Health Optimisation Summit London 2023 Review: The 15 Most Exciting Ideas And Innovations

Hey, this is Bart from team Alexfergus. In this blog post, I'll describe my experience of the Health Optimisaion Summit 2023. Last year, I also posted a pervasive review of the 2022 Health Optimisation Summit. So now it's time to review the 2023 version.

Below I'm posting 15 ideas I found most exciting on the summit. I do want to say though that there were dozens of different stands at the conference and hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals. Many of these companies at the stands and/or individuals had great ideas. I aimed to pick the best and feature them on this blog post. Of course, everyone had something to offer at this conference but due to time restrictions I had to limit myself to the most important ideas and innovations.

Also, as every year I apologize for my horrendous photography skills. I guess these will never improve until I intend on doing so. And, overall, thanks Alex for funding this trip and helping my understanding of biohacking evolve.

But now it's time to fasten your seatbelt. A tour de force is upcoming on the summit's most important ideas and innovations in 2023. Also, below is a table of contents with all the ideas and innovations. Feel free to jump ahead to any of these ideas as they can be read individually as well as all together:


Table Of Contents: The 15 Most Exciting Ideas And Innovations Of The Biohacker Summit 2023 Reviewed

  1. Aiding Red Light Therapy Evolution Through The James Carroll Of NovoTHOR Interview
  2. Balkan Strength: Bringing Supramaximal Strength Training To The Masses
  3. Optimizing The Environment Going Mainstream With Benjamin Pummer And The Purified Home
  4. New Vagus Nerve Stimulators Offering Customers New Options With Pulsetto
  5. Karmaceuticals For Feeling Better Without Needing Booze
  6. The Neuronic Neuradiant Helmet: A Simple Tool To Boost Brain Health?
  7. Perfecting Sleep With The Ultimate Sleep Environment By Samina Sleep
  8. Upgrading Maximum Lung Capacity And Training Breathing Muscles With Airofit 

  9. Detoxification Directly Ties In With Aging. A Talk By Christopher Shade PhD
  10. Dedicated Brain Red Light Therapy With Four Wavelengths With Cerathrive
  11. The Ultimate Joint Health Recovery Tool With Kineon
  12. Allavare's Non-Toxic Laundry Products That Radically Reduce Toxin Load
  13. Celler8: Higher-Powered And Lower-Priced PEMF For Local And Systemic Treatment
  14. Upgraded Incandescent Red And Near Infrared Light Therapy With Saunaspace
  15. Making Residential Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy More Affordable With Henshaw


The 15 Most Exciting Ideas And Innovations Of The Biohacker Summit 2023: A Review

Below I'll cover the 15 most exciting and innovative ideas of the Biohacker Summit 2023 in great detail. Here you can see me before the event:


(Me at the Health Optimisation Summit 2023) 

1. Aiding Red Light Therapy Evolution Through The James Carroll Of NovoTHOR Interview

In this picture, you can see the impeccable NovoTHOR red light therapy bed created by James Carroll

Saturday, June 17 started off with a bang. James Carroll from NovoTHOR presented about the benefits of red light therapy, specifically those for the brain. And, while the talk was extremely exciting, somewhat later Alex Fergus interviewed James Caroll of NovoTHOR personally. Here are some of the lessons from that interview that will be published on Alex's YouTube channel in full in the future:

  • Red light therapy dosing is even more complex than we thought. You may know that I wrote a blog post about red light therapy dosing. And right now, people complain all the time that red light therapy dosing is too complex. But what James Carroll argued to both Alex and I is that we're still oversimplifying with our calculations. For instance, lots of red light seems to be reflected off the skin. But once red light penetrates the skin, it can venture pretty deep. Also, with different power densities, the J/cm2 outcome will have different biological effects. 
  • Photobiomodulation or LLLT scientists - which is the true scientific term for what we call "red light therapy" - don't always know exactly what power outputs they are using. Unless there's a physics major on the team, James Carroll doesn't automatically trust the experimental setup in one of the 9,000 red light therapy studies. So, if a scientific study reports that they use 20 mW/cm2 or 50 mW/cm2, those numbers might not even been tested with a spectrometer. In many different areas 
  • The science behind red light therapy is extremely complex. Alex was relieved when James Carroll confirmed this to him. 
  • Multiple biological mechanisms exist for red light therapy. Red light therapy affecting the mitochondria is just one biological mechanism of many. The irradiation of the blood is another mechanism (the oxygen-carrying red blood cells don't even contain any mitochondria!) and the effect on reactive oxygen species (ROS) is another mechanism.
  • Even NovoTHOR Is evolving. If James were to recreate a new NovoTHOR bed, he might use a higher power output, resulting in a shorter treatment time. But, before bringing such a product to market, James would relentlessly test the product first before releasing it. 

