective  Qualia: The Complex Intelligence Behind Its Formulation and Neurohacker Dosing Principles to better understand some of the thought processes behind the formulation.

Pretty much if your budget allows it, I'd go with Qualia Mind.

Also, there is no caffeine free version of Qualia Focus.

The Qualia Range - Remember discount code FERGUS knocks another 15% off these prices

Will I Continue To Take It

Yes, I will continue to take Qualia Mind.

Well actually first I will take a 4 week break from Qualia - I want to see what happens to my deep sleep score and my Cognifit scores. Will they return to my baseline average?

If you haven't already, sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear about these updates:

But after that, I will work Qualia Mind into my ongoing supplement protocol.

I mean why wouldn't I? My sleep was amazing, I didn't have any energy crashes or side effects, I'm ingesting quality ingredients that have been shown to be safe and effective, oh and my cognitive performance was better than it was without Qualia!

Though I have also got a bottle of the new Eternus anti-ageing/ anti-stress supplement here. So I may do an experiment with that, which will mean having a break from Qualia.


Closing Comments

You may be wondering whether to try Qualia yourself after this review?

I hope I have provided plenty of information to help you make an informed decision.

Alternatively head over to the NeuroHacker Collective website as that site is chock full of quality info.

Also, be sure to read my article on Nootropics.

Though to be honest, I think it's worth a shot. The upsides are numerous (sleep, performance, health). And the only downside that I'm aware of is the cost.

Remember if you do want to save 15% of your Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus or Eternus product be sure to use discount code FERGUS when buying through THIS website.

Yes, I do get a small cut, but you also save. It's a win-win. And those few dollars I earn allow me to continue to do these sorts of experiments and share my findings with you all.

If you have any other questions please leave them below.

And remember to sign up to my newsletter as I'll be sending out updates on my Qualia experiment.


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