Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep Your Coach Happy

Cleaning up your diet can be tough when it comes to breakfast choices. Many of my coaching program clients love learning that saturated fat shouldn't be avoided and commercial breakfast cereals aren't an ideal meal choice.

The first go to breakfast option for someone switching to a higher fat, more whole food diet (i.e. paleo, primal, aitkens, whole30, ancestral, low carb, keto, TheProgram etc) is bacon and eggs.

Add a side of organic steamed spinach and maybe a cup of bone broth and you have a well rounded meal.... for a while.

Bacon and eggs can get rather boring! I see it with my clients as they transition from a skim milk and bagel breakfast to a higher fat, real food type diet. 

Bacon and eggs for breakfast is great, for about 2 weeks!

So what other options are out there for breakfast? Options that are healthy (from a scientific sense, not a marketing sense!) and will also keep your trainer or health coach happy?

Below I share my top recommendations. Also, I have put together a 1 useful one page printout guide of these meal ideas and recipes. You can print that out HERE.

Healthy, Program Approved Breakfast Ideas

Before I continue, I need to point out that there are many definitions of 'healthy'. That is a topic for another blog. 

The below meals are all 'healthy' by my program standards. 

Meaning, these meals are great for clients on my health program. On this program I score my clients meals using a star system. Under each of the following breakfast meal ideas you will see the relevant score for the meal based on the protocol they are following. For non-clients of mine, please ignore these references.

AF Smoothie

This is a very filling, high fat smoothie. It is great on a day when you don't have time for a sit down meal but need something to 'tick all the boxes'. Below is a low carb version of the smoothie, but for added carbs could add some organic fruit, raw milk or raw honey.


  • 1/3 can of BPA Free coconut cream (or coconut milk)
  • 2 egg yolks (from free range chickens)
  • 1t creatine
  • 1 square of dark (90%+) chocolate (if chocolate is allowed)
  • 1/4 avocado (more if you want a thicker smoothie, leave out if you want a liquid smoothie)
  • 1t cinnamon
  • 1T of cold press whey protein concentrate
  • 1T of your favourite greens powder (optional) I recommend Nuzest Good Greenstuff.
  • a few drops of stevia for taste (optional)
  • ice or water if needed.

Blend together and enjoy.

For the full recipe and possible variants head to The Last Low Carb Smoothie Recipe You Will Ever Need.

  • Gut Reset - Avoid the chocolate. With Greens powder this is 4 points. Without greens it's 3 points. Ensure you have some bone broth later in the day.
  • All Other Protocols - When chocolate is allowed it is 4 points.

Bone Broth Smoothie

Yes this is a smoothie made with bone broth. No it's not soup Why? Because I said so! No in all seriousness, this is more than soup, it's a nutrient dense hot meal with a bone broth base.

I like my clients to consume at least 1 cup of bone broth a day, especially for the first few months during the gut reset phase (if you're wondering why I'm such a fan of broth, check out this article). So this broth smoothie is a great way to get your daily broth intake in, while also being a warm, nutritious and quick meal.


  • 1.5 cups of quality bone broth (beef or chicken is best)
  • 1 cup of vegetables  - cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, zucchini all work well here
  • 1/4 t salt
  • 1T of Grassfed Butter - Or coconut oil if you prefer
  • 1 or 2 Eggs - amount depends on how hungry you are!
  • Optional Herbs/Spices - Feel free to get creative and add some fresh or dried herbs for added flavour.
  1. Heat the bone broth. If you have some fresh broth simmering away in the pot or slow cooker, you can use this and add it straight to your blender. 
  2. If you have chilled broth, then heat the broth in a saucepan. If reheating, look at using 2 cups of broth as it may simmer down.
  3. Cook the vegetables. DO NOT use raw vegetables.  
  4. If your broth is already heated then steam or boil the vegetables separately. If you need to reheat the broth then boil the vegetables in the broth. 
  5. Pour broth and vegetables into the blender. Glass is best, if using plastic, ensure it's BPA free (especially as you are using hot liquids). 
  6. Add the fat and salt. Now is the time to add the butter or coconut oil to the blender.
  7. Blend for a 15-30seconds. Blend so that the soft vegetables turn to mush.
  8. Add eggs. Once the vegetables are blended into the broth, crack the egg(s) in and do a brief 2-3 second blend. You don't want to over-blend the eggs as it can oxidise the cholesterol in the yolk. A few seconds is plenty.
  9. Drink. 