Both Alex and I are incredibly excited to meet James. If you're interested in the 90-minute interview we'll release containing much more details, subscribe to our YouTube channel. It might take several weeks to release that interview because we've already got lots of content for release.

Alex and I certainly learned a ton during the interview as we could ask many questions we've always discussed among ourselves.

Next up:


2. Balkan Strength: Bringing Supramaximal Strength Training To The Masses

I saw sweat dripping from Alex's face, after he used the Balkan Strength unit for about 30-60 seconds or so, I estimate. Why? Because this device - like the ARX you might have heard of - is able to overload your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones in a way that's utterly impossible in typical nature.

In this regard, technology conquers nature. Let me explain why:

Normally, when you're strength training, the part of the lift where you're fighting against gravity is the hardest. So if you're deadlifting a weight off the floor or benching a barbell off your chest, that part of the movement (the concentric part) is much harder than lowering the weight (the eccentric part).

Balking Strength offers a machine that allows you to overload both portions of the lift. So you can completely overload the concentric and eccentric parts of the lift. And that overload much greater than what you'd typically be able to do with a barbell or kettlebell makes this Balkan Strength machine so unique.

I'll give an example:

Let's say your maximum bench press is 100 kilograms. In that case, you lift the 100 kilograms out of the rack. You lower the weight to your chess. And, once you get near your chess, you'll struggle hard to get the weight up. Then, you've completed the lift and re-rack the weight.

What Balkan Strength allows you to do is to lift 100 kilograms when you're raising the weight, but perhaps press against 140 kilograms of weight when you're lowering the weight (where you're naturally much stronger). Recent studies show that eccentric training can greatly benefit muscle mass, flexibility, or power and strength gains (1; 2; 3). The eccentric portion of the lift (lowering a weight towards the pull of gravity) is also what created most muscle soreness (DOMS).

But the problem with eccentric training?

Normally, overloading the eccentric portion of the lift is extremely dangerous. Just imagine putting more weight on your squat or bench press exercise than you could lift back up. You might be killed or seriously injured trying something like that.

And that's where Balkan Strength comes in:

When you're using the machine, it moves at a set pace. So, there's a set concentric and eccentric phase. For instance, you can do a row or a bench press or a leg press and many other exercises at this machine. And, you can program that movement to be four seconds up, four seconds down. 

The machine creates an immovable object for you. So you can push as hard or as weakly as you wish. And, that method makes it extremely safe as you're never really overexerting yourself during the process.

Now why Balking Strength and not ARX? Balkan Strength has found a way to offer a similar product at a much lower price. I've been told the pricing of Balkan Strength is 50% of that of ARX where you need two machines but don't hold me to that number. 

The numbers that Balkan Strength charges (still expensive for the average person!) now make using these machines in residential settings possible. Before, only commercial settings would have been financially viable unless you were wealthy.


3. Optimizing The Environment Is Going Mainstream With Benjamin Pummer And The Purified Home

So I talked to a smart gentleman named Benjamin Pummer at the Health Optimisation Summit. Benjamin works for The Purified Home. The Purified Home is a consulting service to optimize your environment in all important aspects. Those aspects include

  • EMF
  • Air
  • Light
  • Water
  • Sound (not in their business model, but they should include it IMO!)

Benjamin is the son of Claus Pummer of Samina Sleep, which I will cover soon enough! I've been talking about the aforementioned topics for many years already. You may remember some of my blog posts on these topics, and even some of Alex's, such as:


Alex and I wrote many of these blog posts in the 2018-2019 era. And most of the EMF content wasn't published on the blog but only in the premium programs. But it's great to see that the word is getting out and that environmental inputs are crucial for health.

Basically, the guys from The Purified Home will do anything they can to optimize your environment to be as supportive as possible. They will install whole-house water filtration and HVAC filters, for instance, and lower your EMF exposure to as close to zero as they can.

