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Coach Alex Fergus - My Story

 Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Alex Fergus and I wanted to introduce myself and provide a bit of context about how I ended up coaching clients all around the world.

I grew up in rural New Zealand, naturally played a ton of rugby. Had my fair share of injuries and looking back, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to training and nutrition.

I loved competing and put my hand up for nearly every sporting competition at high school. One of which was indoor rowing - a sport set up for rowers to stay fresh and fit during the off season. Having never rowed before I trained my ass off on the local gyms Concept 2 ergs (in all the years I went to that gym, I don't think I ever touched a weight... If only I knew 1/2 the things I know today!) As a light weight (sub 75kg) I actually did really well in the sprints. I ended up winning a few national titles, breaking some NZ records and even placed 7th in the World Champs held in Boston USA.

Crash-Bs Boston. 6:26 2000m erg as a lightweight 18 year old

Heading to Waikato Uni I continued to row and spent more time rowing on the water. This lead to alot of regattas around NZ, as I continued to to stay around ~75kg and race with and against guys who were pushing 100kg. Rowing consumed me for a few years before one day I woke up and had had enough.

Rowing Stroke in the Mens 8 at Hamilton Rowing Club

 For some crazy reason I decided I wanted to be big, I hit the gym, venturing past the cardio room for the first time ever, and started training with a few powerlifters. Before you know it I'm 88kgs and squatting 3 plates aside for reps. Looking back on this time I am so grateful to have started my weightlifting days (I was about 20-21 at this stage) with more strength focused guys. No offence to the bodybuilders, but as a lifetime natural athlete, I consider learning the basic lifts (squat, deadlift, rows, chins, presses etc) to be a necessity to any new lifter - anyone that has trained using my programs will vouch to this!

After wetting my toes at a novice competition, I moved to Australia and lifted 200kg, raw, at an outdoor competition at Bondi beach. My competitive days powerlifting lasted a few years, and my best numbers were : 245kg squat, 140kg bench, 250kg deadlift - all in the sub 93kg, U23 class.

My first time pulling 250kg at 90kg


Eventually growing bored of powerlifting (see a trend here), I decided to give Bodybuilding a crack. To be honest, it had always interested me, I had been to a few shows, a few mates were into it, and as a young Personal Trainer it seemed like a logical move.

The first year Bodybuilding was great, I learnt so much, and started working in machines and higher repetition lifts into my training programs. However it was the diet & supplementation side that really sparked my interest.

3 years of bodybuilding left me with a National Title (novice mens), and a 3rd place the following year at Nationals (Open Mens). Satisfied but tired of the sport I took a break to focus more on health (recovering from stage 3 adrenal fatigue along with low testosterone levels), address a few injuries and further my education and career.

ANB 2012 Nationals - me in the middle competing in overalls after winning the Novice Title

My years competing in various sports, trailing numerous diets and supplements, rehabing far too many injuries, while learning more and more about the body as I strive for optimum health and performance has left me with a great deal of experience. Add to the mix all the PT sessions and courses I have studied and I wish I could go back and restart my sports career all over again!

 For more of more story, what I have learnt, my illnesses and how I recovered, check out THIS article or listen to the podcast below or head to 


Major Qualifications:

- ISSN Nutrition Certified

- Cert 3 & 4 in Health & Fitness (FIA)

- Bachelor of Management Studies (hons)

- Superhuman Coach 

- Recomp Certified


- 7 Years Personal Training (5 years full time)

- 15 Years Rugby Union

- 3 years Rowing (NZ Nationals & World Championship events)

- 3 Years Powerlifting (Best lifts - 245kg squat, 140kg bench, 250kg Deadlift at 90kg Raw)

- 3 Years Natural Bodybuilding (Novice Australian Champ 2012, Mens Open 90kg+ 3rd at Nationals 2013)

- 5 years coaching clients in all things health & fitness related

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