Healthy Lifestyle

"Being fit and healthy isn't a fad or trend, it's a lifestyle."

6 Must Read Articles On Healthy Lifestyles

The Secret To Looking AND Feeling Amazing

Don't overcomplicate health. When you break it down, it's quite simple.

How Disconnecting Improved My Relationship, Creativity and Sleep

We live in a fast paced life. See what profound things happened to me when I decided to disconnect and slow down.

The Ultimate Morning Routine For Perfect Health, Sleep, Happiness & Productivity

A solid morning routine lays the foundation for a productive day.

Mindfulness & The Power of Presence

The simplest technique to feel better, do better, and be better? Mindfulness!

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget: 22 Useful Tips

No cash? No problem! With these tips you can cut your food budget in half and still eat like a king or queen!

Why We Need To Be Weirdos To Be Healthy

You cannot do what others do and expect different results. To be extraordinary, you need to be different!

Alex's Quick Healthy Lifestyle Tips:

  • Build a morning routine and stick to it. Read more HERE.

  • Eat healthy, even if funds are tight. Read how HERE.

  • Accept the fact that us healthy folk are different. Read more HERE.

  • Follow my tips to increase productivity HERE.

  • Disconnect and do less. Read why HERE.

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Products To Help Achieve A Healthy, Happy Lifestyle:

Productivity Planner

Every morning I spend a few moments to plan out my day with my Productivity Planner.

It's one of the best tools I have for improving productivity and simply getting things done!

You can learn more about the Productivity Planner at

Learn More HERE

5 Minute Gratitude Journal

Thinking about and expressing gratitude has been shown to boost mood and happiness. It's one of the simplest biohacks you can do to get more out of your day and life.

I use my 5 minute journal every morning to jot down what I am grateful for and an affirmation.

You don't need the 5minute Journal to do this, but for those who are new to gratitude journalling I find it to be an excellent helping hand.

You can buy it from

Learn More HERE

Somni Light - Reading Lights

Knowing how blue light impacts sleep and melatonin, my wife and I have kitted out our home and bedroom with Somni lights. These are warm glowing lights that allow you to read books, get around the house or change babies nappies without the stimulating bright lights!

We have the bed side lamps, the clip on reading lights and also the red LED night lights installed in our home.

You can see the Somni product range at

Learn More HERE

Iherb is my go to supplement and long life grocery store. I get my chocolate, tea, rice, canned foods, sauces and condiments and health snacks from iHerb.

You can learn more at and use iHerb discount code BHS654 to save.

Learn More HERE

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