The Program - Enrollment

Are You Ready To Finally Look & Feel Amazing?

What's included:

  • 16-52 weeks of educational content to teach you how to look and feel like a million bucks for the rest of your life!
  • 16-52 weeks of diet, sleep, movement, exercise tracking by an experienced health coach
  • 16-52 weeks of personalised diet plans tailored to your body. Plans that WORK.
  • 16-52 weeks of training programs that you can do from a gym, a park or a hotel room. Full videos and instructions included.
  • Weekly review emails, tracking your progress, providing feedback and explaining what needs to change.
  • Daily SMS motivational messages.
  • Unlimited phone, email or SMS support for 52 weeks from your Coach
  • A new YOU! More energy, less joint pain, lower body fat levels, increased sex drive, improved hair and skin quality... I could go on.

But best of all, you're signing up to create a change. A change so profound you will wish you had started this program years ago!


Do You Feel Like You're Missing Something? 

Do you feel like you're missing something?

You have the good job, you have experience and expertise, you have the nice home, you eat at fancy restaurants, you travel in style, perhaps you have a beautiful partner and loving children. Some would say you have it all...

You could nod in agreement right?

However, you know something is lacking. You understand the importance of immaterial assets - that’s why you possess and value relationships - business & personal. That’s why you work so hard, to support your family, your children. You continuously learn - your experience, expertise and knowledge is what sets you apart from others.

Not only to you understand and value these things, you possess them. This is great, important. And you should be proud of what you have attained. But you aren't content. There’s a piece in this puzzle called life that you're missing...

You look down at your stomach, or maybe it's a mirror. You're overweight. You're not proud of how you look. Your body isn't what it used to be. You try justify this as being the 'norm' and that it doesn't matter because you have everything else... But deep down you know it does matter to you...

It's not only how you look on the outside, it's also how you feel. The brain fog, the stiffness, the aches and pains, energy slumps, lack of libido... I could go on right?

You know this doesn't have to be the case. You have peers who seem to be a picture of health and wellness. You try all the protocols, fitness regimes and fancy pills. But nothing seems to work. Or if it does it's not sustainable. Work, family, hobbies all require your time and attention, you can't dedicate hours a day to exercising or drinking special 'superfood smoothies'.


It Doesn't Have To Be This Way 

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way? You would be rather skeptic right - you've heard it all before... But what if I told you that you've been doing everything wrong. You have been misled, exploited, distracted. And now you are a confused skeptic in a worst position that where you started.... Sound familiar?

What if I told you that you could regain the health, body and vitality of your younger days? You definitely wouldn't believe me right?

And if I told you that to achieve these things you could eat chocolate, skip gym sessions, get rid of your Personal trainer - heck even your gym membership, add butter to everything, even have a glass of wine with dinner you would think I was bat shit crazy right? Since I'm fine with the crazy label I might as well continue!

 If I told you that I could fix your cravings, balance your hormones, get you sleeping deeply, revive your libido, and sculpt your body in a way you didn't think was possible - all by simply exercising only 60minutes a week, eating chocolate and reading some material you would scoff. And no that wasn't a typo. You only need about 60minutes of exercise a week to achieve this (that’s 60minutes in a 7-day period if I didn't make it clear enough).

If you're thinking I'm a complete nutcase then I'm happy, and you should be to. Why? Because every individual that I have transformed started off as a skeptic who thought had doubts that a program like this could work. But at the same time they were keen to try something. I actually think that this worked to their advantage. It meant there was a lot for them to learn. A lot for them to change!


 After following Alex’s Program I have dropped from an XL shirt to a medium. And a 36 to a very skinny 32 and still dropping! True it is that My wife tells me I’ve hit new levels of skinniness!!
Not only that, everyone is telling me I look 10 years younger. Alex’s program is not your normal ‘don’t eat diet’, it is unique but most importantly it has delivered some incredible results by increasing my ability to concerntrate, by increasing my immunity, by detoxing over a period of time and becoming a lot calmer.

Most importantly I think Alex helps you understand the why behind issues you might have pre conceived ideas about.If you are looking for a health and body overhaul, I really recommend you speak with Alex about his programme.

Fraser Short. Class of Febuary 2017




Look AND Feel Amazing

The Program was designed to help people look good naked, feel amazing and simply become healthy & resilient to illness. Basic desires that should be the norm not the exception but unfortunately so many of us feel as if these things require too much hard work or are simply not unattainable. Think for a moment, are you happy with how you look? Do you feel great from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed? And are you healthy - how often are you rundown, ill or simply feeling 'off'?