It's very good to know that the younger generation that's 10 years below the age of Alex and I is fighting the good fight!

So here's the philosophy behind the choice:

No matter what supplement you take or how much you exercise, you cannot out-supplement, out-exercise, and even out-diet a lousy environment. If you're exposed to air pollutants all the time or EMF, your health is going to suffer. And you'll pay the price both today and down the road. You'll pay the price today because you'll feel less energetic and yoiur mood will go down. And, you'll pay the price down the road by increased disease risk.

Not nice to hear for many but it needs to be said.

Benjamin of The Purified Home can help you optimize your environment as a consultant. The result is that you'll feel better today and lower your disease risk down the road. Easy peasy!

And, I also want to thank Dr. Beck again for coming up with the six categories, air, water, light, sound, EMF, and food, within the Balance Protocol many years ago!

Also, below you'll find Benjamin's explanation of the four categories he's using in his work - EMF, light, air, and water - it's a long explanation so if you're short on time then skip ahead to the next idea. But here are Benjamin Pummer's impressive words:

" Purified Home 4 Pillars

Tap water is loaded with harsh disinfectants, cancer causing by-products, and contaminants left over from the treatment process.
The Purified home identifies and eliminates common contaminants, leaving you with healthier hair and skin and naturally filtered water that flows from every faucet in your home. 


The EPA published a report stating the average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors. Their studies showed indoor air quality is on average 2-5 times and in some cases 100 times more polluted than outdoor air quality. The EPA ranks indoor air pollutants in the top 5 environmental risks to public health.
We can drastically improve indoor air quality through whole house HEPA air filtration, increased ventilation, removing the sources of contaminants that trigger allergies and cause distress to the respiratory and immune systems. The difference clean, filtered air in the home has on overall health is palpable.

The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer listed radio frequency electromagnetic fields (wireless technologies) as a class 2B carcinogen, which states that they are possibly carcinogenic to humans. This is the same classification as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform.
Let's face it, cell phones and wireless technologies are here to stay. The solution is to understand how to limit exposure and develop a healthy relationship to modern technology. When these competing frequencies are reduced, a profound shift occurs, including less stress and improved mental clarity.

We retrofit existing lighting systems with energy efficient bulbs that simulates natural light. This helps normalize sleep/wake cycles, balance hormone function, and reduce eye-strain and stress. We offer education on the pitfalls and green washing of compact fluorescent and certain LED bulbs. Unfortunately, the majority of artificial light does not mimic the natural color spectrum of the sun; meaning artificial light does not send balanced and coherent electrical impulses to the brain. This can lead to a host of maladies that include vision impairment, lethargy, mental and physical fatigue, as well as mood disorders such as depression and anxiety."


For more info, check out Benjamin Pummer And The Purified Home. Next up, another tool that makes you far more relaxed:


4. New Vagus Nerve Stimulators Hitting The Market Offering Customers New Options With Pulsetto


Pulsetto just released a new vagus nerve stimulator. The company has been in business for only a few months. 

So here's the deal:

You put some gel on the left and right areas above your clavicle. The vagus nerve travels from your brain to the gut and other organs in that area. The effect of a session?

My first response was "holy shit, this thing is strong". I could feel the product working in a powerful sense. While the Sensate has a relaxed approach of vibrating on your chest and the Xen has an even more subtle effect that most people cannot feel, the Pulsetto is the "Tony Montana" among the vagus nerve stimulators. The initial perception of the stimulation of this device is extremely strong. The effects are exciting, though as you only need a few minutes for some effects, such as stress reduction.

And, while I'm trying to be as neutral as possible, I need more convincing that this product does what it does. Give me some n=1 reviews, some customer reports, and so forth. Now, here's why I'm wrong:

The Pulsetto company already has these results. Going by the reviews on their website, many people love their product. However, going by even influential media, Wired doesn't like them, Trustpilot is very positive, and the Health Reporter says it's a game-changer.

Who to believe?

Time will tell...

Moving on:


5. Karmaceuticals For Feeling Better Without Needing Booze

Replacing drugs and other compounds to party has been a theme since last year and arguably before. Back then, there was a company called "Edi Spirits" to replace booze in the party scene (which is a great humanitarian objective IMO!).

