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Three Intakes A Year - Next One Starts In:

I only have THREE coaching intakes a year, each with limited spots. If you are ready to look and feel amazing then apply NOW!









My Name Is Alex Fergus. I help men and woman Look and Feel AMAZING!

My Online Health Program has changed the lives of dozens of individuals around the world. From CEO's or Stockbrokers, Athletes to Stay at Home Mums, Property Developers to Pilots, I have helped busy men and woman not only lose excess weight, but improve their health markers adding years to their life and LIFE to their years!

A Revolutionary Health Coaching Program... That WORKS!

"I engaged with Alex in early 2015. Since working with Alex, I have more energy and I have physical and mental stamina and resilience that has propelled me forward and enables me to take on more and deal with more, and be more effective. Not only do I feel great, but I look better as well! Highly recommended. "

Craig Manson

Do You Feel Like You're Missing Something?

You have the good job, you have experience and expertise, you have the nice home, you eat at fancy restaurants, you travel in style, perhaps you have a beautiful partner and loving children. Some would say you have it all...


Yet you look down at your stomach... You're overweight. You're not proud of how you look. Your body isn't what it used to be. You try justify this as being the 'norm' and that it doesn't matter because you have everything else... But deep down you know it does matter to you...

It's not only how you look on the outside, it's also how you feel. The brain fog, the stiffness, the aches and pains, energy slumps, poor digestion, lack of libido... Sound familiar?

Many of the clients I work with come to me with these issues. Yet after working with me 1 on 1 they not only drop that spare tire, but have energy and health that they haven't experienced in decades. One client told me 'This program was the best thing I have ever done for my health'

10 Years Younger!

" After following Alex’s Program I have dropped from an XL shirt to a medium. And a 36 to a very skinny 32 and still dropping! True it is that My wife tells me I’ve hit new levels of skinniness!! Not only that, everyone is telling me I look 10 years younger. Alex’s program is not your normal ‘don’t eat diet’, it is unique but most importantly it has delivered some incredible results by increasing my ability to concerntrate, by increasing my immunity, by detoxing over a period of time and becoming a lot calmer. Most importantly I think Alex helps you understand the why behind issues you might have pre conceived ideas about.If you are looking for a health and body overhaul, I really recommend you speak with Alex about his programme."

Fraser Short
Class of February 2017

The Ultimate Coaching Program - 8 Pillars of Success:


Diet, Training & Supplemental protocols designed for YOU. Customised to suit your body, your lab tests, your lifestyle and your goals.


Unlimited email, SMS and phone call support. I only work with a handful of clients to ensure you get the access you deserve.


Using the latest technology I will track your diet, your sleep, activity, heart rate, body temperature and lab results. Also, I will track when you have performed tasks assigned to you (regular exercise, saunas, sun exposure etc).


Making health & lifestyle changes can be tough and overwhelming. I will provide ongoing feedback and suggestions to help you reach your goals. I look at your diet, your sleep and your activity (among other things) on a daily basis - ensuring you stay on the road to success!


Using social support, financial incentive and disincentives and coach accountability, my program ensures you will stay on target even when times become tough (and they will!). Using these layers of accountability means I have an extremely high client success rate


My coaching program has a unique 'gamification' approach to changing your health. I score you on metrics such as sleep, diet, steps, sun exposure, education and training every week. You are then given a weekly scorecard - a long with the other clients in the class - allowing you to see how your efforts compare to your peers. Plus this enables me to see what areas you need to improve.


You will join a select group of individuals, all sharing similar goals on a similar journey. With regular mastermind group calls you will be able to take into the group 'mind' in order to seek out (or give) advice and support. 


'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime'. My program emphasises the WHY behind the what. Instead of simply telling you what to do, you will learn the reasons behind the protocols that you are following. I believe this education element to be a huge reason behind my clients ongoing health success.

With Only THREE Intakes a Year, What Are You Waiting For?

If this page is live it means I have a spot left for my next program intake. This will not last long, if you are serious about turning your health around be sure to apply now!

Understand The WHY:

"I had been training in the gym with Alex for a few years now, however it wasn't until July last year I signed up to his lifestyle program. Since then I've lost 10kgs, dropped 9% body fat, given up beer completely, sleeping better, feeling stronger and I'm truck loads healthier (haven't been sick once since starting). I've learnt more about health in 9 months than I have in 37yrs.

Since beginning on Alex’s program I’ve had three mates join Alex's program purely based off my results (with three more mates are starting in the next round.) One mate has already dropped 20kgs, 13% body fat and looking incredible - all this in 7 months. My other two mates have all lost > 10kgs and all feel great (they only started 4 months ago).

Alex isn’t you're normal meat head trainer, it's nothing to do with lifting heavier weights for him (although he has won an Australian title for body building), he will completely change your understanding of being healthy and what the real meaning of it is. He tracks everything from steps taken throughout the day to each meal, how many hours you're sleeping through to monitoring your heart rate each morning. It's full on and it takes commitment, but I GUARANTEE you, you do what he says, and you lose a ton of weight. "

Chad Walker
Property Developer

Results For All Goals

By fixing underlying health issues, my program can help you reach your goal - whether it's fat loss, sports performance, increasing fertility, boosting testosterone, improving health markers or simply kicking more butt in life!

Fat Loss

Obesity is a health issue. Carrying excess body fat is not a sign of optimal health. But fixing the root health problem and correcting lifestyle and diet problems we can reduce body fat levels for good!

Sports Performance

Having competed at high levels in various sports, I have found that the healthier I become, the better I perform and recover. The same is true for my clients. By improving underlying health and incorpoarting bleeding edge sports performance tricks, expect to see great improvement in your sporting arena. 

Boost Testosterone

Calories matter but hormones matter more. This is a quote I often share with my fat loss clients. Why, because hormones really are that important. If low T is a problem, or you would simply like to boost your current testosterone levels, then know that this program correct shormonal imbalances!

Increasing Health

There is no reason why you can't be healthy and active at any stage of life. Don't let health stop you from doing the things you love. By improving your underlying health you will feel (and look) better than you have in years!


Overtrained? Burnt out? Simply lacking in energy and you can't figure out why? This is not a normal, healthy state. But don't worry, I have worked with many people in this situation (I was there myself). I'll help you reset, recover and eventually return to where you were at your peak (and exceed these levels!)

Kicking More Butt

Not worried about sports performance, or what your health labs say. Perhaps you just want to get more done in a day, be more productive at work and still have the time and energy to play with the kids. I'll help you boost your energy levels, be more resilent to lives stresses and be able to function at higher levels for longer!

Personalised Coaching

This is not your typical online training program. I don't send you a diet booklet with a workout plan and be done with it. Not at all. This is a personalised coaching program like no other. Everything is tailored to you - your current health, your lab test results, your goal, your history and your current lifestyle.

I understand everyone is different, with different goals and different lifestyles. I take all this information work with you personally to help you reach your goals. Also, I cap the amount of clients I work with to ensure I spend quality time with every client (and I'm quite picky with who I choose to work with!).

So no matter what your background, what your job is, or what your health goal, understand that I specialise in personalised coaching! I have worked with CEO's running billion dollar companies, to pilots, to stay at home mums, to stock brokers, to guys looking to improve testosterone and woman looking to boost fertility. There is no 'general' client, everyone is unique!


If you are serious about making a change & learning more about my program, answer the brief questions below. I will review every submission and if suitable, will contact you personally.