It's funny because as my career as a Personal Trainer lengthens, I find more and more clients that I work with don't meet any of these 'health fundamentals'. They realize that and hence why they come to a Personal Trainer. I now realize the PT is not the answer to their problem. Like I said before, you've been doing everything wrong. Everyone has. Look around your workplace - how many are truly 'healthy'? Yet how many go to the gym, buy their groceries from the health store and read the fitness magazines?

People with the cars, the flash apartments, and the high paying job don't need a personal trainer to look good naked and feel amazing, a PT is only one small piece in the puzzle to achieving that goal. In fact, I will straight up admit that it's not even needed. Remember, I am a Personal Trainer.

The gym isn't really required when it comes to achieving health and a body you're confident in. There I said it. There will be trainers at my door with pitch forks tomorrow!

I mean it helps, but again, it plays such a small role in changing the body (from a health & wellness point of view) and in fact can cause harm if over used. The toxin is in the dose.

I'd even wager a small sum that the below two points apply to you:

  1. Not everyone wants to be an athlete. Training an athlete is VERY different to training for someone who simply wants to look good and feel great.
  2.  It doesn't matter how many sessions you do, how many pounds you lift, how many pushups you can do, how many hours you spend in the gym, how many calories your burn on the cardio machine - it doesn't seem to be correlated with your health and fitness progress.

Was I right?

Why does it not matter how many times you enter the gym? How many times you get your ticket punched so to speak?

Because it's what happens in the 23 hours OUTSIDE of the gym that matter most.


You'll never hear this in your gym magazines or from your trainer. They want you to upgrade your memberships, do extra sessions, buy more training shirts etc. etc.


PT's Are Often Not Needed For Health Changes

Yes, I'm a PT, and yes I make my money training clients in a gym. The more sessions I do, the more money I make. Yet here I am saying that less is more, stop worrying about getting to the gym 5x a week - instead settle with 1 session a week (I'm serious) and focus on everything else that your body goes through each and every day. I can say this with confidence because I learnt a valuable lesson.

And I learnt the hard way.

My own health/sports journey went from being a top level athlete - pushing hard, looking for an edge - to me being burnt out, sick, tired and unable to train. And don't get me started on the joint stiffness, low libido, lethargy, reliance on stimulants such as coffee, the desire to go on a 'sleeping holiday', struggling to get out of bed in the morning - longing bed all day only to feel wired and alert come night time... I was a mess, despite winning bodybuilding championships, having 6 pack abs, and being a 25-year-old guy. I was so far from being healthy it was ridiculous. I was sick. Not your typical fever, and vomiting sick, but a sickness that was with me every minute of the day. Grinding away at my body and mind.

My recovery process was a wild journey that I'll save for another day, but throughout this process I learnt ALOT. I worked with some of the worlds top health experts, I studied course after course to the point where the tax department started questioning whether I was working or studying, I read like crazy, and spent more money on lab tests than a scientist would with rats. My competitive drive led me to want to know WHY I got sick, HOW to recover and WHAT to do to ensure it never happens again - for myself and my clients.

The key lesson I learnt is this - Seek optimal health - everything else falls in line when you're healthy. You wake without an alarm. You have a healthy sex drive, you don't desire naps let alone coffee, you don't crave sugar, your mind works without a constant fog hanging over it, you have a good level of fitness & strength (you don't get puffed walking 2 flights of stairs and you can move furniture without any back or joint pain!), you recover faster from colds & flus than your peers (if you catch bugs at all) oh and you look bloody good. Your skin glows, your hair is thick, your muscles are toned and you possess a body that can do the things we were built to do.

You look healthy & fit.


You're Sick 

Some people may disagree with what I'm about to say, some may even refer to it as 'fat shaming', but I'm a realist and sometimes the truth hurts, so here goes:

If you are fat you are sick.

Think about it for a minute. Think about what 'health' looks like to you. Find that image in your head. Heck, do a google search if you have to, pull it up on your screen.

Let me guess - you have an image of someone with good muscle tone, nice skin, not to big but not skin & bones either. They have some muscle definition - but not popping veins and muscles that look like they'll explode.

Sound about right?

My point is this - if you were healthy, the body wouldn't have fat accumulated over the belly, under the chin, around the chest (for men). Sure some fat is actually needed and in particular times of one's lives it can be beneficial. But that belly fat is not needed or beneficial - in fact, levels of abdominal fat are highly correlated with increased risk of disease such as heart disease and cancer...


“I engaged with Alex in early 2015. Since working with Alex, I have more energy and I have physical and mental stamina and resilience that has propelled me forward and enables me to take on more and deal with more, and be more effective. Not only do I feel great, but I look better as well! Highly recommended. ”

Craig Manson. CEO

Bringing this back to my experiences as a PT, in the past if a client came to me saying 'I want to lose this belly fat' I'd work them hard in the gym. 4 sessions a week at a minimum. Oh and they would be INTENSE sessions! Combine that with a few herbal fat burners and some tweaks to their diet and I'd hope for the best. If someone wasn't getting the results, I'd up their workout load and tighten up their diet and hope a little harder!

