PlatinumLED Therapy BioMax Review - The Best Red Light Panel On The Market?

I'm going to come right out and say it: No, PlatinumLED's BioMax 600 series is not the best red light panel on the market.

But - it's close, very, very close.

And if you're wondering what is the best panel, then I'll reveal that at the end of this PlatinumLED BioMax 600 review, so stay tuned for that,

(Update: I've posted a new 2021 version of the generation 2 BioMax 600 panel HERE - check it out!)

I've had this particular panel for 3 months now. I've also got a lot of experience with red light therapy (having authored 2 well read articles), and have a great insight into what makes a good red light panel (I own over a dozen red light panels and test these with various light and EMF meters).

Therefore I've tested, used and researched a lot when it comes to red light therapy. And that is why I am so excited by the BioMax 600

It is a really good panel. 

PlatinumLED BioMax 600 Review Summary

  • The numbers are amazing - the highest powered panel on the market, ultra low EMF levels, with a unique - but still credible - wavelength output covering red and near infrared spectrums.


  • The features are great - modular design (allowing for easy expansion), easy to use built ins and an assortment of 'in the box' inclusions to setup the panel where-ever suits.


  • And the price point, support and warranty are extremely competitive - an industry leading 3 year warranty, amazing direct with the owner customer support, free US shipping and an extremely attractive price point for a premium red light panel.


  • Overall this is a first rate red light therapy panel that would make an excellent choice for a first time buyer, or for someone looking to expand their red light setup.

You can learn more and order the BioMax 600 at and be sure to use discount code ALEX to save 5% off your purchase.


UPDATE: My New BioMax 600 Review

PlatinumLED has released the second generation of their BioMax panels. You can check my review of the new BioMax 600 HERE.


PlatinumLED Therapy Lights

PlatinumLED pride themselves on the fact that they have been in the high-power LED industry for over 9 years. In this time they have acquired the skillset and expertise -  as well as the supply chain and manufacturing capability - to produce some of the worlds highest powered and most advanced LEDs.

4 years ago PlatinumLED saw the health benefits of red and near-infrared light and with the advice of a medical team, used their engineers to develop their first red light therapy products - the Bio Series range.

Those panels - available in 4 sizes - feature a high powered light in a simple design, emitting both red light (at 660nm) and near infrared light (at 850nm).

Then in 2019, PlatinumLED Therapy Lights announced their 2nd generation line of red light therapy lights - the BioMax range.

The New BioMax Range

Their new BioMax range is a huge step forward for red light panels. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Even more light power (over the original Bio series) making the BioMax lights one of the most powerful red lights on the market (if not the most powerful)
  • Modular design capability - allowing the consumer to 'clip' panels together and create a larger treatment area. This is also great if your budget is limited as it leaves the option for expansion later on.
  • Expanded wavelength spectrum - 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared light have become the gold standard for wavelengths in red light panels. But there is plenty of evidence showing wavelengths outside of these numbers are also extremely beneficial to ones health (1). The new BioMax range includes five wavelengths - 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm and 850nm.
  • In built control and timer - The new panels also include a built in digital controller (to select which wavelengths are running) and a timer clock.
  • Zero EMF exposure - as part of the redesign, the engineers at PlatinumLED overhauled the internals workings of these high powered panels. The end result is the elimination of harmful nnEMF levels when using the BioMax.
  • Ease of use - finally the new lights work seamlessly with the optional table top stand and wheeled rack stands

Over all you have a panel that is more powerful, providing more wavelengths, has more bells and whistles and emits less nnEMF.


The new BioMax sure looks good!

The downside there is a small premium to the BioMax range - it is slightly more expensive than their first generation Bio range. More on this below.

