"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book."
Irish Proverb

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My extremely popular article with 26  effective tips to increase your deep sleep.

How To Sleep Like A Sleep Coach

I work with clients all across the world helping them sleep. Here are my secrets.

How Blue Light Is Your Ruining Sleep (And How to Fix It)

Blue light may be the single biggest factor in determining your sleep quality.

How To Choose A Toxin Free Healthy Mattress

We spend 1/3 of our lives in our bed, it makes sense we get a healthy one! Here's what you need to look for when mattress shopping. 

How To Improve Sleep: 25+ Experts Share Their Helpful Tips

We asked 25 sleep experts to share their sleep tips. Some of the recommendations may surprise you!

Why A Lack Of Sleep Is Making You Fat

Getting up early to hit the gym in the name of 'fat loss'? Science shows you are actually better off skipping the workout and getting more sleep.

The Secret To A Great Nights Sleep

Looking to improve your sleep, here's the secret that the mainstream won't tell you.

Sleeping Hot: Why Night Sweats Ruin Your Sleep Quality (Plus A Simple Fix)

Do you get hot when you're sleeping? You need to read this!

Alex's Quick Tips To Improve Sleep:

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Products To Help With Sleep

Sound Asleep Course

This is the one-stop product you need to fix your sleep. It's a course put together by yours truely and it continues to change peoples lives for the better!

Learn More HERE

Oura Ring Sleep Tracker

he Oura Ring is my go to sleep wearable device. It's non-invasive (fits on the finger not the head or wrist), it's sleek and small, it doesn't emit harmful EMF (it has a airplane mode to disable the transmitter) and best of all, it's extremely accurate!

Read my full review HERE.

You can purchase the Oura Ring through THIS link.

Learn More HERE

Biostrap Activity Tracker

The Oura Ring is an excellent sleep and recovery tool, but the Biostrap is the best device on the market for tracking activity (and it also does a great job on the sleep and readiness side as well).

For the serious athlete, I would recommend adding the Biostrap to your shopping list.

You can read my comprehensive Biostrap review HERE.

And you can purchase the Biostrap HERE - be sure to use biostrap discount code 10FERGUS to save on your order.  

Learn More HERE

Swanwick Sleep Blue Blocker Glasses 

 If you're not wearing Blue Blocker glasses, then you're missing out on one of the easiest ways to improve melatonin and sleep. My wife and I wear our Swannies Blue Light Blocker glasses everynight before bed and swear by it. 

Buy them at and use discount code FERGUS to save 10%

Learn More HERE

Samina Bed & Mattress

This is the mattress my wife and I sleep on. It's simply the best bed money can by.

I've reviewed the mattress in full HERE.

Head to to learn more. Ask for Claus or Denise, and tell them I sent you and they'll look after you (they're amazing people!)

Note: Samina produce the best beds money can buy, but because of this, their premium product is out of the budget for many. If finances are tight, then consider the Botanical Bliss Organic Natural Latex mattress from

Learn More HERE

LetsGetChecked Cortisol Test

Elevated cortisol in the evening will severely impact your ability to sleep. But a lot of people are totally unaware of this sleep road block.

I recommend doing an in home cortisol test through

Be sure to use discount code ALEXFERGUS to save on your tests.

Learn More HERE

ChilliPad by ChilliTechnology

Sleeping in a hot room is one of the best ways to ruin a good night sleep. I know this because I used to live in a sydney (with hot summers) and I tracked my sleep with my Oura ring. 

I invested in a Chillipad and it dramatically improved my sleep quality. I swear by it every summer (though it has heat function for winter use as well).

I've also got some discount codes for the Chilipad and Ooler. They are:

Use the following link for the chiliPAD sleep system (discounts on website)

Use the following link for the: OOLER sleep system (discounts on website)

Learn More HERE

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