Now days, if someone comes to me in this situation, I do the complete opposite. I talk them out of training. They don't need someone to motivate them to get up at 5:30am, they don't need someone to count reps for them. Instead I put them on ‘The Program’. In fact, in the first 6 weeks on ‘The Program’, there is no gym training - not one session. No intervals, no weights, no circuits, no runs, no cardio (there’s no cardio at all on ‘The Program’), no crazy fat loss metcon workouts, nothing like that.


6 weeks off exercise. Coaches orders.

You're sick, so we fix the illness. Once your health is improving, then we can look at doing some training - I say some - as you only need one or two sessions a week to reap the benefits of exercise. And The Program only includes 2 sessions a week - 1 strength day and 1 interval day. But more on this later.

So how do I turn someone's health around so they're on the path towards optimal health? Well that's where they do need someone to motivate, support, educate and guide. Undoing years of poor diet, poor sleep, poor lifestyle choices takes time to correct.

And there is a lot to correct. The Program is designed to fix:

- Your sleep - by addressing circadian biology and light cycles. The body wants to sleep. We just send it so many mixed signals from light, stress, and food that it never knows when it should sleep. Realign the body with natural cycles and you'll sleep better than you have in years.

 - Your energy - by retraining the liver and body to run off clean burning fat as a fuel, and allowing the body to utilize gluconeogenesis - the ability of the body to convert protein to glucose. A metabolic process that many in the western world haven't utilized since they were a baby.

 - Your Mind - By educating you on how to achieve health and what caused you to stray from optimal health (the body seeks health remember - it takes a lot of effort and inferior choices over many years to lose this health) while also clarifying a few misconceptions or half truths that exist in society on health, diet and fitness.

- Your Gut - Your gut is the bodies second brain. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine & serotonin are all linked to gut health. The fuel and nutrients your body run on all rely on a healthy gut. The saying goes 'it's not what you eat, it's what you absorb'. The Program begins with an extensive gut reset protocol, healing your gut with beneficial bacteria, nourishing foods, while removing damaging foods and toxins. This change alone often brings about more improvements in one's health in 4 weeks than they have seen over years of dieting and training.

- Your cravings - Leptin - a hormone released from the fat cells - stops you from overeating. It's a satiety hormone - telling the brain "that’s enough, stop eating now". The funny thing is that the more fat you accumulate, the more leptin that is released. A perfect negative feedback loop you would think. Unfortunately, due to the technological advancements of man over the past few thousand years, we have developed ways to short circuit this loop, those who are overweight and still crave more food have developed leptin resistance. The 'stop eating' signals no longer work. Leptin is still widely unheard of in the mainstream media, many don't realise how it plays such a big role in fat gain or fat loss. What caused this leptin resistance? Think sugar, refined foods, fruits available all year round, central heating, drugs, artificial light - yes this may all sound crazy, but you will learn all about this on ‘The Program’ - more importantly, there are protocols in place to ensure that any resistance is reversed. After the gut reset protocol, we work on the Leptin Reset protocol - increasing your bodies sensitivity to leptin. Fix this and you fix all sorts of things. Namely cravings, you will find you don't need to eat nearly as much as you used to, and yet you'll have more energy and feel full for far longer.

 - Your mobility & your body- The way you move is important for one’s health. Think about the body - what's the most vital part? Our brain. Without the brain we are simply meat. Everything else in our body 'works' for our brain.

The brain, like muscles require energy. The skeleton and all it's supporting 'systems' exist to find food for the brain. We are not plants, locked into one spot. We were designed to move to find food and reproductive partners. Today we don't have to hunt and gather for this food. We simply to stop at the shop on the way home. This atrophies the body. The body literally wastes away. Use it or lose it. Sure muscles lose size, but bones weaken, and joints stiffen. You become tight, stiff, weak. Combine this with our modern movement patterns (or lack thereof) - constant sitting, driving, lounging around etc. and the process worsens.

On The Program sure we get you moving (I track how many steps you take each week), but we also focus on re-teaching the body to move the way it was designed to move - back pain will be eliminated, joint mobility restored. This doesn't involve crazy gym sessions, or fancy machines. All it requires is some movement (in the form of walking) and a few specialised exercises. As well as this, we stress the muscles once a week in a 10-15 minute session to tell the body “don't go - this muscle is required”. Keep you fit, strong, toned, agile and healthy!