Let's get into my review of the BioMax 600


Whats Included 

Included in the BioMax 600 box was the following:

  • Door hanging mount - this is similar to what came with my Joovv panels. The idea is you pop them over your door and can hang the panel from it for body treatments. The problem is the mounts don't fit over any of the doors in my home!
  • Blackout glasses - The use of red light therapy (RLT) on the eyes is a controversial one. There are papers showing the benefits of RLT on eye health (2) but some say it's dangerous. Anyway, there are glasses that protect your eyes bundled with the BioMax lights.
  • Hanging wires and adjustable pulley - these screw on to the top of the panel and allow you to adjust the position of your panel when hanging from a hook or the door mount. Nothing remarkable to report on here (though the pulley was well built).
  • Power cables and linking hardware - power cable is self explanatory. The linking hardware is for when you want to link a second (or third, or forth..) panel to to your first.
  • The app - I was excited about the app that PlatinumLED had developed - but my excitement was soon extinguished once I played around with it. The app is really a glorified timer - though with a few updates it could be very useful.  

All in all a typical bundle for a red light panel purchase. Though the app and glasses were nice bonuses. 

The Panel - Size & Treatment Area

Like the original 'Bio' series, the BioMax series comes in four sizes. From smallest to biggest they are:

  1. BioMax 300 - 19" x 9" (48cm x 23cm) with 100 x 3watt LEDs (hence the '300' number)
  2. BioMax 450 19" x 12" (48cm x 30cm) with 150x 3watt LEDs (same height as the 300 just wider)
  3. BioMax 600 - 36" x 9" (91cm x 23cm) with 200 x 3watt LEDs (this is the panel I am reviewing)
  4. BioMax 900 - 36" x 12" (91cm x 30cm) with 300x 3watt LEDS (same height as the 600, just wider)

The 600 and 900 are your 'body panels' given their height. The 300 and 450 are more for target treatment. For instance the 300 would be great for treatment of facial wrinkles and scarring, especially when partnered up with the table top stand.

Me (5'10") standing next to the BioMax 600

As for treatment area - it depends on the distance you are from the light.

The further from the panel, the bigger the treatment area (as the light is emitted at an angle from the panel). The downside is that the further you are from the panel, the weaker the light.

But, the great thing about the BioMax panels is their incredible power level - meaning you can stand 12inches from the panel to benefit from the larger treatment area and you will still get a massive dose of red light.

Testing the BioMax 600 - which isn't waterproof in case you were wondering!

This is unlike some competitors products, who have much lower power output levels and thus you need to stand rather close to the panel (reducing treatment area and exposing you to higher EMF levels).

Below you can see the treatment area and irradiance levels of the BioMax 600:

Power (Irradiance)

The biggest claim by PlatinumLED about their new BioMax panels is that they are the have the most powerful LED lights on the market. This quote pulled directly from their home page:

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights emit the highest amount of irradiance than any other LED therapy light on the market today!  This delivers more power with deeper penetration than any other light is capable of. Thanks to our many years designing and producing ultra-high power LED panels, we’re able to bring clinical grade LED therapy to the home or medical office user.

And based on their own testing, these units really do put out a ton of power.

Their own side by side test comparison with Joovv panels showed the BioMax having nearly double the irradiance as the Joovv Solo (the direct competitor to the BioMax 600).

Does more power always mean better? We know this is definitely not a universal fact, but what about with red light therapy?

To be honest, I don't know. And I don't think anyone truly knows. I have spoken to some of the worlds leading red light experts (including scientists who have published peer reviewed papers on the topic) and even they admit there is some uncertainty around this. 

I recommend you do your own research (HERE is a great starting point) if you are worried about this. For me, I will leave my judgement down to one thing - do I see and feel benefits when using the red light device?

In this particular case I have been using the Platinum Light for 3 months now and yes, I have seen (and felt) the benefits I would have expected ( I cover more of these benefits below).

 *** Update *** 

I have since tested the power output of the BioMax 600 with a reliable meter, and I can confirm that yes the power levels are very high! Much higher than the Joovv.

I tested the power of 6 popular panels in my 2019 red light body panel review (you can read that HERE) and the BioMax came out 2nd overall (the most powerful was the MitoRed panel)

For a full overview of the power levels of these panels, have a read of this article - What Red Light Therapy Panel Has The Highest Power Output? Let's Find Out


The BioMax range emit more than the standard 660nm and 850nm wavelengths. These new panels emit 4 wavelengths. 660nm and 850nm still make up 80% of the total power, but 20% is split between 620nm, 810nm and 830nm.