And that is it! You now have a warm, tasty, satisfying, coach approved healthy drink to start your day.
For the guide please see my article on bone broth smoothie. 

  • All Program Protocols - This will earn you 4 points. Extra Liver? Add some liver (powder or freshly cooked) and this will get you 5 points (remember, you only need to have liver once a week!)

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Yes this is a mousse recipe. Yes it is Alex Fergus approved. Yes I am recommending it for breakfast!

This breakfast is a variation of the AF Smoothie I listed above. However it doesn't have the eggs and it has a lot more avocado. In turn it produces a thick mousse like texture, which is great if you prefer consuming your breakfast from a spoon and not a bottle!


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1/4 - 1/2 BPA free can of coconut cream
  • 1 scoop of a cold pressed grassfed Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Handful of raw macadamia nuts
  • 2t of organic cocoa powder (or 2 squares of an organic 90% chocolate)
  • 1/8t vanilla powder
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • Few drops of Stevia to sweeten if desired.  
  1. Blend all of the above together in a food processor or powerful blender until smooth. Serve immediately, or freeze for a frozen pudding.
  2. Garnish with chopped macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, cacao nibs or organic blueberries.

For the full recipe and a video of me making this, head to Avocado Chocolate Mousse Recipe So Healthy You Can Eat It For Breakfast.

  • Gut Reset Protocol - Avoid the chocolate and this will result in a 3 point meal. Have some greens powder and broth on the side to get it up to 4 points.
  • All other protocols - 3 points. Have some vegetables and broth on the side for the forth point.

AF Breakfast Coffee

This has been my go to breakfast choice of late. 

It's not a perfect meal in regards to point scoring, but it is a great option when you want a coffee fix and are pressed on time. Also note that this is not a low carb meal, so for those on a low carb protocol this is not suitable.

There are a few ways to make this, but here is my personal favourite:


  • Organic Coffee (I go with decaf)
  • 1t molasses (for it's nutrient density and small amount of sweetener)
  • 1T of gelatin powder
  • 1t cocoa powder
  • 1/2c Raw milk (or an organic unhomogenised full fat milk)
  • 1t grassfed butter
  • 2 egg yolks
  • sprinkle of sea salt
  1. Blend and drink!
  • Gut Reset Protocol - Not approved.
  • Leptin Reset Protocol - Ok on your weekend carb meal day. 3 points.
  • General Health Protocol - Ok on your weekend carb meal day, but you must go decaf. 3 points.
  • Optimal Health Protocol -  Ok on your weekend carb meal day, but you must go decaf. 3 points.
  • Ongoing Health Protocol - Ok any day of the week (decaf or normal). 3 points.
    Add vegetables (on the side or use a greens powder) to get the 4th point.

Grain Free Porridge

Missing a warm soul warming porridge? Unfortunatley if you are restricting grains this can be one dish that is hard to fit into the diet.

On my health program we eventually bring grains back in, but until then you might want to try this grain free porridge.


  • 3T coconut flakes (unsweetened)
  • 1/2c white rice
  • 1/2 can coconut cream
  • 1/2t vanilla 
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • banana (optional)
  • macadamia nuts
  • salt
  1. Cook the rice in coconut cream. Towards the end add the coconut flakes.
  2. Add salt, vanilla and spring water if needed.
  3. While it's still hot add in the banana if you are going for a higher carb meal.
  4. Serve hot, sprinkle over cinnamon and chopped macadamia nuts.
  5. If you wish you can add some raw milk or raw cream. 
  • Gut Reset Protocol - Ok on the weekend carb day. 3 points.
  • Leptin Reset Protocol - Ok on your weekend carb meal day. 3 points.
  • General Health Protocol - Ok on your weekend carb meal day. 3 points.
  • Optimal Health Protocol -  Ok on your weekend carb meal day. 3 points.
  • Ongoing Health Protocol - Ok any day of the week. 3 points.