- Plus much, much, more

Your insulin sensitivity will improve (decreasing your risk for diabetes and Alzheimer's), your liver detoxifying pathways will improve (allowing your body to cope with the increasing load of toxins found in out modern world), your brain function will improve - memory, cognitive function, thought processes all sharpen and finally your lab markers will improve. You will become healthier.



Crazy? Maybe. But crazy works.

My clients who have followed ‘The Program’ have all had massive benefits:

  • - dropping from 24% body-fat levels into the teens (revealing an ab outline that has never been seen before in his lifetime),
  • - losing body fat while adding lean muscle mass (the holy-grail of body change!),
  • - wearing a bikini with confidence for the first time in years (without having to on crash diets that do more harm than good),
  • - being able to walk around an 18-hole golf course without getting knee or back pain,
  • - sleeping 7.5 hours solid for the first time in a very, very long time,
  • - losing 18kgs of weight in the first 3 months of The Program,
  • - learning & understanding more from ‘The Program's’ education course than many health books were able to achieve,
  • - going 12 hours without a meal during the day without even thinking about food,
  • - sleeping better than ever,
  • - eliminated Symptoms from autoimmune issues that they thought they'd never get rid of
  • - improving their sex life,
  • - walking past sweets such as chocolate and cakes without even being tempted...


14 weeks into the Program

I could continue, these are all comments from clients on my Program. If you'd like to hear more I will happily give you the contact details of these clients and you can ring or email them to hear their feedback for themselves.

Why does my coaching Program work? It's simple really, it makes people healthy. We reset hormonal sensitivity and address hormonal issues, and reset the bodies processes to work the way they are meant to work. Fix this and you fix everything. There’s a saying that pops up on the web from time to time, it goes like this "Calories matter but hormones matter more". This sums up the Program perfectly (I also promise you will never count calories on The Program!)

The last four months have been AMAZING… I am truly feeling the benefits of our new and improved healthy lifestyle.
We can’t thank you enough… And I am so excited with what can be achieved over the next 8 months!
Just a few highlights

  • I more aware of negativity in my life and working towards avoiding or removing it
  • I am sleeping so much better and waking up feeling fresh and full of energy
  • My clothes feel loose and I need to go shopping!
  • My skin and hair feel great.
  • My partner and I are loving broth and have it everyday
  • I am feeling happier!!!
  • And finally ….I have not had any major health symptoms since starting the program. Seriously…. This is huge!

What can I say… you have changed our lives for the better.
Thank you Alex

Alanna Khodeir. Class of June 2017



The best way to fix hormones isn't through patches, creams or injections, its by changing the environment, diet, light cycles and movement patterns that a body is exposed to. One of Americas top Neurosurgeons is a big believer in fixing these things before undergoing surgery or prescribing drugs (he is one of the health experts I have/am learning from). He talks about this process as 'Performing brain surgery without a scalpel'. We're literally rewiring the brain so it works the way it was designed to work.


What Actually Is Included In This Program?

Now if you're wondering what actually is The Program? Well that’s a great question. It's many things:

- A comprehensive ongoing education program (teaching you what went wrong and how to fix it - at the end of The Program you should be able to continue to maintain your health and body forever - never needing to pay another health coach, PT, maybe even a doctor again)


- A minimalist training program - 6 weeks no intense training. Then we do ONE strength session a week that only lasts 15minutes (I'm serious) along with ONE interval session a week - a total of 45mins of training a week for the body and health of your dreams. I'm not making this up. The science is solid and so are the results. Throw in some mobility work (20mins) twice a week and a decent walk every day and your training is covered. Oh and I should mention that you don't even need a gym membership. ALL of this can be done from your home without any accessories. You could do it all in your hotel room if you're travelling. (Note - if you have more serious performance/aesthetic goals or enjoy training, then I will accomodate these goals and tailor a personalised program for you - remember I have a bodybuilding and powerlifting background - if you want squats, you'll get squats! I'm just saying that to achieve the results on my program you actually don't need squats!)


A rough guide/schedule to the exercise requirement of the Program

- An Comprehensive diet protocol - This is split into various components, we fix your gut, we address leptin sensitivity, we work on retraining the body to run off fat and not require carb hits all day long. We work in fasting to help cell health and improve longevity. Everything is mapped out, with detailed guides, FAQ's and sample meal plans for those who would rather follow a plan.


- Extensive Testing - All who sign up to The Program are required to undergo various hormonal and blood testing panels. We need to find out what’s wrong so we can fine tune what to fix. There’s a saying that I really like - "You cannot manage what you do not measure". Not only do we use these results to fine tune your diet, sleep, training and supplement program, but we use them as markers to track results and your performance. (Note, the costs associated with the lab testing are not included in the Program Cost.)