The full breakdown is as follows:

  • 10% going to 630nm
  • 40% going to 660nm
  • 5% going to 810nm
  • 5% going to 830nm
  • 40% going to 850nm

This means that 50% of the power of the BioMax 600 is going to red light (630nm-660nm) , and 50% is going to near infrared light (810nm-850nm).

Is this a good thing? That other wavelengths beyond the usual 660 and 850nm are being emitted? PlatinumLED think so (3) and I'm going to agree with them.

We know that 660nm and 850nm are beneficial wavelengths (4), but we also know that many other wavelengths have shown positive effects as well.

You can see the range of wavelengths glowing in the panel. Note - it's a lot brighter than this photo makes out. I adjusted the image settings for this shot.

PlatinumLED have used a medical team to put together - what they believe to be - the best wavelengths for optimal healing benefits.

You can read the full explanation behind their rationale for using these other wavelengths in the article R+ | NIR+: The Most Advanced LED Therapy Light Spectrum. I highly recommend checking out this article as they have done an excellent job breaking everything down and support their decisions with peer reviewed papers.

If you don't want to read the full article, I have included a few key points below:

As you may know by now, both the the 660nm and 850nm wavelength has been extensively proven to provide expansive skin and deep tissue therapy which PlatinumLED already includes in all devices.  However, the 630nm wavelength, 810nm wavelength and the 830nm wavelength also offer a myriad of benefits for health and well being. One of the world’s leading expert on red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy has conducted research and reviews demonstrating the incredible ability of 810nm and 830nm near-infrared wavelengths to penetrate the bone of the skull while targeting the brain while the 630nm red wavelength extends the massive cellular benefits in the upper skin area.

As for the reasoning behind including these other wavelengths, here are a few studies showing their benefits on health:

  • 630nm - reduced wrinkles (5), assistance with psoriasis (6), hair regrowth (7), healing of superficial skin cancers (8), treatment of acne (9).
  • 810nm - 810nm light has the ability to penetrate the skull and in turn produce a range of neurological benefits (this is why the Vielight is so popular). Research showing 810nm light benefits include - improved healing & recovery (16), accelerated wound healing (17), improved recovery from stroke (18) and brain injury (19), improvement in psychiatric disorders, anxiety & depression (20), hair regrowth (21).
  • 830nm - accelerated healing & reduced infection (22), improved recovery post surgery (23), increased 'feel-good' endorphins (24), improved bone repair & growth (25), decreased time to recovery after sports injury (26).

Along with these amazing benefits, you also have the 660nm and 850nm light included in the BioMax. These were the only 2 wavelengths used in the original Bio Series.

  • 660nm - reduced training fatigue & increased performance especially when combined with 830nm light (10), reduced inflammation (11), improved bone healing (12), reduced swelling post injury (13), reduced neuropathic pain (14), accelerated wound healing (15).
  • 850nm - enhanced muscle recovery (27), faster skin wound healing (28), assistance with dental recovery (29)

For even more benefits from red light therapy, please read my article - 36 Powerful Benefits Of Red Light Therapy.

You can choose if you want all wavelengths working, or just some.

So whats my feedback on the wavelengths used in the BioMax 600? Is this simply a marketing ploy by PlatinumLED to 'do something different' (as most other companies only use 600nm + 850nm wavelengths)? Or is this a decision that aims to make a superior product for the consumer?

I believe the latter. As outlined above, there is great scientific evidence that these other wavelengths are beneficial to health and recovery. 

Plus it's not cheap (or easy) to simply add more wavelengths to a red light panel - especially since the manufacturing and supply chains for the 660nm and 850nm light is already established. 

PlatinumLED already had a panel offering these standard lights (and they are still selling them I might add), so they have gone above and beyond, had a good hard look at what other wavelengths are shown to be beneficial and put the effort (and finances) into making these wavelengths part of their new BioMax range.

