Consultations with Bart Wolbers (Health Science Editor and Head Coach at

Consultations are 45minute Skype calls where I can help you with your diet, training, supplementation, sleep, recovery or anything else health & fitness related.

These are great for those who already have a solid diet or training regime, but perhaps need some help with other areas such as a supplement protocol.

** Note - For those looking for a longer term solution, I run ongoing coaching program. Please see more about this HERE **

Calls are done over skype or phone call at a predetermined time.

Please note - you are paying for my time and expertise. I highly recommend having a list of key questions/issues prepared prior to the call to ensure you get the most from our time.


What People Are Saying:
"I had never been a great sleeper. I had trouble falling to sleep, would wake often and often relied on sleeping tablets. After working with Alex and implementing his protocols I was able to fall asleep naturally and sleep consistently throughout the night. This has lead to performance and cognitive gains in all aspects of my life""
Kat Dunn

"I contacted Alex in early 2015. After many years of training Alex built a new programme that commenced with taking me back to the very basics to rebuild my techniques and balance my body. The training programme has been amazing. I am fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before in my life. Most importantly I have more energy and I have physical and mental stamina and resilience that has propelled me forward and enables me to take on more and deal with more, and be more effective. In addition to the training the dietary and supplement protocols have been of great help!"

Craig Manson

"Just had a great chat with Alex in regards to my diet. He is a wealth of knowledge that guy! Since then we have made some critical tweaks to my nutrition that are helping me reach my potential & finally achieve my goals."

Russell Queay (Actor)




The way my consult calls are as follows: 

Prior to the call

  • I will read through your consult form.

During the call:

  • I will ask for clarification on any issues/points in your consult form
  • We establish your goals and how I can help with them.
  • I provide solutions/advice given these goals - focusing on 4 key areas Diet, Sleep, Training & Recovery, Supplements
  • We look at further testing (if needed)
  • Takeaways/summary - if you need ongoing support/personalised plans/another consult etc.

After the call:

  • I will send you an email summary of what was discussed, include any recommended reading material, supplements, key takeways and action points.
  • If you require personalised/tailored programs to be built after the consult these will occur an additional cost and will be outlined during the call. These are personalised plans that I will build after the call. A lot of the time's these plans are not needed as the information we cover during the call is sufficient.

I recommend having a pen and paper handy during the call :)   



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