- Accountability & Support - This is a huge component to The Program. You will have unlimited support from myself - questions, queries, concerns - I'm here for you. Heading out for a special dinner, unsure what to eat? No worries, let me know and I'll provide some solutions. Struggling with something on the program? let me know and I'll help out. Along with that I monitor your meals (you snap photos of all your meals using a neat app - I then provide feedback), your sleep (using a wearable, I monitor your sleep trends - are you sleeping enough, what can be changed etc.), your training (the small amount of training you do is delivered straight to your phone, with videos, descriptions and past stats all present - I see your workout sessions and can make tweaks or provide feedback if required), your health (I work with a top functional medicine doctor who works with clients located all around the world to interpret your lab results, what it means for you and what we can do to improve your health) plus a lot more. You will get more support on more areas of your health & wellness than most professional athletes receive! If you would like to lock in a regular skype call then we can do that (and I recommend doing this!), there are no extra fees, this is included in the price so make the most of it.


All This Over 1 Full Year!  (if you choose the 52 week option - I also offer a shorter 16 week option) - Making change takes time. The Program runs for a full 12 months. During this time I monitor and track EVERYTHING on a daily basis (sleep, training, steps, diet etc). If you do something that isn't helping your cause you'll hear about it within 24 hours!

Along with this daily monitoring, I provide unlimited support.  For example, we frequently catch up over skype/phone/email/in person to answer any questions, provide support, tweak the program/training to suit etc. Think of this as unlimited consultations with me for a year.

Along with all these features, you will be in a small group of fellow clients on The Program. There is a communal private group where you can discuss or share ideas if you wish (this is completely optional). Plus, you will receive a weekly 'scorecard' reviewing your week’s efforts for the duration of the 12 month program. This review tracks your progress, what’s coming up and also scoring you against the others in your group. If you're slacking on the sleep front it will show up in this score card.

Sample Scorecard - Feedback for you, insights for me.

Again, you can ignore this if you like, it's up to you. But the data does show who is putting in the effort and will often serve as a great 'wakeup call' if your effort starts to slip. It's also a great way for me to track your progress and provide feedback, support and to discover potential problem areas (for example, your meals may be great, your sleep perfect, but you may be missing out on the weekly steps requirement - I can work with you 1 on 1 to address this - providing ideas and solutions or even workarounds).


The end product is an extremely comprehensive protocol that works. Every client that has been on The Program for the duration of the course has had positive results (in health and how they look). Every one. I'm so proud of this, yet I'm not surprised. Why? Because The Program works. It's that simple.


The Path To A New You 

I've walked many paths before, I've researched various routes. I've even tried taking some short cuts. And I'm sure you have done the same.


But I've finally found a path that works. The path I provide you is the best path for you. It will get you to where you want to be. But it's only a map. I can show you the way, I can provide support, education and assistance, but I cannot take the steps for you. Follow The Program, do the work and you will reach your goals. If someone makes it to the end of the program and hasn't put in the work then I cannot guarantee results, and thus I cannot offer a refund. To control for this, it's easy. I mentioned earlier a weekly scorecard - I score you on how well you're doing each week. If your average score is below a certain threshold it shows to me you didn't put the effort in, you're probably not going to get results and you're not eligible for my refund offer. Fair? I think it's pretty fair. Don't worry - the score is an average - if you slip one week, you can make up for it and get back on track the following week.


So this is it, a program built after years of experience, education and experimentation. A program that's been tried and tested and that works. A program that will allow you to achieve the health, body and wellness that you probably thought was unattainable, a program that has all the key requirements to ensure your success - an experienced coach, unlimited support, accountability, education and explanation, competitive motivation, fellowship amongst peers going through the same process in similar situations, and a money back guarantee. What have you got to lose? If you sign on, and 12 months later haven't improved (I'm yet to have someone who hasn't improved though) despite learning a few things, you get the cost of the program back.  Chances are the path you're currently heading down isn't a path that will bring about health, longevity and a body that looks good naked anytime soon?

I had been training in the gym with Alex for a few years now, however it wasn't until July last year I signed up to his lifestyle program. Since then I've lost 10kgs, dropped 9% body fat, given up beer completely, sleeping better, feeling stronger and I'm truck loads healthier (haven't been sick once since starting). I've learnt more about health in 9 months than I have in 37yrs.

Since beginning on Alex’s program I’ve had three mates join Alex's program purely based off my results (with three more mates are starting in the next round.) One mate has already dropped 20kgs, 13% body fat and looking incredible - all this in 7 months. My other two mates have all lost > 10kgs and all feel great (they only started 4 months ago).