I should add though, they have hedged their bets in a way - as only 20% of power is going to these 'alternative' wavelengths. 80% of the energy is still emitting 660nm and 850nm light. So you can have peace of mind knowing you're still getting a good hit of the 'gold standard' 660nm + 850nm light.

For me, I like knowing I'm getting some exposure to light beyond the 660nm and 850nm. Firstly there is clearly evidence showing the benefit of these wavelengths.

And secondly, I'm sure more research will come out showing that these other wavelengths are more beneficial than we currently are aware of.

For these reasons I commend PlatinumLED with their 5 wavelength choice in the BioMax.

EMF & Flicker & Sound Levels

BioMax nnEMF Levels

More and more people are waking up to the dangers of nnEMF exposure on the body. It would be silly recommended a product that is designed to heal when it was emitting dangerous fields that stressed the body.

Fortunatley, most red light companies are aware of this issue and have designed their panels to emit low levels of nnEMF. But 'low' is still not optimal.

Optimal would be zero, or safe according to organisations like the Buildings Biology Institute (30).

PlatinumLED have stated that they redesigned the electronics in their new BioMax range - and in turn reduced their EMF emissions to zero at their recommended usage distance (6 inches).

They have done their own testing on these levels and recorded that in a video that you can watch HERE. You can also watch my own EMF testing of the BioMax in THIS video.

I have also included some photos from this testing. 
I measured the electric field, magnetic field and microwave field coming off the BioMax 600 from various distances (6inch, 12 inch and 18 inch).

The levels were rated agains the Building Biology Institute standards - which are very strict. My Cornet meter uses a color code system - green is safe for human exposure. Yellow is not ideal but safe in small doses, and red is dangerous.

For those that don't want to geek out on the data, I can confirm that the Platinum BioMax is very safe from a nnEMF exposure point of view. In fact it had the lowest EMF levels from all the panels I have tested.

Which is very good news - especially as I use this device for 20-30minutes a day, most days of the week (and so does my wife).

But for those who want to see all the numbers. Here they are:

At 6 inch:

6 inch - Microwave levels = zero (not any higher than baseline)

6 inch - Magnetic field - 0.06uT - very low

6 inch - electric field = zero (not any higher than baseline)

At 6 inches - which is a standard distance for using red light panels - there is no concern with EMF exposure.

Electric field and microwave fields are undetectable (there was no change on the reading when the panel was turned on).

There was a small movement in the magnetic fields, but even at 6 inches the 0.06uT reading is still safe.

At 12inch+

At 12 & 18 inches, the electric and microwave readings remained at zero - no surprises there.

And the magnetic readings dropped even lower:

  • 12inches - 0.03uT
  • 18 inches - 0.03uT (which is pretty much rock bottom).

So overall - the BioMax 600 is very safe from a EMF expsoure perspective, even if you are close to the unit. This is great news for red light buyers and is a big reason why I'm such a fan of this panel.

Sound Levels

I also decided to test the sound levels from the BioMax.

High powered red light panels use a lot of fans to keep the LEDs cool. These fans do put out a fair amount of noise.

The sound levels (measured with a decibel meter) at 6, 12 and 18inches were:

  • 52.4 db (6 inches)
  • 51.9 db (12 inches)
  • 49.8db (18 inches)


BioMax Flicker Levels

Ahh flicker. The thing everyone seems to be talking about in the biohacking space these days.

It's like EMF 2.0

Personally, I'm not worried about flicker levels from devices that I'm only using for 30 minutes a day. It's important to remember that your computer screens, TVs, car headlights, phone screens, lightbulbs and most other electronics that emit light all flicker.

I have published an article on flicker that you can read here - Everything You Need To Know About Light Flicker And Health.

Based on the research outlined in this article, I'm not worried about flicker. But some people are, thusI recommend doing your own research and decide for yourself if you are really worried about flicker in a red light panel.

Anyway, I have tested the flicker readings of the BioMax 600. You can see them below. I will mention that my device is far from perfect and I did get a range of readings. But the shot below was fairly typical of the numbers I saw.