This year, the startup Karmeceuticals was here. This company offers some extremely potent blends of spices, herbs, nootropics, and anything you can imagine to replace many different drugs like alcohol and others. 

The shop of the company says it all, with products like "all night long", "social fluency", "sharp wits", and "turbo tonic". Of course, only an ENFP personality type (Jungian analytics) could phrase their company's mission this well:

"The herbalist behind the hedonism. Karma has been pioneering the festival and events drinks market since 2014. Having grown up in the events industry, the all too real effects of the high-octane lifestyle these events encourage was plain to see. Learning from the experience of others, the truth that runs parallel to this lifestyle is that; if you want to hit existence at full speed, then the building of resilience and relentless practice of self-care must be maintained to facilitate almost unceasing fun.

His exploration into health and nutrition led to studying a BSc in Western Herbal Medicine as training in the University Polyclinic commenced and experience grew, it seemed only natural to use the alcohol-extract tinctures prescribed to the patients within the cocktail bars to provide the physical and social effects observed as a student practitioner.

2017 brought the first opportunity to manifest a completely alcohol free cocktail bar at Meadows in the Mountain festival in Bulgaria. Collaboration with registered herbalist Paula Camacho resulted in the creation of a range of socially enhancing herbal elixirs. These drinks which lacked alcohol but still maintained a functional effect were received with raving reviews and opened our eyes to a world between poison and medicine.

After qualifying the BSc in Western Herbal Medicine in 2022 it is now time to launch forward into the future and provide a solution for those who struggle with self-control, a warm up for those who dive in too quickly and ultimately implement and maintain an environment of sustainable recreation."


Do their products replace booze for me? Maybe not. But is it a great alternative? Absolutely. And, society as a whole should explore these options a lot more!

Karmaceuticals also offers a few other products that are not necessarily aimed at replacing drugs or booze. These products are aphrodisiacs, stimulators for energy production, and more. And lastly, once again, I compliment Karmaceuticals on their impressive branding!

And then there's more:


6. The Neuronic Neuradiant Helmet: A Simple Tool To Boost Brain Health?

I met many members of the Neuronic team during the 2023 London trip. These members were extremely nice and we had a wonderful time.

As you might have known, Alex has interviewed wNeuronic co-founder Marin Berman and did a preliminary review of the Neuradiant 1070.

Let's just say this: Neuronic claims to include the 1070nm wavelength to a very large degree in their product. And, that 1070nm wavelength is projected to have many different health benefits within red light therapy, such as helping people with Alzheimer's, long COVID, Parkinson's, autism, PTSD, wellness, and other goals.

How to achieve these effects? You use the following helmet and get results, with 250+ LEDs for your brain:

So the research in the 1060nm area is actually amazing. I will publish a blog post about this topic soon. If you're interested right now, just scan Vladimir Heiskanen's document about earlier red light therapy studies and do some searchers yourself.

There's quite a lot of research on the 1,064 wavelength by Vladimir Heiskanen. A quick search of mine finds studies on:

  • Bone repair, several studies in animals, as well as overall bone health through osteoblasts and countering osteoporosis
  • Brain health benefits, such as improving cognitive performance, functional connectivity between brain areas, EEG patterns, and countering traumatic brain injury
  • Enhancing blood circulation and skin health through different (related) mechanisms
  • Joint support, for cartilage and opposing the effects of osteoarthritis
  • Nervous system benefits for many nerves running directly from the brain to the periphery (just a few studies)
  • Oral health benefits, such as for dentin hypersensitivity, periodontitis, jaw problems, oral mucositis, and other issues
  • Countering back pain - there are quite a few studies on this, actually

Well, the cognitive enhancement here is most important. And, I love that I can at least find some preliminary evidence on this topic! So that evidence validates what people have described when using the Neuradiant 1070.

And then there's:


7. Perfecting Sleep With The Ultimate Sleep Environment By Samina Sleep

So what if you wanted the perfect sleep and the price was no issue? In that case, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Samina Sleep. Alex and his children use a Samine Sleep System himself at home and have great results.

But back to Samina, all the materials are organic and non-toxic. And you're not just getting a mattress, you're getting a whole sleep system, so a bed, a mattress, and everything in between and on top, such as pillows.

It's the combination of all these products that creates the magic. For instance, the bed itself has specific areas of support, especially in the middle of the body where you'd usually put the most pressure on any given bed. And, there's shoulder and back support just below the pillow.