Alex isn’t you're normal meat head trainer, it's nothing to do with lifting heavier weights for him (although he has won an Australian title for body building), he will completely change your understanding of being healthy and what the real meaning of it is. He tracks everything from steps taken throughout the day to each meal, how many hours you're sleeping through to monitoring your heart rate each morning. It's full on and it takes a shitload of commitment, but I GUARANTEE you, you do what he says, and you lose a ton of weight.

I should reiterate, this program is a big commitment - it's not worth your time or money if your not going to take this full on.

Chad Walker. Class of October 2016


What Would You Pay To Look & Feel Amazing For The Rest Of Your Life? 

Now I'm sure you're wondering about price. Clients who have changed their body, their health, their lives on this Program tell me that there it's impossible to put a figure on the benefits they have seen. The feel better, they look better, they perform better, they have more energy, their health markers improved.... What would you pay for all this? How much do you value your health?

If someone offered you a way to achieve all these things (looking good naked, feeling great, slowing the ageing process, improved health & resilience) for a price, what would you pay? The value of a set of new tyres on your car? Your yearly running & maintenance costs on your car? Or even a new car itself? Maybe even more?

Remember your car is replaceable, your body is not. Think about how much money you spend on tuning your car, cleaning your car, paying the mechanic etc. etc. Now compare this with your body - your body is more complex, more powerful, more important and will bring more return on investment than any material asset (think about your job - what’s your prized asset? Your body and it's brain right?). Knowing this, how do you value your body and your health in relation to the value of a car?

What about if it was paid daily. Every morning you woke up and someone charged you a sum in return for the guidance to reach optimal health (and all the fruits it brings) what would give him? The price of a haircut? The price of a quality lunch? The price of an hour with a Personal Trainer?

I'm not having you carry out these think-tasks to prepare you for an astronomical price, in fact it's the opposite. You will be pleasantly surprised at the value of The Program, but I want you to make sure you realise how beneficial this value is, especially because so many people don't blink at a mechanic’s bill, or a house renovation quote, yet are horrified at the thought of paying for some blood tests on themselves!



“Life changing! This is more than a fat program, this is a lifestyle, health, performance, sleep, and nutrition program. Alex has done an amazing job of condensing his vast range of experience and knowledge into easy to understand and concise takeaway points."

Sam Moles. Sales Director.


What’s Included:

For the price of less than 3 PT sessions a week, or the price of a top quality lunch with you and a friend you receive:


- Unlimited support & Coaching from yours truly (phone calls, emails, sms etc.) Not to mention all the feedback I give you on your training, sleep, stress state, labs, meals and much more!


- A 16-52-week course designed to educate you on why you have strayed from optimal health, what you can do to change this around and how - all delivered in bite size, easy to understand weekly chunks. Learn everything I know about health & wellness – and discover it the way I did, in small bite size, easy to take in and understand chunks. Oh and I should mention everything I teach in this course is scientifically backed and proven.


- 16-52 weeks of training all mapped out for you and your goal, all of which can be done in your backyard or even in a hotel gym if desired. Plus, this only requires 90 minutes or less of your time in a week. This training will improve your posture, your mobility, your strength, your fitness, and your body image. I guarantee!


- Comprehensive diet & supplement protocols tailored to your goals, and your health mapped out over various stages for 52 weeks. This includes a gut reset protocol, a hormonal leptin reset, a fat loss/health protocol, then finally an advanced longevity and optimal health protocol. This is carried out over 52 weeks as we first need to heal the gut, heal the body, correct the hormonal imbalances THEN work towards optimal health and performance. I should mention that these diet & supplement protocols are very comprehensive - they're more than a simple 'weekly sample plan' (though these are included). On top of all this, I will be monitoring and tracking what you're eating to make sure you're on the right path.


- 16-52 weeks of tools and tracking to help monitor your sleep, your movement levels, your recovery state and much much more. Yes, I oversee all of this and provide feedback, but I also educate you to learn what this data means - enabling you to find patterns in regards to what works best for you in your quest for optimal health. At the end of the 52-week Program you should have all the tools, knowledge and experience to maintain (or continue to improve) your new found health & physical attributes.

I will recommend various activities and lifestyle changes to help you reach your goal

And I will be tracking to see whether you have done these tasks - providing encouragement when needed and the thumbs up when due!


-16-52 weeks’ access to all the platforms/tools/apps required to help you follow the program, learn from others and track your progress. The Program utilises some of the latest tech gadgets and software to monitor your progress, and deliver all the tools, information, resources and support you need - all straight to your laptop or smartphone.

Heart Rate Variability - You will use this revolutionary technology to track your recovery and stress state. I use this information to help monitor your progress and fine tune your personalised program.  