Bulletproof Coffee

Adding butter to coffee was popularised by BioHacker Dave Asprey. 

If you are following a low carb or keto diet then Bulletproof coffee is often considered the holy grail of breakfast drinks. I wouldn't go that far (it only scores 3 points on my program) but it is a good option if you're time poor and craving coffee.

Also, as BulletProof coffee becomes more popular you will often see it available to buy in trendy cafes around the world (though sometimes the name will slightly differ) meaning it's a good basic option for those on the go.


  • 1 cup of organic coffee (decaf or normal)
  • 1t of Brain Octane Oil (or MCT oil)
  • 1T of unsalted butter
  1. Blend for 20seconds until foamy.

Sure a Bulletproof coffee is a great way to keep you in ketosis and the fats can be satiating, but it's not the best option for breakfast. 

The standard recipe is lacking in protein, so you could add some collagen powder or even egg yolks to up the protein content.

  • Gut Reset Protocol - Standard recipe 2 points. Add some collagen or egg yolks 3 points.
  • Leptin Reset Protocol - Standard recipe 2 points. Add some collagen or egg yolks 3 points. Note - decaf only during the week.
  • General Health Protocol - Standard recipe 2 points. Add some collagen or egg yolks 3 points. Note - decaf only on the weekend.
  • Optimal Health Protocol -  Standard recipe 2 points. Add some collagen or egg yolks 3 points. Note - decaf only on the weekend.
  • Ongoing Health Protocol - Standard recipe 2 points. Add some collagen or egg yolks 3 points.

Turmeric Latte Smoothie

This is a twist on the popular turmeric latte. I love a good turmeric latte and if I see it on a cafe menu I'm sure to order one. But, on their own they're not really a 'meal replacement'. Unless... you make some additions!


  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2t turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1t ground ginger
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil (or butter)
  • Raw honey or sweetener of choice to taste
  • Pinch of black pepper (optional)
  • 1T collagen powder
  • 2 egg yolks
  1. Warm the coconut milk in a saucepan. Do not boil.
  2. Add spices
  3. Add fats
  4. Add collagen powder.
  5. Blend until frothy
  6. Add yolks and blend for 2-3 seconds.
  7. Drink.
  • All Diet Protocols - 3 points. Add vegetables and broth (as a side, not in the smoothie!) for 4 points.

Other Meal Ideas?

The list above has some rather 'unusual' meal ideas. If you're wondering why I didn't list common breakfast options like omelettes and sweet potato hash, that is because these meals are exactly that - well known and common. 

Instead I wanted to provide suggestions for more unique meal ideas. Especially those that add variety, are healthy and score well on my program.

But if your creative juices aren't flowing, and you need a comprehensive list of potential breakfast ideas I have included a quick list below:

  • Omelette
  • Broth soup with meat and veggies
  • Smashed eggs and avocado with steamed greens and broth
  • Soft boiled eggs in broth with greens and raw cheese
  • Wild smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce and organic spinach
  • Leftover dinner
  • Organic fruit with full fat yoghurt and macadamia nuts (with a side of broth).

Hopefully this gives you a few options while you transition into this new way of eating!!

Handy Reference Guide

I have put together a handy one page reference guide that includes all these meal ideas, recipes and the meal score you will get if on my health program.

Download this guide by clicking here. 

Print this out and leave it on your fridge, or if your partner usually does the shopping or meal prep, give the guide to them. 

If you have any other meal ideas that you think readers would enjoy, please share them below in the comments or send them to me. I'm happy to add them to this article and give you all the credit!


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This blog post was written by Alex Fergus. Alex is an ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Professional and certified Superhuman Coach who continues to expand his knowledge base and help people across the world with their health and wellness. Alex is recognized as the National Record Holder in Powerlifting and Indoor Rowing and has earned the title of the Australian National Natural Bodybuilding Champion. Having worked as a health coach and personal trainer for over a decade, Alex now researches all things health and wellness and shares his findings on this blog. Learn more about Alex's Credentials HERE.

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