In the same way Alex stated many years ago, I must say that just laying on the bed itself, not the mattress, already feels extremely comfortable. And, I was not sleep deprived when making that conclusion, as I slept wonderfully in the hotel.

If you're curious, then read The Healthiest Bed In The World? Reviewing The Exceptional Samina Mattress System blog post by Alex. You can view a picture of that all-inclusive sleeping system below:

Since that picture was uploaded, there have been some minor changes in the design over the years, such as the shoulder support. And, the bed frame that comes with the sleeping system also looks good.

If you don't know why you need a natural bed and mattress, read Alex's How To Choose A Toxin-Free Healthy Mattress, which ventures deep into this topic. 

Claus Pummer from Samina has also been sending me some interesting studies showing the effectiveness of their sleep system on sleep quality. Samina now comes with a potential grounding pad to attach to your Samina Sleep System. I will say that I've written newsletters on this topic and that the studies that have been coming out on grounding and earthing, also at night, have been extremely impressive in the last few years. You can read some of these studies on the Samina website.

Bio ceramics are another addition that helps reflect far infrared heat to your body, warming you up and providing you with nighttime far infrared therapy. Other interesting topics on their website you might like are on the superiority of wool for bedding and the natural benefits of talalay latex. And, if you want to, grab a Samina Mattress HERE.

Next up:


8. Upgrading Maximum Lung Capacity And Training Breathing Muscles With Airofit


Breathing performance can make a huge difference in sports performance. And, Airofit offers a straightforward tool to enhance breathing performance through the mouth when exercising. Why mouth breathing? Well, if you're at maximum capacity, you'll start breathing through the mouth. And many muscles along your chest will be activated during that process to increase lung capacity, such as around your chest and between your ribs.

I'm still not 100% convinced that mouth breathing - even at maximum capacity - is healthy. But I do know that Airofit is a great way to train that capacity if you're breathing at the maximum. Alex disagrees with me here and believes you cannot nose-breathe when you're going all out on a sprint. I'm not convinced yet as the Buteyko people (and myself) seem to be doing fine just nasal breathing all the time.

But let's get back to the topic...

Fortunately, there are studies on the Airofit device specifically and this tool in general. For instance, the company quotes the following research:

"Dr. Christopher Morse conducted the study and demonstrated how the 19 participants’ max inspiratory pressure (MIP) and max expiratory pressure (MEP) increased by 45% and 20%, respectively training with the CrossFit program. These results were traced back to the diaphragm, which grew by approximately 30%. With this significant growth in the musculature of the diaphragm participants on average improved their exercise efficiency by 7% and produced more power for a longer period without an increase in VO2max. "


 Also, you might know that Alex tested a similar device this year. That device is called the PowerBREATHE KHP2 and Alex reviewed it on YouTube HERE. Both devices are similar but I feel the PowerBREATHE is better because it allows you to track your workouts over time. 

And then there is:


9. Detoxification Directly Ties In With Aging. A Talk By Christopher Shade PhD

So what if you wanted to slow down the aging process? Do you need to take a mitochondrial supplement? Or exercise a lot to stay young? Or take collagen protein? Well, you absolutely need to watch your toxin exposure too.

At many different physiological levels, Christopher Shade PhD clarifies that toxin exposure and especially toxin load are directly tied to aging. From mitochondrial health to cell senescence, inflammation levels, and many other areas, toxin exposure is horrible for aging. I don't want to go to much into specifics here without posting the presentation slides of Christopher as I'm writing this blog post on memory.

So the best thing I can do for you is recommend a few YouTube interviews of Christopher Shade, posted HERE and HERE. There's some great content from this man for free already on the internet.

But, suffice it to say that detoxification doesn't just affect your chronic disease risk, such as heart and blood vessel disease or diabetes. Your chronological age as measured on the body and your rate of aging are directly affected by how many toxins are present in your body.

And, for the people who have never heard about this topic, almost any toxin - ranging from glyphosate from food to heavy metals, VOCs from furniture and vinyl floors, to air pollutants, to flame retardants, and anything in between - will affect not only your health but also your aging.

If you'd like to learn more about toxins and health, listen to some of Christopher Shade's talks HERE and HERE.