The two figures to look at are:

  • Flicker Frequency - 100hz (this is the number of times the brightness of the source varies in a second. It's important to note that this figure tells only part of the flicker story, the intensity of the flicker is also very important).
  • Bink %  - 14% (also called the Flicker percent - this shows the brightness change that the flicker is producing, so the light source is dropping 14% as it flickers. For instance, a figure of 100% would mean the light is turning off completely - losing all brightness - with each 'flicker'. Lower is better here)


From my understanding, if you are worried about flicker, then these numbers are pretty good (safe).


Update - Flick, EMF & Sound Levels Compared

I recently carried out an extensive test comparing 6 of the most popular red light panels on the market (Including the BioMax and Joovv).

If you would like to see how the BioMax compares to these other panels, I recommend checking out this article here - The Best Red Light Therapy Body Panel For 2019

If you can't be bothered reading this and just want to know who came out top, then I have good news, the PlatinumLED BioMax 600 did come out as the winner (followed by the MitoRed MitoMax in 2nd place and Red Light Rising in 3rd. Joovv Solo ended up in 4th equal).

The BioMax 600 won the 2019 Best Body Panel Award. Click the image above for the full results.


Ease of Setup & Use


The BioMax is very easy to setup.

At a bare minimum all you need to do is plug the power cable in to the device and turn it on. That's it.

There is a bit more to do if you want to hang your panel from a hook or from the door.

Hanging the panel from a hook

Doing this requires attaching the supplied metal cables (which is super easy) and then lifting it up to where your hook is (the panel does weigh 22lb, but any 'average' human should have no issues lifting this. If you do, you need to check out my size and strength program fast!) 

The top two metal cables easily screw on. Also not the solid rubber feet.

There is also a supplied 'pulley' system so you can adjust the height of the panel.

And there is a metal door 'hook' which is designed to fit over the top of your door so you can hang the panel from these. Great idea, but it doesn't fit any of my doors!

If you're lazy you can just stand the panel on the floor and knell or sit beside it. 


As for using the device - again, it's super easy. There is a built in timer and display unit on the side. With the power on, you just hit OK and the lights fire up as the timer counts down from 20minutes.

You can adjust the time and also select if which of the LEDs you want to work (red light, near infrared light or both).

There is no wifi or bluetooth in this unit. There is an app that you can download from PlatinumLED, but this doesn't sync to the panel.

In all honesty though, any syncing function would simply be a gimmick. If you really want to track your 'sessions' just keep a notebook or jot it down on your phone.

Modular setup

As I have mentioned, the BioMax panels do have the ability to 'clip' other panels on to it.

This is great if you want to expand your one panel into 2, or 4. I like this feature as it means you can start out with one panel, save up a bit more cash and then add a second panel to your setup later on. 

However I should note, if this is your plan, it actually makes sense to get all the panels from day one. You will get a discount if you order multiple panels in one order. PlatinumLED also offer financing if the multiple panel setup is slightly out of your budget

The benefit of having multiple panels is clear - you get a much larger treatment area and thus save time on your daily red light sessions.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - always go for the biggest panel you can afford. You will thank me for this tip after a few weeks of use. By doubling your treatment area you save your session time. This could mean a saving of 20minutes a day... which is nearly 2.5 hours a week of saved time if using it daily.

Back to the setup..

If you are connecting multiple panels (maybe you have ordered 2x Biomax 600's for instance) then you simply plug a data and a power link cable into each device (these cables are supplied).

Next, you will simply slot one panel into the metal studs on the other panel.

And that's it.

Pretty simple really.

Pretty simple really,

Shipping, Warranty & Support


PlatinumLED offer free shipping to the US. Which is great considering how bulky and heavy red light panels are!

They also ship internationally - for shipping prices to your country simply add the desired panel to your cart and head to the checkout screen for a quote.

Oh and yes the BioMax works outside of USA. I'm in New Zealand and there are no issues running the panel on 220volts here in NZ.

Warranty & Returns

Here is another standout feature with the PlatinumLED BioMax panel. Not only do they offer a 60 day 'satisfaction guarantee' (with a full refund if you're not happy with the panel), they also offer the best warranty period for any red light company - 3 years!