- Access to a private community of peers undergoing The Program - you will all be part of a private and exclusive group, a place to share thoughts, ideas, post questions or report on progress. You will also be tracked on effort amongst your peers. You will be able to see how your effort compares to the single mum running 2 businesses, or the CEO of giant law firm. Some may see this as a competitive and use it to push their progress forward, other's may be more curious to see how they compare to others. You will be able to interact with your peers in the private group if you wish. Otherwise you continue on this journey on your own.


- But more important than all of this - you will be on an exclusive program that has been shown numerous times to improve health, improve performance, and improve the way you look.



"If you are motivated to make changes to your health and fitness I highly recommend Alex’s coaching program where not only will you learn more about diet, health and fitness than you thought possible but it will set you up for a lifetime of good health.

Over the last couple of years I have done all of the specialized pathology testing for Alex’s clients and have seen first hand the transformations that Alex’s clients have achieved. While the clients are feeling fitter and healthier than they ever have, the part that I like to see is the great improvements in their lab test results, it is the positive changes to inflammation markers, hormones and cardiovascular health that are going to last for years to come if you keep up the knowledge that you have learnt.

When I review the lab test results with Alex’s clients and see that they have to make big changes to avoid or reverse chronic health problems, I know that they are in good hands with proven protocols that work."

Michael Smith. Planet Naturopath


The Secret Sauce

The key to the success of my coaching program is not the diet and training protocols I utilise. The fundamental reason behind the health and body changes that my clients get is due to the SUPPORT. Think about it, if weight loss and health improvement were so easy - why do people consistently fail?

If dieting and health was a simple as 'just sticking with it' you wouldn't be reading this. Consistency & adherence is difficult when relying on willpower. Why is this? Research has shown that will power is a limited resource. It fatigues just like a muscle with ongoing use. That explains why you can skip the muffin at 9am but cave in at 3pm. As the day goes on you 'fatigue' that will power 'muscle' (side note - I will help you with tips and tricks to help with increasing will power and also show you ways to help reduce or remove these that drain your will power reserves).

Again, if it were this easy to make change I would write a book that explains all my protocols and sell that. But that's not my value add, and those 'protocols' aren't the reason behind my clients continuous success.

With my coaching program I help develop new mindsets around food, training and heath. I educate, explain and use real life practical examples. I help you create your own healthy habits, giving you reason for change rather than simply telling you what to change. This is why my program has lasting results.

As well as the education I offer a ton of support. I limit my client intake to ensure every client gets the attention that they deserve. I hold you accountable every single day. If I notice your sleep data hasn't come through, or you're not logging your meals, or you haven't performed a task that you said you would, then I'll be reaching out to see if everything's ok. If something's wrong then I will provide the necessary support and guidance.

I do this on a daily basis. Whether you are in the world.

You will also receive feedback and 'constructive criticism' on your diet, sleep, training, movement.... If something needs tweaking to optimise your performance then I will help with this. And remember this is a two way street - you can reach out to me for advice, guidance and encouragement whenever you require it.

This is the true secret to my coaching programs success. Support. Encouragement. Feedback. Accountability. Education. Time. This is why my program is so different to all the other diet programs out there.

Look at any successful individual - whether it's an athlete, an executive, a student, a performer... they all have something common - they all utilise coaches, mentors, advisors. These people call on their coach for all the things that I provide in my coaching program - accountability, support, guidance, feedback and a road map to follow. Also, the coach can bring knowledge and experience to the individual that they don't have themselves - or maybe they don't have the time or resources to learn everything that sit's inside the coaches brain. There is no shame to doing this - you focus on what you're good at and continue to grow by reaching out to other experts in their own field. Even I utilise outside help - I have my own health coach, my own training coach, mentors and advisors.


An Opportunity Not To Be Missed 

So that's The Program! I'm proud of what I have built and pleased that I am able to help others with their health issues. I'm also excited with the opportunity to share this with your I would like to invite you to join my next class - I only run two 52 week classes a year - A start date every 6 months. And I limit the amount of people in each class to ensure that I can provide all the support, guidance and monitoring that is required for success. 


The next start date will be 2018 and at the time of writing I only have a few opening’s left. The June start date is very popular with those living in the Southern hemisphere (I should mention that The Program is delivered all online, it doesn't matter where you live, or if you travel a lot etc. everything is done online. I have clients on The Program whom I have never met in person) as you do most of the hard work over winter, then come the end of the year you have a new body and renewed energy to showoff and enjoy over summer!


Again, I only have a few spots left at the time of writing this article, and I'm sure they will fill fast. If you miss out, you can always look at joining up in 2018. But that’s 6+ months of wasted time, energy and money spent going down the wrong path.


Prior to starting The Program, their is an on-boarding/setup process that takes place a few weeks prior, so the last date for signup (if I haven't filled all the spots already) is a a few weeks prior to kickoff to ensure everyone can purchase the necessary items, carry out the lab tests and download the required apps etc.