10. Dedicated Brain Red Light Therapy With Four Wavelengths With Cerathrive (& More)

Cerathrive has developed not just one but two red light therapy products. I hung out with Sarah Turner, one of the founders of Cerathrive.

People could try the Cerathrive devices at the Health Optimisation Summit 2023 even though the product isn't officially shipping yet. And, from what I saw, I was really impressed. The manual is one of the best I've ever seen for a red light therapy product.

And, Sarah Turner knows her stuff as well. I talked briefly with her about red light therapy science, such as the water absorption spectrum, which was really interesting. Alex had an interview with Sarah as well which will be published on the YouTube channel soon.

So why the Cerathrive? The first is a red light therapy product that can be placed on the forehead where the prefrontal cortex is located. The second is a product that can be place on the belly and other bodily areas for spot treatment. But, the product seems to be aimed for use on the stomach to stimulate the gut-brain axis. There is some science on this topic available when I searched (4). That animal study on light changing the gut microbiome states the following:

"In consideration of the known effects of PBM on metabolomics, and the now demonstrated effects of PBM on the microbiome, as well as other effects of light on the microbiome, including modulating circadian rhythms, the present perspective introduces a new term "photobiomics" and looks forward to the application of PBM to influence the microbiome in humans. Some mechanisms by which this phenomenon might occur are considered." (4).

One benefit of this product over panels is that you can perfect the dosing. And, the product has several programs you can run - at least the brain device does - for focus, brain-gut balance, meditation, and the immune system. The device emits four different wavelengths, 630nm, 850nm, 940nm and 1064nm - so there's quite a unique combination there!

Alex will also review these products soon, so you'll learn more about them. Moving on to another red light therapy product:


11. The Ultimate Joint Health Recovery Tool With Kineon

We just published an interview with the Kineon CEO Forrest Smith and a Kineon Move+ Pro review. This device is special because it's specifically created as a red light therapy for joints product. As you can see in the image above, you can wrap around this product around your knee or any other type of joint. 

The pulsing and still decently high power output of 40 mW/cm2 makes this product unique. If the product had used a continuous wave, it would have probably rated at double that power output. And, as the product is placed directly against the skin, you don't have to deal with reflection. These factors then contribute to the maximum penetration of the Move+ into the tissue of the human body.

And, as you can see in the picture above, the Move+ has the advantage that you can directly place it to target synovial joints. Here's a picture from Wikipedia of a synovial joint:

(CC BY 3.0 image, from Illustration from Anatomy & Physiology,
Connexions Web site.


A much better treatment is possible by having a red light penetrate the joint, specifically the joint cavity that contains synovial fluid. Regular red light therapy products like panels aren't made for this goal. And, with the Move+, the light is concentrated around the combination of LEDs and lasers in a few square centimeter areas.

The results?

Many athletes use the Move+ now as it gives them incredible support for their joints. And, people with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip, or other joints also experience massive benefits from this product. 

Shortly, I will dig deep into the science of red light therapy for osteoarthritis. I already know the science on this topic is extremely solid. A product specifically for joint pain is thus a game-changer that will help millions, if not billions, worldwide.

The Kineon founders (the company's current day-to-day management) took a first principles approach to their product development. First, they identified the problem of joint pain and pain in general. Then, they questioned themselves on how they could best counter that problem. And as a result, they developed this product to counter joint pain and chronic pain in general. So in this case, it's not a solution looking for a problem, but a precisely engineered solution that deals with a pre-identified problem instead.

Thanks a lot, Tom Sanderson, COO and co-founder of Kineon, for the exciting conversations. And, if you'd like to learn more, in the near future, Alex will upload an interview with Tom Sanderson to the YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to that if you're interested. Here you can see Alex with Tom from Kineon:



12. Allavare's Non-Toxic Laundry Products That Radically Reduce Toxin Load

So, Allavare products are a total game-changer for health. Why? You couldn't get your hands on a simple toxin-free laundry product for a very long time. Even the ecological and sustainable solutions you'd buy in the supermarket still expose you to many toxins.

Allavare now offers laundry products that never expose you to toxins anymore. So whether it's your bedding or the clothes you wear every day, these will no longer be sources of toxins for you if you change to Allavare. Hopefully, the company will start shipping internationally soon too, because I'd love to use these products in mainland Europe and other places.

