Podcasts And Interviews With Alex Fergus

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Podcasts And Interviews With Alex Fergus

Tracking For Optimal Health

Join us on Wellness Force Radio 146 at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference with Alex Fergus, health coach, fitness expert, and CEO of Alex Fergus Coaching, as we explore the importance of sleep and how we can use technology to direct our actions towards optimal wellness.

We visit Alex at the OURA Ring booth to discuss their cutting-edge wearable technology that is transforming how we track our sleep and activity. OURA gives us precise and actionable data so we can learn our bodies and develop a clear plan to improve our health.

Alex also shares how coaches can use tech to monitor, guide, and create better results with their clients by providing added accountability and awareness...

In this episode:

  • How excessive training, dieting, and stress caused Alex to develop gut issues
  • The health practices Alex used to remedy his GI problems and reclaim his health
  • How we can improve our wellness with the powerful sleep information provided by the OURA Ring
  • The top areas of our health Alex feels we should start monitoring with technology
  • Why most people don't understand how important sleep is for proper body and brain function
  • How coaches can use technology to monitor, guide, and add in accountability for their clients
  • Why the 23 hours we spend outside of the gym are more important than the 1 hour inside
  • And much more

If you would like to download the podcast as MP3 click here

For full show notes on this episode head to Wellness Force  


PUFAs - Why This Widely Consumed Unhealthy Toxin Is The Worst Thing You Likely Ingest

Health and wellness entrepreneur Alex Fergus has an interesting story to share about his journey to finding better health. Like many Americans, Alex grew up playing several sports throughout his childhood and college years – from competitive rowing to bodybuilding and weight-lifting. At an early age, Alex began suffering the effects of low testosterone and began his journey to transform his life, seek out better health choices, and learn more about healthy lifestyle changes including improving his circadian rhythms, eating healthier, and blocking blue light after sundown....

In this episode we cover:

    • What are PUFAs
    • Why are PUFAs so unhealthy
    • High Omega 6 Levels from PUFAs and Inflammation’
    • Death by PUFAs - What they are the worst thing you ingest’
    • PUFAs and Cancer
    • PUFAs and Obesity


For full show notes on this episode head to HealthCast Now.


Quantum Yoga - Alex Fergus on Training, Recovery, Sleep and HRV

 I was recently interviewed on the Quantum Yoga podcast, it was a great chat with Jonathan Rickert where we discussed training, recovery, heart rate variability and much more!


For full show notes on this episode head to Quantum Yoga.

If you would like to download the podcast as MP3 click here.


Low Tox Life - Alex Fergus PT talks exercise

There’s a lot of stress around exercise and there need not be. I’ve brought Alex Fergus PT & Health coach to top executives back on the show (remember our sleep chat last year?)

Alex’s down to earth nature and relaxed attitude will have you understanding the importance of exercise, sure, but how little one needs to to to get big returns as well as tips to incorporate movement throughout the day that doesn’t need to be in the form of a ‘focused class’. If you want to learn about the effectiveness of exercise and getting bang for your buck, this show will be perfect for you.

 You can listen to the episode here - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jackrabbitfm/low-tox-life/e/49859444 


In the show we talk about:

      • Alex’s advice is to ditch the early morning workout, and sleep in! Sleep is one of the most important aspects of good health and feeling your best.
      • How sleep helps lose fat
      • Physical exercise is just another stress on the body, so if you’re experiencing stress in your life already, then putting more stress on your body is one of the last things you should be doing.
      • Hormones matter more than calories, if your hormones are completely messed up, then burning calories isn’t going to count towards helping you feel better…
      • The 2 types of exercise Alex suggest you incorporate into your week are: something slow (walking or yoga), something short and sharp (weight training or sprints – or both if you’re feeling great!)
      • Plus more!

For full show notes on this episode head to https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast-35-alex-fergus-pt-talks-exercise/ 



FitFluential - Sleep Deep Dive with Alex Fergus – Part 1

To a lot of people, Alex Fergus is a health and fitness coach but before all that, he was first a typical rugby fan and a rowing competitor from New Zealand. His fitness enthusiasm eventually made him compete in the world of bodybuilding which gave him his fair share of awards and recognition.

Today, Alex will talk about one of FitFluential Radio’s favorite topics: Sleep. He’ll give us the low down on the science behind sleep, how we can optimize our sleeping habits, and his tips on how to reset your circadian rhythm.

“Too many people get caught up with short-term gains even if it comes at the expense of long term benefits and performance.” Alex Fergus

FitFluential - Sleep Deep Dive with Alex Fergus – Part 2

Alex Fergus is a wellness coach whose goal is to get people back on track towards living a healthy lifestyle. He strongly advocates the importance of sleep and how people should prioritize recovery over training days. He cites sleep is one of the foundation of what makes a healthy lifestyle work, especially since sleep helps boost the body’s overall functions such as muscle growth and even fat burning.

Today, Alex will tell us all about his fitness program, how to improve sleep with morning sunlight, and tell us what exactly happens when we lose even 2-3 nights of sleep.

