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Glyphosate: The Weed Killer Found In Our Food & Water

This is part one of a two-part series on glyphosate. Please ensure you have subscribed to my news...

Mar 20, 2017

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11 Reasons To Avoid Margarine

Flora, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Country Crock, Imperial, Brummel & Brown,...

Mar 14, 2017

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Why We Need To Be Weirdos To Be Healthy

Many would consider my way of eating and living to be weird. It's not a label that I welcome, but...

Mar 05, 2017

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How To Sleep Like A Sleep Coach

I love my sleep. Not only do I love waking feeling recharged and revitalised. But I know how impo...

Feb 27, 2017

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29 Proven and Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Hormones are powerful things! A little bit off, or not in the right balance can cause all so...

Feb 21, 2017

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