Let's explore that product more though. The Allavare Pure Laundry powder listed above has the following ingredients:

  • Coconut oil soap
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium percarbonate
  • Sodium gluconate

So, no ingredients that individually or taken together created the Frankenstein monster. Or increased your toxin load when you wore the clothes after a wash or started sleeping on a fresly made bed.

Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions are the best. And, that's the case right now with Allavare's products. 



13. Celler8: Higher-Powered And Lower-Priced PEMF For Local And Systemic Treatment

So, Celler8 is a new player in the PEMF market. I talked to the staff and founders of Celler8 during the Health Optimisation Summit 2023 event and they were really helpful. The good thing about their product is that you can choose the intensity of the intervention yourself. I'm personally not convinced that higher-powered PEMF is better.

If you didn't know, "PEMF therapy" stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. EMFs are used in that case to influence your body's biology. I know that some PEMF devices such as the iMRS and ICES device are absolute game-changers for chronic pain and other goals for many people.

So, I always love that new competition enters the market. And in the case of Celler8, they're priced half of some of their most important competitors (I'm not going to name names here). And, of course, new PEMF devices offers customers more options. 

I will say that Andy Smith - the Managing Director of Celler8 who I talked to - disagrees with me on the power output that should be used in PEMF. Andy claims that many people have been doing dramatically better on higher-powered PEMF, in his experience. I'm certainly open to being wrong here so time will tell. I might do my own testing with these products in the future. 

Celler8 offers a PEMF mat and a "localized" PEMF product that you can wrap around your arm. But, as the power output by the localized or target PEMF treatment device is very high, you will also receive a systemic effect from it.

Then, on the PEMF science, that's legit. I've found many recent systematic reviews that show great results for osteoarthritis, lower back pain, and musculoskeletal pain (5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11). Bone healing is increased too. I was surprised by how much evidence and high-quality review studies there are now compared to when I looked into PEMF deeply in 2019. The citations I quote above are reviews from the last few years.

I wish Celler8 the best and hope to test their products in the future!

Moving on:


14. Upgraded Incandescent Red And Near Infrared Light Therapy With Saunaspace

I'll start with a confession: I was a bit biased against Sauna Space because I wrongly assumed that they used simple incandescent light bulbs which are the standard 250W heat bulbs you can buy online on Amazon and other websites. But, as it turns out, Sauna Space has some unique technology.

First, the incandescent light bulbs they offer have their light spectrum shifted towards the red and near-infrared part of the light spectrum, away from the mid and far infrared spectrum. That way, these incandescent light bulbs emit much more light in the red and near-infrared part of the spectrum that's typically used in red light therapy. Think about wavelengths such as 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, 850nm, 910nm, 940nm, and even 1,070nm. You're hitting all of these parts of the light spectrum because these bulbs emit light across the entire red and near-infrared spectrum. You can see that light spectrum below:



As you can see, the spectrum is vast. But, with four incandescent light bulbs, you're also getting 1,000 Watts worth of energy. So there's tons of light emitted from these bulbs.

Alex has also interviewed the founder of Sauna Space - Brian Richards - and that interview will be uploaded to our YouTube channel soon. I've listened to the interview and here are some of the key takeaways:

  • The Sauna Space products combine red light therapy and saunas. You're getting heating and the benefits of select wavelengths such as 660nm and 850nm simultaneously. Alex hasn't decided yet whether heating and red light therapy can go together but I lean towards the (informed) opinion that it can. If not, sunlight would not have benefits either, as you're still getting help from the sun at 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Brian uses the sauna right before bed. That way, he's fixed some health issues like lethargy, low energy, insomnia, acne on his back, and more. I can tell from personal experience and some science that some people do way better using a sauna at nighttime or late in the afternoon. Also, the proposed mechanism of saunas increasing sleep quality is that of parasympathetic nervous system activation - the "rest and digest" part of the nervous system. The science on saunas proves that it aids sleep only through surveys right now, though, I'm not aware of studies that measure sleep quality in a lab. 
  • Brian's claimed improvement with the Sauna Space models is that you don't need to pre-heat the sauna. Also, you'll start sweating quiclky. Far infrared saunas need to warm up, and might take 20-30 minutes to achieve 45-60 degrees Celsius temperatures.
  • Brian claims the incandescent light bulb is similar to sunlight. I agree with him there, as the light spectrum is the same as that of sunlight, minus perhaps the UV part of the equation. And, because of the redness of the incandescent bulbs used by Sauna Space, all ultraviolet light (UV) is automatically blocked. Brian's claim that most light is emitted by sunlight is found in the near-infrared light spectrum is also correct. 
  • Brian thinks the sauna and red light therapy work synergistically and I can see where he's coming from. The sauna stresses the body because of detoxification and red light therapy adds energy to your body. So by combining, them, detoxification might be made more efficient. 
  • Personally, I'd still want to try the Sauna Space model of four incandescent light bulbs added to a far infrared saunaI'm unsure whether this works well and whether the incandescent light bulbs can even stand the much hotter temperature of the infrared sauna. Still, combining the NIR-dominant Sauna Space bulbs with the far infrared therapeutics with different benefits would be exhilarating.

