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"Improve your health and fat loss takes care of itself"
Alex Fergus

6 Must Read Articles On Fat Loss

How To Lose Weight In A Natural, Healthy Way

If you're wanting to lose weight in a healthy way - and never put it on again, this article is for you!

Are You A Calorie Counting Fool?

The problem with counting calories for fat loss. 

How Toxins In Your Diet Are Making You Fat

Fat loss is more than eating too much. The type of food - and the toxins within - are a big contributor to weight gain

Why You Need To Learn About Leptin If You Are Overweight

Leptin is the master hormone for fatloss, and by mastering leptin you master your goals!

Why A Lack Of Sleep Is Making You Fat

High-quality sleep is essential for fatloss. Sleep deprived? Then you're probably fatter than you need to be!

Alex's Quick Tips To Lose Fat:

  • Stop counting macros and calories! Learn more HERE.

  • Lift heavy weights - and skip the cardio. Read why HERE.

  • Get more sleep! Read why HERE.

  • Fix your hormonal health. Learn why and how HERE.

  • Test your thyroid health as it could be restricting your fat loss. Find out how HERE.

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Products To Help Lose Fat

Platinum LED Light Panels

I've been using my Platinum LED Panels every day now for a couple of years, and continue to do so given the benefits I feel and the science that proves Red Light Therapy effectiveness.

Please read my full review here https://www.alexfergus.com/blog/Platinum-biomax-600-review

You can purchase Joovv Panels & Handheld devices at https://platinumtherapylights.com/ and be sure to use my link HERE for a discount.

Learn More HERE

Sun Stream Infrared Sauna

I love my Sun Stream sauna! Seriously it's awesome, it's a great way to wind down after a hards day work.

I use it more for it's detoxification benefits as fat loss isn't an issue for me, but the infrared sauna is a good idea for anyone wanting to lose weight and boost health. I talk about the benefits of saunas HERE.

My sauna choice is the Sunstream Evolve Range, as they use quality materials and shield their panels from dangerous EMF.

At home I have the Sun Stream Evolve 20

You can learn more at sunstreamsaunas.com and when ordering mention my name for a discount.

Learn More HERE

Cool Fat Burner Vest

Here's me using the CoolFat Burner vest. It's rather simple - you simple wear ice vests to drop body fat. The science behind cold exposure and fat loss is so strong I don't know why more people aren't using this.

Anyway I explain the benefits of cold exposure HERE.

And I wear my fat burner vest whenever I need to strip down, and I also recommend it to all my clients.

You can order the CoolFat Burner vest at https://coolfatburner.com/ and use discount code ALEXCFB10

Learn More HERE

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