Hormonal Health

"Calories matter, but hormones matter more."

6 Must Read Articles On Hormonal Health

Important: Why You Need To Measure Your Body Temperature

Your body temperature reveals a lot about your hormonal and metabolic health

29 Proven and Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

For males, improving testosterone can have a profound impact on the way they look and feel. Here's how to do it naturally. 

7 Ways To Reduce Man Boobs & Decrease Estrogen Levels

Struggling with high estrogen levels? Here's what you can do to improve them

Performance Lab Sport T+: A Testosterone Upgrade?

Will this scientifically-validated testosterone boosting supplement increase your test levels?

Why You Need To Learn About Leptin If You Are Overweight

Leptin is the master hormone that manages the maintanence of bodyfat. Understand leptin to understand fat loss.

5 Amazingly Unknown Testosterone Boosting Herbs

Inexpensive but highly effective, these herbs move your testosterone to the next level

Alex's Quick Tips To Improve Hormonal Health:

  • Clean up your environment. Toxins, pesticides and plastics all need to go.

  • Start tracking your temperature. Learn more HERE.

  • Test, don't guess! Get some hormonal tests done HERE.

  • Improve your leptin sensitivity. Read more HERE.

  • Watch my free presentation on hormonal health HERE

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Products To Help With Hormone Optimisation

Red Light Panels

Red light therapy is amazing stuff for improving hormonal health. There is a ton of evidence showing how it helps improve testosterone and other health markers. Read more HERE.

You can purchase Red Light Panels at www.MitoRedLight.com and be sure to use discount code ALEX to save a further 5% on the already great prices.


Learn More HERE

Viome Gut Testing

Viome is the revolutionary new way to test gut health from your home. You may or may not know, but your gut health has a strong link to your hormonal health.

If your gut is broken, it doesn't matter what pills or potions you take, you're going to have hormonal (and other health) problems.

I suggest you take a Viome Gut test to see if there are any underlying gut issues. I recommend it to all my new clients.

You can get the kit at Viome.com

Learn More HERE

LetsGetChecked Health Test

LetsGetChecked provide accurate lab testing from the comfort of your home. With their kits you can test testosterone, cortisol, thyroid health and many more hormonal markers.

Head over to LetsGetChecked.com to order your accurate in home health testing kits. Be sure to use discount code ALEXFERGUS to save on your tests. You can read my review about these tests HERE.

Learn More HERE

Testo Lab Pro - My Current Ultimate Testosterone Booster Product

Yeah the name is a bit of a mouth full, but these are my go-to natural testosterone boosters.

The formulation of this product is really amazing, as it contains high levels of testosterone-boosting ingredients such as ashwagandha, zinc, magnesium, and d-aspartic acid. These ingredients have great scientific backing.

I now take these a couple times a year, but recommend them to all my male clients who have low testosterone.

You can buy them at the Testo Lab Website.

Learn More HERE

SnowBalls Cooling Underwear

This one is just for the men! Overheated balls can lead to lowered testosterone and poor sperm quality. In fact the link between testicle temperature and fertility is really strong.

If infertility is a problem for you, and you can't walk around naked all the time, then I recommend checking out SnowBalls.

Buy them at www.SnowBallsUnderWear.com 

Learn More HERE

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