If you want to learn more about the Sauna Space interview, subscribe to our YouTube channel. The video includes additional content I've not included in this blog post.

Moving on:


15. Making Residential Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy More Affordable With Henshaw

Henshaw is the leading supplier of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the UK. And, they offer solutions for both business and residential purposes. You can see one of their HBOT chambers below:

So what's the science on HBOT? That science is quite solid (12; 13; 14; 15; 16). Just looking at the studies published on this topic in the last few years has left me impressed. THere seem to be benefits for cognition and to counter neurodegeneration, countering infections such as in COVID, enhancement of immune function, better blood flow and circulatory system, enhanced recovery, and more.

A recent review summed up the benefits of the therapy far better than I ever could:

"Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT)-the medical use of oxygen at environmental pressure greater than one atmosphere absolute-is a very effective therapy for several approved clinical situations, such as carbon monoxide intoxication, incurable diabetes or radiation-injury wounds, and smoke inhalation. In recent years, it has also been used to improve cognition, neuro-wellness, and quality of life following brain trauma and stroke. This opens new avenues for the elderly, including the treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases and improvement of cognition and brain metabolism in cases of mild cognitive impairment. Alongside its integration into clinics, basic research studies have elucidated HBOT's mechanisms of action and its effects on cellular processes, transcription factors, mitochondrial function, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Therefore, HBOT is becoming a major player in 21st century research and clinical treatments. The following review will discuss the basic mechanisms of HBOT, and its effects on cellular processes, cognition, and brain disorders." (15).

So this development is quite exciting. I do have to do a much deeper dive into this topic though if I wanted to judge the validity of the evidence all by myself. Until then, you'll have to trust the study I quoted above. 

But not all is great. The biggest problem? These machines are still very pricey, approximating $20K USD in many cases as I've been told. So you can only afford a unit if you're wealthy or perhaps if you really need one because of a health condition. So if you want or need a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy unit, contact Henshaw and ask the tough questions until you're satisfied.

And with that being said, my review of the Health Optimisation Summit 2023 concludes: 


Conclusion: Health Optimisation Summit 2024: Here We Come

I had a great time meeting many people. I've met Markus and his team of Finnish misfits that develop the next-generation wearable, the people from Kineon such as Tom, the always thought-provoking James Carroll, triathlete Kim who I met in a Turkish restaurant, my good friend Matt Maruca, and many others. Thanks, everyone, even though I may not have mentioned you all by name. And I'm very much looking forward to the 2024 Health Optimisation Summit, which has become a yearly ritual for me.

Every year, before I go to the event, I think there's "no way I can come up with 10-20 ideas". But, once at the summit, tons of ideas come flowing in, and before I know it, I've whipped up some great content. Of course, it would be impossible for me to write this blog post without all the people developing new biohacking products. 

And, for people who I didn't cover - I'm sorry. I include the ideas that I consider most important, and most of the time, that doesn't mean supplements or another new bone broth or an organ meat pill. The basics, such as light, water, EMF, and so forth, are far more foundational than the supplements people take. And, taking supplements can never replace the basics. I was reminded to that by the polluted London air and the high EMF levels at that location. Hopefully, the subsequent summits will offer more and more fixes for these basics for most of humanity. Long live health!


This is a post by Bart Wolbers of team AlexFergus. Bart finished degrees in Physical Therapy (B), Philosophy (BA and MA), Philosophy of Science and Technology (MS - with distinction), and Clinical Health Science (MS), has had training in functional medicine, and is currently a health consultant at   


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