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"Most of the problems with the bodies and minds of the folks occupying the current culture involve an unwillingness to do anything hard, or anything that they'd rather not do. I applaud your resolve, and I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that EASY will no longer suffice."
Mark Rippetoe

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The Importance Of Feedback For Improving Sleep, Health & Performance

Whether your goal is physical performance to brain enhancement, being able to quantify your progress is essential. 

15 Valuable Secrets to Sporting Success

I've been involved in high performance sports for a while now. Here are my key lessons.

Everything You Need to Know About Nootropics

If you're after peak performance, nootropics are the magic pill to help you get there.

Qualia Focus: Excellent Economical Everyday Nootropic?

Qualia Focus is perhaps the easiest way to quickly improve your brain's performance. Here's why

Everything You Need To Know About Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is the perfect upgrade for both your body and brain. 4,000+ studies confirm significant benefits

Everything You Need To Know About Infrared Saunas

Sleep better? Feel better? Look better? Get an infrared sauna!

Alex's Quick Tips To Improve Performance:

  • Take a nootropic like Qualia Mind. Read more HERE.

  • Do regular health tests to pick up on weak points and health use. Find out how HERE.

  • Use the Oura Ring to monitor sleep, recovery and health vitals. Read more HERE.

  • Tap into the amazing benefits of red light therapy. Learn more HERE.

  • Measure your HRV to help with peak performance. Read more HERE.

  • Supplement with creatine for brain and physical performance. Read more HERE.

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Products To Help With Brain & Body Performance:

Oura Ring Performance Wearable

The Oura Ring is my go to fitness wearable device. It monitors my sleep, my HR, my heart rate variability, movement, respiration rate and much more - from this data it reveals the state of my stress load and how effective my training and recovery is.

Read my full review here - Oura Ring Review: The Best Sleep & Health Wearable On The Market?

Learn More HERE

Red Light Panels

I've been using my Red Light Panels every day now for a couple of years, and continue to do so given the benefits I feel and the science that proves Red Light Therapy effectiveness.

You can purchase Red Light Panels at and be sure to use my link HERE to save a further 5% on the already great prices.


Learn More HERE

If you want to optimise your performance or health you need to know what you are working with - what is out of balance, what deficiencies you may have, how your thyroid is operating, hormonal profiles etc.

To help gather all this information, you can waste hours waiting in a doctors waiting room or you can do all your health tests from the comfort of your home with the LetsGetChecked kits.

Head over to to order your accurate in home health testing kits. Be sure to use discount code ALEXFERGUS to save on your tests. You can read my review about these tests HERE.

Learn More HERE

VieLight - Brain Photobiomodulation

The Vielight is a biohackers dream gadget! Not only does this unit work (scientifically proven to improve cognitive performance), but it looks super geeky (Biohackers seem to love weird and wacky devices!)

I've been using mine for a year now, I use it 2 or 3x a week when I'm using my Joovv red light panel. 

The Vielight signs infrared light into the brain at specific pulse rates.

You can learn more about it at and use Vielight Discount Code ALEX10 to save 10% on your Vielight

Learn More HERE

Qualia Mind & Qualia Focus

The Qualia products are my go to brain and cognitive enhancing nootropics If you are looking for a simple 'pill' solution to improving brain performance, this is my recommendation.

I take Qualia Mind (caffeine free) when I'm working on brain demanding projects (like researching articles or website strategy work).

You can read my review here - My Intense Experience Taking Qualia - Qualia Nootropic Review

Note - Qualia is pretty potent stuff, so be sure to cycle it on and off as per the guidelines.

You can buy Qualia from the Neurohacker website HERE. And use Qualia discount code FERGUS to save.

Learn More HERE

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