“Just think about how good you’ll feel after a really good night’s sleep.” Alex Fergus



Elite HRV - Balancing Elite Performance and Health with Alex Fergus

Coach Alex Fergus joins us to share his experiences with balancing elite rowing, competitive powerlifting, and bodybuilding. He has done some extreme tracking along his journey with these sports and now his clients are benefiting too. We cover all sorts of experiments, slow training, and the Ketogenic diet. It is a large discussion filled with plenty of gems throughout.

In this episode we cover:

      • My background in elite sports, nutrition, and personal health
      • Tracking metrics as a hardcore bio hacker
      • Sleep tracking devices: OURA vs. wrist wearables
      • Maintaining peak fitness with maintenance training
      • Maintenance training for the busy professional
      • Keeping track of trends within HRV and other metrics
      • Experimenting with low carb, high fat, Ketogenic diets
      • Overstressing the body with a Ketogenic diet. When should you stop?
      • Matching your life to the natural environment is the most important factor
      • Maintaining your circadian rhythm with hacks to fall asleep quicker
      • Nighttime routines for an efficient and quality sleep
      • Morning routines and how to fully prepare for the day 
      • Bedtimes are not just for kids. Adults need a bedtime too!

For full show notes head to: https://elitehrv.com/balance-elite-performance-health-alex-fergus/  

Corporate Warrior - How To Beat World Class Athletes With 15-Minutes Training Per Week with Alex Fergus

In this episode, we cover:

      • How Alex crushed the realFIT competition just by using HIT
      • The upsides and downsides of high-fat, low-carb diets
      • How to optimise exercise and diet for muscle growth
      • Supplementing HIT with other exercises and activities
      • Managing time and multiple businesses and projects
      • And much more!

For full show notes head to http://www.15minutecorporatewarrior.com/podcast/alex-fergus-how-to-beat-world-class-athletes-with-15-minutes-training-per-week/

FitFluential - Circadian Optimization, Sleep, Weight Loss & Transformation Stories with Alex Fergus – Part 1

On today’s episode, Alex shares his transformation story, the lifestyle changes he came to realize he needed to make to feel better, live healthier, improve his molecular health and increase his testosterone levels. He explains why he believes he experienced low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels, and why he attributes it to the lifestyle choices he made at an earlier age.

“I looked great on the outside, but I was a hormonal wreck at the molecular level.” – Alex Fergus




This is a 2 Part Podcast. In Part 1 You Will Learn:

      1. Alex Fergus’s health transformation story.
      2. Why he believes his health and lifestyle choices, including sleep deprivation, attributed to his development of low testosterone levels.
      3. How his mission to better health began, what he learned about, and how he began incorporating what he learned into his daily life.
      4. His experience at Paleo f(x)™ realFIT’s Score competition and why he believes he did so well at the event.

FitFluential - Circadian Optimization, Sleep, Weight Loss & Transformation Stories with Alex Fergus – Part 2

In Part 1, we introduced you to the health and wellness entrepreneur Alex Fergus. Alex is back on today’s episode to share his insights on biohacking, making lifestyle changes, and the methods he uses in his coaching program to help clients around the world learn and understand the various aspects of getting healthy, staying in shape, and taking steps to improve your sleep, fitness level, and food choices.

“Calories or the number of times you go to the gym do not matter. What matters is the 23 hours outside of the gym. They will have more of an impact on your health and wellness.” – Alex Fergus

For full show notes and to visit the FitFluential page please head to 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

      1. What biohacking and lifestyle choices Alex incorporates into his daily life.
      2. His daily routine.
      3. Alex’s coaching business
      4. Why he strongly believes training very early in the morning isn’t necessary for good health.
      5. How his coaching course differs from other training programs.
      6. What he monitors with his coaching clients.
      7. What protocol does his course follow and what will you learn from it?
      8. What is on the horizon for Alex, both in business and in health?



Low Tox Life - Sleep: Be a sleep ninja with Alex Fergus!

Alexx chats to Alex Fergus about setting ourselves up for an awesome night’s sleep. They talk sleep hacks, blue lights, bedroom conditions, tech-free experiments, establishing routines and - believe it or not - many more things that Alex has studied to produce great sleep for his super busy clients. With a great night’s sleep we can achieve anything, so listen to the show, see what you can do to tweak what you’re doing in the bedroom, and start experimenting. Better sleep = happier peeps so cheers to that and enjoy the show! 

 You can listen to the episode on this page - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jackrabbitfm/low-tox-life/e/46449142 

Full show notes on the Low Tox Life Website.


The Transit Lounge - Blue Light & How It Can Interfere With Your Sleep

Listen at http://recoveryafterstroke.com/blue-light-sleep-alex-fergus/ 

Full show notes available at TheTransitLoungePodcast.com


The Mind Muscle Project - Do you have adrenal fatigue? Learn how hormone & genetic testing can rebuild your body with Alex Fergus

Alex Fergus - an internationally performing rower, powerlifter and bodybuilder and now works as a highly accredited body composition coach. We dive into testosterone suppression, high oestrogen and how to optimise food cycles to perform better.

The podcast covers topics including:

      • Why bio-marker testing should be seen as an investment in your health
      • How there is more to health than diet and training
      • The importance of sleep and recovery
      • How feedback is probably the best way to track and improve progress
      • And a lot more! 

You can listen to this episode (number 63) on this page - CLICK HERE to listen:



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