Which is huge, given some other companies only offer 12 months or 2 year warranty period.

A 3 year warranty period really does help with peace of mind when sinking your hard earned cash into a electronic product.

Even better, PlatinumLED is an established company, having being the in the space for 9 years now. So you know you are dealing with a credible company.

Speaking of credibility - PlatinumLED is also RoHS compliant.


Support from PlatinumLED is top notch. They use the old school method for supporting customers and potential customers - email and phone calls.

There are no fancy 'submit a ticket' systems in place. They publish their toll free number on every page of their site (I wish more companies did this!) and they make it super easy to send them an email.

Even better, PlatinumLED have a small but passionate team, and you will hear directly from this team when you contact them. No offshore support agencies being used here.


So how much does the BioMax 600 cost?

Pricing seems to fluctuate a lot with red light panels, so I recommend clicking HERE to check the latest price (and remember discount code ALEX will save you 5% on the published price).

At the time of writing, the BioMax 600 is $899 usd. If you use discount code ALEX the price comes down to $854.

Not to bad considering you get a high powered full sized body panel, with no EMF, 5 wavelengths, free shipping and the option to add other panels later on. 

This price get's even sweeter when competitor panels are well over $1100.

PlatinumLED also offer financing for those who are on a tight budget but wanting to tap into the benefits of red light therapy today.

And as I mentioned before, if you buy multiple panels in one order, you will get a discount.

For instance, if you purchase 2x BioMax 600's you will save $100. Buying 4 panels knocks $250 off the total price. And remember discount code ALEX saves another 5%


What are the alternatives?

The main competitor to the BioMax 600 is the Joovv Solo.

However the BioMax comes out on top for a few reasons:

  1. The BioMax uses 5, scientifically proven, wavelengths. The Joovv only uses 2.
  2. The BioMax has higher power irradiance levels than the Joovv
  3. The BioMax has a 3 year warranty (vs 2 for the Joovv)
  4. The BioMax has much better support (Unlike PlatinumLED, Joovv don't publish their phone number and are known to have terrible customer service)
  5. Finally - price - The BioMax is only $854 (after using discount code ALEX) compared to the Joovv Solo's $1195 price point.


Does It Work? And Did It Work For Me?

I don't want to get into the science of whether red light therapy works as I have done that in great detail before. If you're new to the red light therapy space and still have doubts about whether it works as claimed, I highly recommend checking out these two articles:

We know red light therapy works. The science is solid. The user reviews are clear. 

There is a reason why so many people use these panels every day.

I have been using red light therapy for 3 years now and continue to dedicate a big chunk of my morning routine to soaking up some red light! 

But what about my experiences specifically using the BioMax 600?

I have covered my personal experiences with the BioMax in great detail at the end of my article 36 Powerful Red Light Therapy Benefits, so check that out for a full debrief. But in summary here is what I can report:

  • I continue to notice the benefits it has on my skin.
  • My dental pain is still non-existant when using the BioMax
  • My Oura Ring readiness score and HRV numbers are still excellent.
  • I still continue to sleep deeply
  • I still feel great!
  • and my sunburn still heals stupidly fast when using the BioMax

So does it work for me? YES!


Is This The Best Red Light Body Panel On The Market?

By now you're probably thinking 'well this all sounds great Alex, but why is it not the best panel on the market as you mentioned in the introduction?'

Good question.

Yes the BioMax 600 is an amazing panel, and one I will continue to use on a daily basis.

But no, it's not the best body panel on the market. There is something better.

And that is the PlatinumLED BioMax 900

The BioMax 900 is the bigger brother to the 600.

The wider 900 (on the right) with 50% more LEDS.

It uses all the same technology (same wavelengths, some power output, same EMF and flicker figures) and comes from the same company (with the great warranty period and support) but it's bigger.

Namely it's wider.

It's the same height as the 600, but it's 3 inches wider.

Plus it has 50% more LEDs than the 600 (300 LEDs vs 200).

What does this all mean? It means an even bigger treatment area.