I'm sure this is a lot to digest, and you probably have a ton of questions, so feel free to send these through to me or give me a call to discuss anything.


If you are reading this it means I think you would be well suited to The Program. This isn't for everyone, it does require a lot of effort, some financial outlay, and most importantly - a desire to change. If you don't possess that desire to make change then this program will not work (and no other program will) until you seek change. I believe you do possess this desire, hence why I'm sending it to you.


Before I leave you to contemplate joining my program, I'd like to leave you with a closing thought:


A. Einstein once said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results". If doing the same training, with the same trainer, eating the same foods on the same diet and living the same lifestyle isn't producing the changes you desire - despite you thinking it's the best way to bring about said change - then maybe it's time to stop and try something else... as uncomfortable as it may be.


Speak soon,



PS. I need to reiterate that this ins't your typical ' 12 week challenge', and there is more to it than simply a PDF with a diet plan and a spreadsheet with a workout program. This is big, it's a commitment and it's not for everyone.

Before committing, I ask that you read through the following checklist. If you cannot meet the points below then my Program may not be for you. But as always - contact me if you have questions about this.

Pre Program Checklist. 

You must be able to:

  1. Invest an 1-2 hours a week reading my emails and all the attached content.
  2. Be able to track all your meals, steps and sleep - I will provide the tools to do this.
  3. Limit the amount of meals eaten out - especially in the few weeks.
  4. Eliminate all alcohol consumption for the first 4 weeks.
  5. Be able to spend 30minutes a week doing 'soft exercise' (stretches, yoga, pilates etc that I will provide).
  6. Be able to spend an extra 60minutes a week doing strength & sprint exercise (after a 6 week break)
  7. Understand that to create change you must make change. Your current lifestyle/diet/believes etc are obviously flawed otherwise you would not be in this position. You must be open to new methods and ideas and not remain ‘stuck in your ways’.
  8. Understand that there are also extra setup costs for things like lab testing, supplements and books (not included in the program costs). The total of these costs range from $1000 to $3000+ depending on what lab tests you want done, whether you want to buy all the recommended products (like an IR sauna) etc.
  9. Understand that this is a long term fix - it is not a 2 week 'magic fix'. Results will be slow, there will be many ups and downs, but you will achieve the results if you knuckle down for the duration.
  10. Understand that in the first 4 weeks we follow a restrictive diet that may mean eating out is difficult - instead you may be required to prepare your own meals and or use a personal chef or meal delivery agency (I will help with this).
  11. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will be tested and will have to go out of your comfort zone.
  12. Finally, accept that your Results reflect your Intentions. 


 If you can commit to all these points and want to secure a spot in my next coaching intake, please scroll back to the top of the page and select 'Purchase offer'. Alternatively, contact me at [email protected] or +64 027 383 2324 with any questions you may have.


Looking For The Ultimate Health Changing Package?

I also offer a package where I spend 2 days with you in your home city - taking you on a private shopping tour, training you myself, helping you build a personalised meal schedule, educating your family as to what you are doing and shadowing you throughout your day. The end result - a further tailored packaged to suit your lifestyle. PLUS, I invite you to come and stay with me in my home for 3 nights. I will pick you and your partner up from the airport, we will eat only the best food - fresh, organic, local, grassfed etc. Drink organic wine, I will train you in my home gym, I will help you with your goals, with your program and with anything else that you require assistance with.

I should also mention that I live right on the beach, with fish seafood (snapper, mussels, flounder) only a stones throw away. We have an organic garden, we have access to organic raw milk, organic wine, organic cheese, grassfed export quality meat AND there is ZERO EMF exposure - meaning you will get the best sleep of your life!

If you seek the ultimate change in your life, then go with my ultimate package (of course the coaching program is included in this package). We can arrange dates for the home visits to suit you at a later date. I guarantee that you will learn more in these 2 home visits than you will in 6 months in my coaching course.


Interested But Is It Too Much of a Commitment?

If you are super serious about changing your health, but don't like the idea of weekly 'homework tasks', nor do you want too spending hours finding the right food and learning how to train properly, then please contact me. I can also provide ultra exclusive personal health coaching. With this high level program I am actively working behind the scenes to ensure your meals, your home environment, your supplements, your training etc are all taken care of and arranged in a way to keep you in the best shape possible. 

I work closely with your support team (your personal assistant, your contracted pilots, yacht skippers, your personal chef, nannys, cleaners etc) to ensure everything is in place for your optimal health, allowing you to focus on your areas of expertise. If finances are not an issue and you want to solve your health issues by simply throwing money at the problem, this is the solution for you. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested about this.






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