The Ultimate Guide To Deeper Sleep

 65 Research Backed Tips to Effectively Boost Your Deep Sleep

This is the most Comprehensive Sleep Guide you'll ever need!


  • 65 research backed tips to effectively boost your deep sleep
  • Over 130 pages packed full of actionable steps to ensure you can dramatically improve your sleep
  • Supported by over 700 peer reviewed papers - we only included recommendations that have passed scientific rigor

Stop wasting hours researching what works and what doesn't!

Find the best, scientifically proven, practices to ensure you sleep better and deeper than ever before!

With over 130 pages and backed up by 700 peer reviewed papers, this book has 65 proven and effective actionable steps to ensure you can dramatically improve your sleep! 

Everything You Need To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Imagine going to bed, switching off your light, melting into your comfortable mattress, thinking about the laughs you had with your friend during the day then opening your eyes and realising the birds are tweeting and the sun is up...

You just slept for 8 hours straight and didn't wake once!

Even better, you feel amazing and your sleep tracker shows you got an incredible 3 hours of deep sleep!!

Imagine that for a moment...

How good would you feel?

Now how good would your life be if you slept like this every night?!

This isn't a dream scenario - no, it's a reality! This is what happens every-time I go to bed at night and it's the same for readers of my Sleep Deeper ebook.

Don't believe me, I put my Oura Ring on last night to get some data for this post. Here's my sleep data for the night:

3 hours deep sleep!

And no waking peroids during the night!

I've even had deep sleep scores reaching 40% of my total sleep:


And this is possible through the strategies outlined in my Ultimate Guide To Deeper Sleep ebook!

A Sneak Peak Inside:

Page 1 of the 4 page table of contents (with clickable links):


A sneak peek of from the book (page 56 of 162)


A sneak peek inside (page 122): 

Over 700 citied journal articles:


Authored by Leading Sleep Experts:

The Ultimate Guide To Deeper Sleep is researched and written by two experts extremely passionate about sleep, science, and optimising our health and wellbeing.

First, I'd like you to meet Bart:

Bart Wolbers:

  • Finished Master degrees in Clinical Health Science, Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science and Technology (with Distinction)
  • Featured on Yahoo, the Daily Beast, Bustle, the Sun, and Dropbox with his health-related content
  • More than 15 years of experience in the health optimization space
  • Head science researcher at

Next up we have yours truly:

Alex Fergus:

  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist—Certified through ISSN (International Society Of Sports Nutrition)
  • Fitness Instructor Level 3 & 4—With Fitness Institute of Australia
  • Superhuman Coach Certified—This is Ben Greenfield's coaching program, which is now called Kion Coaching.
  • Eight years of experience working as a Health & Sleep Coach to top executives across the world. 
  • Head researcher and author of the blog with over 3 million unique readers!

We live and breathe sleep and sleep science. A quick look at the 600+ research papers we have read and referenced in creating this ebook will show you exactly what we mean!


No Risk

If you decide my Sleep ebook isn't for you, just send me an email and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

There is no risk!


What People Are Saying:

“I have struggled with sleep for decades. I would wake up feeling tired and just figured that's how everyone feels.

I read many articles on sleep but those didn't really say much except stop drinking coffee and alcohol. It wasn't until I ran across Alex Fergus' work that I realized it can be much different.

My deep sleep went from an average of 15-30 minutes to consistently over 1.30 hours!! Now I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go on most days!

Thanks Alex!

Dhidhat (Thailand)

“After working with Alex and implementing his protocols I have been able to finally sleep deeper and improve my performance and cognitive function in all aspects of my job & life”

Kat (Australia)


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