More importantly - it means you can stand in front of the 900 and get full body coverage - shoulder to shoulder. This is important if you're hoping to maximise the gains from your red light panel.

It's also important if you're an athlete who uses your arms in your sport.

And it's very important if you are a big guy or girl.

With the smaller 600 panel, you are not getting full body width coverage. Meaning you will have to do two 'rounds' of treatment to ensure you get the full width of the body.

So why not spend a few dollars more and get the wider panel with all the powerful benefits of the 600?!

And yes the downside of the 900 is the higher cost, but with the ALEX discount applied, it's only $1091. Which is only 27% more than the 600 but you're getting 50% more treatment area.

Should You Buy The BioMax 600

No, buy the BioMax 900!

In fact buy four 900's if your finances allow and stack one on top of the other so you have full head to toe, shoulder to shoulder coverage (update check my Quad BioMax setup as well - that I use in 2023).

Below you can see 2 BioMax 900s:

Even better - buy 4x BioMax 900's and 2x BioMax 600's and hang the 900's on one corner wall and the 600's on the other wall, stand facing the 4x 900's and have the 2x 600's on your side so that you're getting treated head to toe, shoulder to should from the 900's front on, and the 600's treating the side. Although that's very expensive.

Then turn around and treat the back and other side and you have the ultimate setup!

Actually - hang a smaller panel from the ceiling and then you can treat the top of your head as well (if hair loss is a concern!)

Alright I'm getting a bit carried away here (but in all honesty this is a great setup and will only cost $4000 which isn't too bad given the health benefits and time savings you will reap).

But if you are seriously considering buying the BioMax 600, then no I don't have anything negative to say to turn you away from your decision. Though I would highly recommend considering the bigger BioMax 900 or even multiple units if budget allows (if not, PlatinumLED do offer financing, and PlatinumLED discount code ALEX will save you 5%).

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I am very impressed with PlatinumLED's new BioMax range.

It is clear that this company - a company with a lot of experience in the high powered LED space - has put a lot of resources into this new range. Sure they could have stuck with the status quo - keeping the same two wavelengths and internal electronics - and added some bells and whistles like the in built timer and modular design with a case redesign.

Such an update would have sold well and being a competitive product.

But no, they redesigned their panels from the ground up. Improving the internal electronics, studying the science and coming up with a wavelength blend that is better than any of their competitions, boosted the power output and added those 'must have' features like modular capability and zero EMF levels.

Even better they did all of this and still provide a panel that they can stand beside for 3 years and sell at a very competitive price (with free shipping to boot!)

Having been in the red light space for a few years now, it is very pleasing to see such a passionate, experienced and innovative company focusing on the fundamentals - great support, a great product and a great price.

The cream always rises to the top, and though PlatinumLED is still a small company by Red Light Therapy standards, I expect this company to do great things after my 3 month experience with their BioMax 600.

Do I recommend the BioMax 600? Yes!

Will I keep using it? Definitely.

Will I buy another? I'm already crunching the numbers to see if I can buy myself two 900's and an extra 600 to fit out my ultimate setup!

What do you think? Will you buy a BioMax?

Have you used one?

Please share your feedback, questions and experiences below.

And if you are going to buy a BioMax simply head to with my link to save 5% (I also earn a small commission on any red light panel purchased with this code).


Update: Comparison Of Joovv Solo And Platinum LED BioMAX 900

I've compared these two panels and you view the outcome below:


 Hope you enjoy that review!


Update: Watch The Video About The Platinum LED Modular Setup Below:



Update: View My Video Where I Compare The BioMAX 450, 600, And 900:

If you're still not sure what panel is best, consider my video comparing the BioMAX 450, 600 and 900:



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This blog post was written by Alex Fergus. Alex is a ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Professional and certified Superhuman Coach who continues to expand his knowledge base and help people across the world with their health and wellness. Alex is recognized as the National Record Holder in Powerlifting and Indoor Rowing and has earned the title of the Australian National Natural Bodybuilding Champion. Having worked as a health coach and personal trainer for over a decade, Alex now researches all things health and wellness and shares his findings on this blog. Learn more about Alex's Credentials HERE.

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