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This program led me to winning national Bodybuilding AND Powerlifting titles!

Plus, this same program has helped my clients all across the world achieve their own size & strength physique goals.



The exclusive training program used by Powerlifting and Bodybuilding champ Alex Fergus is now available to the world! Take the first step towards building a body that is not only strong, but is the envy of your friends!

A Professionally Designed Training Program Delivered Direct To Your Phone


Built using decades worth of research to be the most proven and effective training system, the Size & Strength Program is all you need to increase muscle mass, increase your strength, shred fat, and achieve the body of your dreams.

As Featured In:

"Expertly designed from the ground up, tested by hundreds of clients in the gym across the world and delivered to you in a slick smart phone app!

Not only did my Size & Strength Program make me a National Bodybuilder champion, it has helped clients all across the world achieve their own size & strength physique goals."

Alex Fergus - Size & Strength Program Creator
Australian National BodyBuilding Champion & Record Breaking Powerlifter

What You Need To Know About The Size & Strength Training Program

Designed by Strength Training Experts

Every workout, down to each rep, tempo and rest period has been scrutinised by strength & conditioning experts. All this delivered direct to your phone!

Builds Both Size and Strength

Build a solid foundation to massive size gains. The program focuses on building base strength. Then the program leverages off this new found strength to pack on muscle mass

Scientifically Proven Training Plans

Scientifically proven exercises, routines and program design. Using the most effective rep and rest ranges while balancing training volume with recovery. 

Works For Beginners And Experienced Lifters

Every workout has detailed rep, set, tempo and rest information. Every exercise has easy to follow video and written instructions. Including my own training notes from working with 100's of clients face to face.

Join A Community With Like Minded People

Join countless others working towards their own size & strength goals. Share your insights, learn from their mistakes and watch each other progress!

FREE: Diet, Supplement & Lifestyle Plans

Diet, supplementation, lifestyle factors and recovery are all critical for your size & strength quest. You will get a FREE copy of my Ultimate Body book!

"In 5 months on Alex's Size & Strength Program I put on 10kg of muscle and hit personal bests in all my lifts. I have increased my deadlift by 200% & I am bench pressing more than all my gym buddies!"

Robbie W. 31


Alex Fergus has achieved tremendous success in the sporting world. Representing his country in rowing, qualifying for world champs in powerlifting and winning a national title in natural body building. Alex has definitely seen it all and has many hours working hard in a gym.

Where Alex differs from other athletes is his successful transition into coaching.

With 7 years experience as a personal trainer and working with 100's of people at Sydneys elite gym PE DEPT, Alex has gained the insight to know what really works when it comes to transforming the human body, building strength and putting on muscle.

His clientele ranged from 20 year old students looking to build size too high level athletes before word of his results soon got out.

News spread to the upper echelons of the business community and type A go getting executives would come to train with Alex after hearing about his amazing transformational training program.

Soon Alex was only working with a select few and his Size & Strength program was out of reach for most people. But that all changes today!

Alex is certified by the Fitness Institute of Australia & the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general"

Mark Rippetoe
Legendary Strength Coach

"I'm naturally a small and thin guy, always struggling to put any mass on and get anywhere. Following Alex's strength program, in few months I went from 60kg deadlifts to 120kg deadlifts, reaping strength gains in bench and squat as well in a way where balanced strengthening of the whole body was achieved. Suddenly pants got snug, sleeves got tight and I could no longer get back protector under my bike jacket and zip it up! Alex's Size & Strength Program works!"

Dan V, 30
Production Planner

A Sneak Peek Inside The Size & Strength Program

"I was recommended to try Alex Fergus 's Program when I started going to the gym. 18 months later and I have never felt (or looked better). Alex has put together weight training and exercises that progress each month.

Plus his program really does push you to ensure you make great progress.
I highly recommend Alex for people who are serious about making changes to their body."

Charles Wilkins, 51
Director Culinary Edge Sydney

"There are a lot of training programs about, but Alex's is truely professional. His app-based training plans mean I hit the gym with a clear goal in mind every time. And because he changes it up on a monthly basis, I'm never bored and my body has to keep guessing. If you're after a coach who truly knows their stuff, Alex is your guy.""

Mark Timmins, 40.

My Training Program Is Currently Full

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"I had struggled putting weight on in the past while following various training programs. Ever since I started using Alex’s size & strength program I’ve managed to get passed that plateau and finally reach my training goals. His protocols really do work, even for hardgainers like me!"

David S. 30
Computer Graphic Editor

"Alex took a methodical approach to how he programs training plans - a walk before you can run style which really helped me build the foundation for big strong lifts. Under the Size & Strength program, my lifts went to new heights - I achieved a few personal goals (@BW ~65kg: 100kg Squat, 160kg DL, 100kg Bench) which were lifts that I never thought I'd achieve. I put it down to building the foundation first and learning how to lift properly. I cannot recommend Alex's program enough. "

Mehul C. 29
BI Reporting Analyst

My Training Program Is Currently Full

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